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A Quick Guide for Small Cybersecurity Teams Looking to Invest in Cyber Insurance

A Quick Guide for Small Cybersecurity Teams Looking to Invest in Cyber Insurance

Oct 19, 2022
In the world of insurance providers and policies, cyber insurance is a fairly new field. And many security teams are trying to wrap their heads around it.  What is it and do they need it? And with what time will they spend researching how to integrate cyber insurance into their strategy?  For small security teams, this is particularly challenging as they contend with limited resources. Luckily, there's a  new eBook  dedicated to helping small security teams better understand cyber insurance policies and how they may impact an organization's cybersecurity measures. Background In 1997, the "Internet Security Liability" (ISL) insurance policy was launched at the International Risk Insurance Management Society's convention in Honolulu. Underwritten by AIG, ISL insurance was designed to protect ecommerce retailers like Amazon that were collecting sensitive customer data and storing it on internal networks. It is credited as one of the very first cyber insurance policies to be made ava
Firing Your Entire Cybersecurity Team? Are You Sure?

Firing Your Entire Cybersecurity Team? Are You Sure?

Sep 23, 2022
What on earth were they thinking? That's what we – and other security experts – were wondering when content giant Patreon recently dismissed its entire internal cybersecurity team in exchange for outsourced services. Of course, we don't know the true motivations for this move. But, as outsiders looking in, we can guess the cybersecurity implications of the decision would be inescapable for any organization. Fire the internal team and you take a huge risk Patreon is a content-creator site that handles billions of dollars in revenue. For reasons unknown to us, Patreon fired not just a couple of staff members or someone in middle management. No: the company fired its entire security team.  It's a big decision with significant consequences because it results in an incalculable loss of organizational knowledge. At the technical level, it's a loss of soft knowledge around deep system interdependencies that internal security experts will just "know" about and ac
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