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Hacker Stole Data of Over 70% Bulgarian Citizens from Tax Agency Servers

Hacker Stole Data of Over 70% Bulgarian Citizens from Tax Agency Servers

Jul 17, 2019
Eastern European country Bulgaria has suffered the biggest data breach in its history that compromised personal and financial information of 5 million adult citizens out of its total population of 7 million people. According to multiple sources in local Bulgarian media , an unknown hacker earlier this week emailed them download links to 11GB of stolen data which included taxpayer's personal identifiable numbers, addresses, and financial data. In a brief statement released Monday, the National Revenue Agency (NRA) of Bulgaria said the stolen data originates from the country's tax reporting service. The NRA also indicated that the Ministry of the Interior and the State Agency for National Security (SANS) have started taking an assessment of the potential vulnerability in NRA's systems that attackers might have exploited to breach into its databases. It appears that until now, the hacker, who claimed to be a Russian man, has only released 57 out of a total of 110 c
Bulgaria passes Law that mandates Government Software must be Open Source

Bulgaria passes Law that mandates Government Software must be Open Source

Jul 07, 2016
Do you have any idea what the software you have installed is doing stealthily in the background? If it's not an open source software, can you find out? Usually, the answer is no. After Edward Snowden's revelations, it's clear that how desperately government agencies wants to put secret backdoors in your network, devices, and software. However, Bulgaria has come forward with an all new set of laws that would be appreciated by privacy lovers and open-source community. Also Read:  Top Best Password Managers . The Bulgarian Parliament has passed legislative amendments to its Electronic Governance Act that require all software written for the country's government to be fully open-sourced and developed in the public Github repository . This means that source code of software developed for the Bulgarian government would be accessible to everyone and provided free for use without limitations. Article 58A of the Electronic Governance Act states that administrative
HUMINT: Diving Deep into the Dark Web

HUMINT: Diving Deep into the Dark Web

Jul 09, 2024Cybercrime / Dark Web
Discover how cybercriminals behave in Dark Web forums- what services they buy and sell, what motivates them, and even how they scam each other. Clear Web vs. Deep Web vs. Dark Web Threat intelligence professionals divide the internet into three main components: Clear Web - Web assets that can be viewed through public search engines, including media, blogs, and other pages and sites. Deep Web - Websites and forums that are unindexed by search engines. For example, webmail, online banking, corporate intranets, walled gardens, etc. Some of the hacker forums exist in the Deep Web, requiring credentials to enter. Dark Web - Web sources that require specific software to gain access. These sources are anonymous and closed, and include Telegram groups and invite-only forums. The Dark Web contains Tor, P2P, hacker forums, criminal marketplaces, etc. According to Etay Maor, Chief Security Strategist at Cato Networks , "We've been seeing a shift in how criminals communicate and co
Hacker Who Stole Money From Bill Gates Arrested in Philippines

Hacker Who Stole Money From Bill Gates Arrested in Philippines

Apr 13, 2015
What if you get into the bank account of the World's most richest person? Maybe it could be difficult for you as well as I. But not for this guy… ... Konstantin Simeonov Kavrakov , a Bulgarian hacker, who hacked into the ATM and stole thousands of dollars from the bank account of Microsoft mogul Bill Gates with fake ATM cards arrested in Philippines, according to the Philippine National Police. The 31-year-old man was arrested red-handed by the Philippine National Police while he was withdrawing cash from an ATM using fake cards. He had stolen tens of thousands of dollars from many victims by hacking into the automated teller machines (ATMs). In 2011, Kavrakov got arrested and was jailed in Paraguay for hacking into the Bill Gates' account in The Philippines' densely-populated Quezon City and stealing thousands of dollars. Since then Kavrakov was on the hit list of many countries police. During the arrest, the police recovered seven cloned credit card
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Top 4 Security Risks of GenAI

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Gain a competitive edge and unlock the top 4 major emerging risks within GenAI. This report from Gartner provides insights and recommended actions for security and product leaders.
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