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THN Weekly RoundUp – 12 Hacking Stories You Don't Want To Miss This Week

THN Weekly RoundUp – 12 Hacking Stories You Don’t Want To Miss This Week
Oct 12, 2015
Here we are with our weekly roundup, showcasing last week's top cyber security threats and challenges. Just in case you missed any of them (ICYMI), THN Weekly Round-Up helps you provide all important stories of last week in one shot. We advise you to read the full story (just click ' Read More ' because there's some valuable advice in it as well). Here's the list: 1. Facebook to Launch Its Own Satellite to Beam Free Internet Facebook has revealed its plans to launch a  $500 Million Satellite  by next year in an effort to provide free or cheap Internet access in the developing countries. The social network giant has teamed up with the French satellite provider  Eutelsat  Communications to  beam free Internet  access to several parts of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. For detailed information on Facebook's Satellite Project –  Read more … 2. Angler Exploit Kit Campaign Generating $30 Million Took Down Researchers took down a large ran

How to Activate GodMode in Windows 10

How to Activate GodMode in Windows 10
Oct 07, 2015
Microsoft's Windows 10 , the latest version of Windows Operating System, has been creating waves since it rolled out, and reached to 110 million devices within just 2 months. If you are a long-time Windows user, you may remember a trick called, ' God Mode '. God Mode is an inbuilt, but hidden feature of Windows that provides additional customization options for the operating system. With Windows 10, all the Settings of the operating system are kept under Settings App, and categorized between System, Devices, Network & Internet, Personalization, Update & Security, Privacy and more. Enabling God Mode, also known as 'Windows Master Control Panel Shortcut ', in Windows 10 essentially unlocks a backdoor of the OS to access 260+ additional settings from a single folder. How to Enable God Mode in Windows 10? Follow the steps given below to enable the God Mode in your Windows 10: Create a new folder on your Windows desktop (New > Folder) and save it with th

Cybersecurity Tactics FinServ Institutions Can Bank On in 2024

Cybersecurity Tactics FinServ Institutions Can Bank On in 2024
Feb 14, 2024Financial Security / Cyber Threats
The landscape of cybersecurity in financial services is undergoing a rapid transformation. Cybercriminals are exploiting advanced technologies and methodologies, making traditional security measures obsolete. The challenges are compounded for community banks that must safeguard sensitive financial data against the same level of sophisticated threats as larger institutions, but often with more limited resources. The FinServ Threat Landscape Recent trends show an alarming increase in sophisticated cyber-attacks. Cybercriminals now deploy advanced techniques like deep fake technology and AI-powered attacks, making it increasingly difficult for banks to differentiate between legitimate and malicious activities. These developments necessitate a shift towards more sophisticated and adaptive cybersecurity measures. Take these industry statistics, for example. Financial firms report 703 cyberattack attempts per week.1 On average, 270 attacks (entailing unauthorized access of data, appl
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