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How to Crack GCHQ Crypto Puzzle? — Here's the Solution

How to Crack GCHQ Crypto Puzzle? — Here's the Solution
Feb 09, 2016
GCHQ has finally released the solution to their head spinning Xmas Puzzle , after all, the participants failed to reach the final answer. GCHQ had released a crypto puzzle, dubbed Xmas Puzzle , on 9th December in the form of a Christmas Card that went viral online soon after its release. Nearly 600,000 people shot a "Go" for the challenge since early December, but only 30,000 had made it reach the final stage. The puzzle got popped up with a grid-shading Nonogram that resulted in the formation of a QR Code containing a hint to unlock the next level challenges. Xmas Puzzle prolonged to various topics like Web Link Maze, Word & Numeric Puzzle, Graph Theory and other Cipher Dilemmas. Some of the questions also intrigued on entertaining topics like Lord of the Rings, Ducks, Chess, French, and Semaphores. Who Created Crypto 'Xmas Puzzle'? This brainstorming puzzle was created by a small team of GCHQ Cryptographers under the GCHQ director Robert Han

British Intelligence Open-Sources its Large-Scale Graph Database Software

British Intelligence Open-Sources its Large-Scale Graph Database Software
Dec 16, 2015
UK's Secretive Spy Agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) has open-sourced one of its tools on code-sharing website GitHub for free... A graph database called ' Gaffer .' Gaffer , written in Java, is a kind of database that makes it "easy to store large-scale graphs in which the nodes and edges have statistics such as counts, histograms and sketches." Github is a popular coding website that allows software developers to build their project on a single platform equipped with all the requirements that are gone in the making of a software. Gaffer and its Functionalities In short, Gaffer is a framework for creating mass-scale databases, to store and represent data, and is said to be useful for tasks including: Allow the creation of graphs with summarised properties within Accumulo with a very less amount of coding. Allow flexibility of stats that describe the entities and edges. Allow easy addition of nodes and edges. Allo
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