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Google Nexus phone vulnerable to SMS-based DOS attack

Google Nexus phone vulnerable to SMS-based DOS attack

Nov 30, 2013
Google's Nexus Smartphones are vulnerable to SMS-based DOS attack , where an attacker can force it to restart, freeze, or lose network connection by sending a large number of special SMS messages to them. The vulnerability, discovered by Bogdan Alecu , a system administrator at Dutch IT services company Levi9, and affects all Android 4.x firmware versions on Google Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. The problem is with how the phones handle a special type of text message, known as a flash SMS. By sending around 30 Flash SMS ( Flash SMS is a type of message that normally is not stored by the system and does not trigger any audio alerts ) messages to Nexus phone an attacker can cause the phone to malfunction. He presented the vulnerability on Friday at the DefCamp security conference in Bucharest, Romania. In an email exchange with me, he said ' I was testing different message types and for the class 0 messages I noticed that the popup being displayed also adds an extra layer wh
DefCamp 2013 - International Hacking and Information Security Conference in Romania

DefCamp 2013 - International Hacking and Information Security Conference in Romania

Sep 11, 2013
The Fourth Edition of an International Information Security Conference hosted in Romania , The DefCamp 2013  is now open for Call for Papers . Over 300 Security experts, Researchers, and Enthusiasts from Romania and neighboring countries are expected to take part in the event in Bucharest, at the Crystal Palace Ballroom on November 29-30, 2013 . The Crystal Palace Ballroom is hosting one of the most mesmerizing event of Hacking & Information security in Romania, Defcamp.  In its Fourth year, The conference aims - continues to impress its audience with IT knowledge sharing, competition with varying levels of difficulty, Romanian and foreign speakers, surprises and fun. " We have awaited the 48 hours of DefCamp 2013 since the closing moment of the last edition.  It is hypnotizing to exchange ideas, to compete, to expand your knowledge and to meet people  who you know only from the virtual world. DCTF (DefCamp Capture the Flag) - our main  competition of the co
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