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Google Warns of Pixel Firmware Security Flaw Exploited as Zero-Day

Google Warns of Pixel Firmware Security Flaw Exploited as Zero-Day

Jun 13, 2024 Mobile Security / Vulnerability
Google has warned that a security flaw impacting Pixel Firmware has been exploited in the wild as a zero-day. The high-severity vulnerability, tagged as CVE-2024-32896 , has been described as an elevation of privilege issue in Pixel Firmware. The company did not share any additional details related to the nature of attacks exploiting it, but noted "there are indications that CVE-2024-32896 may be under limited, targeted exploitation." The June 2024 security update addresses a total of 50 security vulnerabilities, five of which relate to various components in Qualcomm chipsets. Some of the notable issues patched include denial-of-service (DoS) issue impacting Modem, and numerous information disclosure flaws affecting GsmSs, ACPM, and Trusty.  The updates are available for supported Pixel devices , such as Pixel 5a with 5G, Pixel 6a, Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 7a, Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, Pixel 8a, and Pixel Fold. Earlier this April, Google resolved
Google Warns: Android Zero-Day Flaws in Pixel Phones Exploited by Forensic Companies

Google Warns: Android Zero-Day Flaws in Pixel Phones Exploited by Forensic Companies

Apr 03, 2024 Mobile Security / Zero Day
Google has disclosed that two Android security flaws impacting its Pixel smartphones have been exploited in the wild by forensic companies. The high-severity zero-day vulnerabilities are as follows - CVE-2024-29745  - An information disclosure flaw in the bootloader component CVE-2024-29748  - A privilege escalation flaw in the firmware component "There are indications that the [vulnerabilities] may be under limited, targeted exploitation," Google  said  in an advisory published April 2, 2024. While the tech giant did not reveal any other information about the nature of the attacks exploiting these shortcomings, the maintainers of GrapheneOS said they "are being actively exploited in the wild by forensic companies." "CVE-2024-29745 refers to a vulnerability in the fastboot firmware used to support unlocking/flashing/locking," they  said  in a series of posts on X (formerly Twitter). "Forensic companies are rebooting devices in After First U
Hacker Rewarded $70,000 for Finding Way to Bypass Google Pixel Phones' Lock Screens

Hacker Rewarded $70,000 for Finding Way to Bypass Google Pixel Phones' Lock Screens

Nov 10, 2022
Google has resolved a high-severity security issue affecting all Pixel smartphones that could be trivially exploited to unlock the devices. The vulnerability, tracked as  CVE-2022-20465  and reported by security researcher David Schütz in June 2022, was remediated as part of the search giant's  monthly Android update  for November 2022. "The issue allowed an attacker with physical access to bypass the lock screen protections (fingerprint, PIN, etc.) and gain complete access to the user's device," Schütz, who was awarded $70,000 for the lock screen bypass,  said  in a write-up of the flaw. The problem, per the researcher, is rooted in the fact that lock screen protections are completely defeated when following a specific sequence of steps - Supply incorrect fingerprint three times to disable biometric authentication on the locked device Hot swap  the SIM card in the device with an attacker-controlled SIM that has a PIN code set up Enter incorrect SIM pin thric
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Unpacking 2024's SaaS Threat Predictions

Unpacking 2024's SaaS Threat Predictions

Jun 05, 2024SaaS Security / Artificial Intelligence
Early in 2024, Wing Security released its State of SaaS Security report , offering surprising insights into emerging threats and best practices in the SaaS domain. Now, halfway through the year, several SaaS threat predictions from the report have already proven accurate. Fortunately, SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) solutions have prioritized mitigation capabilities to address many of these issues, ensuring security teams have the necessary tools to face these challenges head-on. In this article, we will revisit our predictions from earlier in the year, showcase real-world examples of these threats in action, and offer practical tips and best practices to help you prevent such incidents in the future. It's also worth noting the overall trend of an increasing frequency of breaches in today's dynamic SaaS landscape, leading organizations to demand timely threat alerts as a vital capability. Industry regulations with upcoming compliance deadlines are demanding similar time-sens
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