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FBI used Anonymous and Lulzsec Hackers to attack foreign governments

FBI used Anonymous and Lulzsec Hackers to attack foreign governments

August 28, 2013Mohit Kumar
Sentencing for former LulzSec leader Hector Xavier Monsegur , better known as " Sabu " , has again been delayed. Monsegur pleaded guilty to a dozen criminal counts two years prior and stands to face more a maximum sentence of more than 124 years. Another Lulzsec Hacker Jeremy Hammond has claimed that the FBI used Sabu to coordinate attacks against foreign governments, by  Anonymous hackers and Others. The delays indicate that the FBI is not extracting information from Monsegur and this could mean that the hacker may be helping FBI with other covert operations as Jeremy Hammond claims. Jeremy Hammond, released a statement on Thursday accusing the US government of asking Monsegur to encourage fellow hacktivists to infiltrate foreign government entities. " What many do not know is that Sabu was also used by his handlers to facilitate the hacking of the targets of the government's choosing including numerous websites belonging to foreign governments" , Ham
Lulzsec hacker Sabu's sentencing postponed again

Lulzsec hacker Sabu's sentencing postponed again

February 23, 2013Mohit Kumar
Remember Hector Xavier Monsegur a.k.a Lulzsec hacker  Sabu ?  That  undercover   double agent working for the FBI. Once again Authorities abruptly postponed his sentencing due to his continued cooperation with the feds. All told, he faced a maximum time behind bars of 124 years associated with his guilty plea on ten counts of bank fraud and one count of identity theft. When he was a active member of LulzSec , the group hacked into sites belonging to the CIA, Serious Organised Crime Agency, Sony Pictures Europe and News International. " It's widely believed that Monsegur will receive a reduced sentence for signing a plea agreement and serving as an  informant " cnet said . Monsegur, an unemployed father of two, led the loosely organized group of hackers from his apartment in a public housing project in New York.
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