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How Google Is Tracking Your Movie and Event Activities

How Google Is Tracking Your Movie and Event Activities

Jun 23, 2015
No doubt, You must be aware that Google tracks you, but what you probably did not realize is how precisely and till what extent it tracks you. Well, Google knows which movies I watched where, when, at what time and with how many of my friends , and knows it so well — even my eyebrows raised slightly in surprise! Yes, you heard right. If you are using your Gmail account like I do, receiving all movie booking and tickets, Google can easily track your movie flavors and frequent hangout places without access to GPS. GOOGLE READ MY EMAILS FOR EVENT INFORMATION I was feeling bored last night, so I decided to watch a movie and moved towards Google to search newly released films. As I googled " Movies 2015 "... Holy Crap! What I saw on the monitor was unbelievable. In Google search results, I was able to see the list of all my past movie booking event activities and even my future bookings ( shown below ), and it was so, so accurate. If you have Google acc
Smartwatch Hacked... Data Exchange with Smartphone Not So Secure

Smartwatch Hacked... Data Exchange with Smartphone Not So Secure

Dec 11, 2014
We are living in an era of smart devices that we sync with our smartphones and make our lives very simple and easy, but these smart devices that inter-operates with our phones could leave our important and personal data wide open to hackers and cybercriminals. Security researchers have demonstrated that the data sent between a Smartwatch and an Android smartphone is not too secure and could be a subject to brute force hacks by attackers to intercept and decode users' data, including everything from text messages to Google Hangout chats and Facebook conversations. Well this happens because the bluetooth communication between most Smartwatches and Android devices rely on a six-digit PIN code in order to transfer information between them in a secure manner. Six-digit Pin means approx one million possible keys, which can be easily brute-forced by attackers into exposing entire conversations in plain text. Researchers from the Romania-based security firm Bitdefender ca
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Leaked Screenshots Suggest New Gmail Interface Coming Soon

Leaked Screenshots Suggest New Gmail Interface Coming Soon

May 12, 2014
Google is reportedly testing out some new UI changes for its popular email service, Gmail on the desktop browser that would redesign your inbox in totally different Interface. So, the traditional Gmail we all know may soon get a new makeover and we hope users will definitely love it. Google has invited a selected team of users to test a completely new user friendly interface for the webmail client which appears as a part of the trial, according to the leaked screenshots obtained by Geek 's website. According to the report, we can only presume that the new feature will enable a user to have a fancy access to Google's Gmail with a brand-new fly-in menu system that flies in and out of the browser window replaces Google's otherwise static sidebar on the left bolted into Gmail last year that organizes your inbox, chats, and labels. In the beginning of the April, the Geek also provided the screenshots revealing a series of new feature for the mobile Gmail clien
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