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How Just Visiting A Site Could Have Hacked Your iPhone or MacBook Camera

How Just Visiting A Site Could Have Hacked Your iPhone or MacBook Camera
Apr 03, 2020
If you use an Apple iPhone or a MacBook, we have a piece of alarming news for you. Turns out merely visiting a website — not just malicious but also legitimate sites unknowingly loading malicious ads as well — using Safari browser could have let remote attackers secretly access your device's camera, microphone, or location, and in some cases, saved passwords as well. Apple recently paid a $75,000 bounty reward to an ethical hacker, Ryan Pickren , who practically demonstrated the hack and helped the company patch a total of seven new vulnerabilities before any real attacker could take advantage of them. The fixes were issued in a series of updates to Safari spanning versions 13.0.5 (released January 28, 2020) and Safari 13.1 (published March 24, 2020). "If the malicious website wanted camera access, all it had to do was masquerade as a trusted video-conferencing website such as Skype or Zoom," Pickren said. When chained together, three of the reported Safari

No, WannaCry Is Not Dead! Hits Honda & Traffic Light Camera System

No, WannaCry Is Not Dead! Hits Honda & Traffic Light Camera System
Jun 22, 2017
It's been over a month since the WannaCry ransomware caused chaos worldwide and people have started counting its name as 'the things of past,' but… ...WannaCry is not DEAD! The self-spreading ransomware is still alive and is working absolutely fine. The latest victims of WannaCry are Honda Motor Company and 55 speed and traffic light cameras in Australia. The WannaCry ransomware shuts down hospitals, telecom providers, and many businesses worldwide, infecting over 300,000 Windows systems running SMBv1 in more than 150 countries within just 72 hours on 12th of May. The worm was leveraging an NSA's Windows SMB exploit, dubbed EternalBlue , leaked by the infamous hacking group Shadow Brokers in its April data dump, along with other Windows exploits. Honda Stops Production After WannaCry Hits its Computer Honda Motor Company released a statement this week, saying the company was forced to halt its production for more than 24 hours at in one of its Japan

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NSA Employees Routinely Pass Around Intercepted Photos

NSA Employees Routinely Pass Around Intercepted Photos
Jul 18, 2014
The 31-year-old former US National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden has warned that during surveillance, among other things, NSA system administrators also intercepted and routinely passed the photos of people in "sexually compromising" situations among other NSA employees. In a video interview, NSA whistleblower speaks with the Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger and reporter Ewen MacAskill in Moscow, which was then published by the Guardian on Thursday. WOOOH!! ATTRACTIVE NUDIE PICS - PASS IT ON TO BILL TOO " You've got young enlisted guys, 18 to 22 years old. They've suddenly been thrust into a position of extraordinary responsibility where they now have access to all of your private records, " he said in the video interview. " During the course of their daily work they stumble upon something that is completely unrelated to their work in any sort of necessary sense – for example, an intimate photo of someone o
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