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Mandiant's X Account Was Hacked Using Brute-Force Attack

Mandiant's X Account Was Hacked Using Brute-Force Attack

Jan 11, 2024 Online Security / Cryptocurrency
The compromise of Mandiant's X (formerly Twitter) account last week was likely the result of a "brute-force password attack," attributing the hack to a drainer-as-a-service (DaaS) group. "Normally, [two-factor authentication] would have mitigated this, but due to some team transitions and a change in X's 2FA policy , we were not adequately protected," the threat intelligence firm  said  in a post shared on X. The attack, which took place on January 3, 2023,  enabled  the threat actor to take control of the company's X account and distribute links to a phishing page hosting a cryptocurrency drainer tracked as CLINKSINK. Drainers refer to malicious scripts and smart contracts that facilitate the theft of digital assets from the victim's wallets after they are tricked into approving the transactions. According to the Google-owned subsidiary, multiple threat actors are believed to have leveraged CLINKSINK since December 2023 to siphon funds and tok
Cryptocurrency Firm Loses $145 Million After CEO Dies With Only Password

Cryptocurrency Firm Loses $145 Million After CEO Dies With Only Password

Feb 04, 2019
QuadrigaCX, the largest bitcoin exchange in Canada, has claimed to have lost CAD 190 million (nearly USD 145 million) worth of cryptocurrency after the exchange lost access to its cold (offline) storage wallets. Reason? Unfortunately, the only person with access to the company's offline wallet, founder of the cryptocurrency exchange, is dead. Following the sudden death of Gerry Cotten , founder and chief executive officer QuadrigaCX, the Canadian exchange this week filed for legal protection from creditors in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court until it locates and secures access to the lost funds. In a sworn affidavit filed by Cotten's widow Jennifer Robertson and obtained by Coindesk , Robertson said QuadrigaCX owes its customers some CAD 260 million (USD 198 Million) in both cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum, as well as fiat money. However, Robertson said the cryptocurrency exchange only has smaller amount in a 'hot wallet' (U
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