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Facebook Cracks Down on Spyware Vendors from U.S., China, Russia, Israel, and India

Facebook Cracks Down on Spyware Vendors from U.S., China, Russia, Israel, and India

Dec 19, 2022 Cyber Attacks / Surveillance
Meta Platforms disclosed that it took down no less than 200 covert influence operations since 2017 spanning roughly 70 countries across 42 languages. The social media conglomerate also took steps to disable accounts and block infrastructure operated by spyware vendors, including in China, Russia, Israel, the U.S. and India, that targeted individuals in about 200 countries. "The global surveillance-for-hire industry continues to grow and indiscriminately target people – including journalists, activists, litigants, and political opposition – to collect intelligence, manipulate and compromise their devices and accounts across the internet," the company  noted  in a report published last week. The networks that were found to engage in coordinated inauthentic behavior ( CIB ) originated from 68 countries. More than 100 nations are said to have been targeted by at least one such network, either foreign or domestic. With 34 operations, the U.S. emerged as the most frequently ta
Hack-for-Hire Group Targets Travel and Financial Entities with New Janicab Malware Variant

Hack-for-Hire Group Targets Travel and Financial Entities with New Janicab Malware Variant

Dec 10, 2022 Hack-for-Hire / Threat Intelligence
Travel agencies have emerged as the target of a hack-for-hire group dubbed  Evilnum  as part of a broader campaign aimed at legal and financial investment institutions in the Middle East and Europe. The attacks, which took place during 2020 and 2021 and likely went as far back as 2015, involved a revamped variant of a malware called Janicab that leverages a number of public services like WordPress and YouTube as  dead drop resolvers , Kaspersky  said  in a technical report published this week. Janicab infections comprise a diverse set of victims located in Egypt, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the U.K. The development marks the first time legal organizations in Saudi Arabia have been targeted by this group. Also tracked as DeathStalker, the threat actor is known to deploy  backdoors  like Janicab, Evilnum, Powersing, and PowerPepper to exfiltrate confidential corporate information. "Their interest in gathering sensitive business information leads us to believe that Deat
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The Business of Hackers-for-Hire Threat Actors

The Business of Hackers-for-Hire Threat Actors

Aug 10, 2022
Today's web has made hackers' tasks remarkably easy. For the most part, hackers don't even have to hide in the dark recesses of the web to take advantage of people any longer; they can be found right in plain sight on social media sites or forums, professionally advertised with their websites, and may even approach you anonymously through such channels as Twitter. Cybercrime has entered a new era where people don't steal just for the thrill of doing it anymore. They make it their business to carry out illegal cyber activities in small groups or individually to earn business from online criminals, selling offensive services like spyware as a service or commercial cybersecurity. For instance, a series of new DDoS for Hire are commoditizing the art of hacking and reducing the barrier to launching  DDoS attacks . Who are Hackers-for-Hire?  Hackers-for-hire are secret cyber experts or groups who specialize in infiltrating organizations to acquire intelligence in one way
Researchers Uncover Hacker-for-Hire Group That's Active Since 2015

Researchers Uncover Hacker-for-Hire Group That's Active Since 2015

Nov 11, 2021
A new cyber mercenary hacker-for-hire group dubbed " Void Balaur " has been linked to a string of cyberespionage and data theft activities targeting thousands of entities as well as human rights activists, politicians, and government officials around the world at least since 2015 for financial gain while lurking in the shadows. Named after a  many-headed dragon  from Romanian folklore, the adversary has been unmasked advertising its services in Russian-speaking underground forums dating all the way back to 2017 and selling troves of sensitive information such as cell tower phone logs, passenger flight records, credit reports, banking data, SMS messages, and passport details. The threat actor calls itself "Rockethack." "This hacker-for-hire group does not operate out of a physical building, nor does it have a shiny prospectus that describes its services," Trend Micro researcher Feike Hacquebord  said  in a newly published profile of the collective. &qu
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