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High Severity Vulnerabilities Reported in F5 BIG-IP and BIG-IQ Devices

High Severity Vulnerabilities Reported in F5 BIG-IP and BIG-IQ Devices
Nov 17, 2022
Multiple security vulnerabilities have been disclosed in F5 BIG-IP and BIG-IQ devices that, if successfully exploited, to completely compromise affected systems. Cybersecurity firm Rapid7 said the  flaws  could be abused to remote access to the devices and defeat security constraints. The issues impact BIG-IP versions 13.x, 14.x, 15.x, 16.x, and 17.x, and BIG-IQ Centralized Management versions 7.x and 8.x. The two high-severity issues, which were reported to F5 on August 18, 2022, are as follows - CVE-2022-41622  (CVSS score: 8.8) - A cross-site request forgery ( CSRF ) vulnerability through iControl SOAP, leading to unauthenticated remote code execution. CVE-2022-41800  (CVSS score: 8.7) - An iControl REST vulnerability that could allow an authenticated user with an Administrator role to bypass  Appliance mode  restrictions. "By successfully exploiting the worst of the vulnerabilities (CVE-2022-41622), an attacker could gain persistent root access to the device's man

F5 Releases Critical Security Patch for BIG-IP and BIG-IQ Devices

F5 Releases Critical Security Patch for BIG-IP and BIG-IQ Devices
Aug 26, 2021
Enterprise security and network appliance vendor F5 has released patches for more than  two dozen security vulnerabilities  affecting multiple versions of BIG-IP and BIG-IQ devices that could potentially allow an attacker to perform a wide range of malicious actions, including accessing arbitrary files, escalating privileges, and executing JavaScript code. Of the 29 bugs addressed, 13 are high-severity flaws, 15 are rated medium, and one is rated low in severity. Chief among them is  CVE-2021-23031  (CVSS score: 8.8), a vulnerability affecting BIG-IP Advanced Web Application Firewall and BIG-IP Application Security Manager that allows an authenticated user to perform a privilege escalation. "When this vulnerability is exploited, an authenticated attacker with access to the Configuration utility can execute arbitrary system commands, create or delete files, and/or disable services. This vulnerability may result in complete system compromise," F5 said in its advisory. It&

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AI Solutions Are the New Shadow IT

AI Solutions Are the New Shadow IT
Nov 22, 2023AI Security / SaaS Security
Ambitious Employees Tout New AI Tools, Ignore Serious SaaS Security Risks Like the  SaaS shadow IT  of the past, AI is placing CISOs and cybersecurity teams in a tough but familiar spot.  Employees are covertly using AI  with little regard for established IT and cybersecurity review procedures. Considering  ChatGPT's meteoric rise to 100 million users within 60 days of launch , especially with little sales and marketing fanfare, employee-driven demand for AI tools will only escalate.  As new studies show  some workers boost productivity by 40% using generative AI , the pressure for CISOs and their teams to fast-track AI adoption — and turn a blind eye to unsanctioned AI tool usage — is intensifying.  But succumbing to these pressures can introduce serious SaaS data leakage and breach risks, particularly as employees flock to AI tools developed by small businesses, solopreneurs, and indie developers. AI Security Guide Download AppOmni's CISO Guide to AI Security - Part 1 AI evoke
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