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How To Build a Career as a Freelance Cybersecurity Analyst — From Scratch

How To Build a Career as a Freelance Cybersecurity Analyst — From Scratch

Oct 14, 2022
With each passing year, the cybersecurity threat landscape continues to worsen. That reality makes cybersecurity analysts some of the most sought-after technology professionals in the world. And there are nowhere near enough of them to meet the demand. At last count, there were over  3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs  worldwide — and that number is still growing. The situation means that it's a great time to become a cybersecurity analyst. What's more, the skyrocketing demand means it's possible to start a lucrative freelance career in the field and take complete control over your professional future. Here's a start-to-finish guide on how to do exactly that. Start With the Right Training The first step on the path to becoming a freelance cybersecurity analyst is to acquire the necessary skills. For those without an existing technology background, the best place to start is with a cybersecurity bootcamp. They're designed to get newcomers up to speed with ba
What are the different roles within cybersecurity?

What are the different roles within cybersecurity?

Apr 17, 2021
People talk about the cybersecurity job market like it's a monolith, but there are a number of different roles within cybersecurity, depending not only on your skill level and experience but on what you like to do. In fact, Cybercrime Magazine came up with a list of  50 cybersecurity job titles , while CyberSN, a recruiting organization, came up with its own list of  45 cybersecurity job categories . Similarly, OnGig.com, a company that helps firms write their job ads, analyzed 150 cybersecurity job titles and came up with its  own top 30 list . This article is based on research I did with Springboard, one of the  first cybersecurity bootcamps with a job guarantee  and 1:1 mentorship. In particular, CyberSeek.org, a joint industry initiative looking at the cybersecurity job market, offers an  interactive list  of not only the various positions within cybersecurity but offers you a career path showing how you can get promoted. The complicated part is that these titles and roles
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