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New Tricks in the Phishing Playbook: Cloudflare Workers, HTML Smuggling, GenAI

New Tricks in the Phishing Playbook: Cloudflare Workers, HTML Smuggling, GenAI

May 27, 2024 Phishing Attack / Artificial Intelligence
Cybersecurity researchers are alerting of phishing campaigns that abuse  Cloudflare Workers  to serve phishing sites that are used to harvest users' credentials associated with Microsoft, Gmail, Yahoo!, and cPanel Webmail. The attack method, called transparent phishing or adversary-in-the-middle ( AitM ) phishing, "uses Cloudflare Workers to act as a reverse proxy server for a legitimate login page, intercepting traffic between the victim and the login page to capture credentials, cookies, and tokens," Netskope researcher Jan Michael Alcantara  said  in a report. A majority of phishing campaigns hosted on Cloudflare Workers over the past 30 days have targeted victims in Asia, North America, and Southern Europe, spanning technology, financial services, and banking sectors. The cybersecurity firm said that an increase in traffic to Cloudflare Workers-hosted phishing pages was first registered in Q2 2023, noting it observed a spike in the total number of distinct domains
MFA Spamming and Fatigue: When Security Measures Go Wrong

MFA Spamming and Fatigue: When Security Measures Go Wrong

Jan 18, 2024 Authentication Security / Passwords
In today's digital landscape, traditional password-only authentication systems have proven to be vulnerable to a wide range of cyberattacks. To safeguard critical business resources, organizations are increasingly turning to multi-factor authentication (MFA) as a more robust security measure. MFA requires users to provide multiple authentication factors to verify their identity, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access. However, cybercriminals are relentless in their pursuit of finding ways to  bypass MFA systems . One such method gaining traction is MFA spamming attacks, also known as MFA fatigue, or  MFA bombing . This article delves into MFA spamming attacks, including the best practices to mitigate this growing threat. What is MFA spamming? MFA spamming refers to the malicious act of inundating a target user's email, phone, or other registered devices with numerous MFA prompts or confirmation codes. The objective behind this tactic is to o
10,000 Victims a Day: Infostealer Garden of Low-Hanging Fruit

10,000 Victims a Day: Infostealer Garden of Low-Hanging Fruit

Jul 15, 2024Cyber Crime / Data Protection
Imagine you could gain access to any Fortune 100 company for $10 or less, or even for free. Terrifying thought, isn't it? Or exciting, depending on which side of the cybersecurity barricade you are on. Well, that's basically the state of things today. Welcome to the infostealer garden of low-hanging fruit. Over the last few years, the problem has grown bigger and bigger, and only now are we slowly learning its full destructive potential. In this article, we will describe how the entire cybercriminal ecosystem operates, the ways various threat actors exploit data originating from it, and most importantly, what you can do about it. Let's start with what infostealer malware actually is. As the name suggests, it's malware that... steals data. Depending on the specific type, the information it extracts might differ slightly, but most will try to extract the following: Cryptocurrency wallets Bank account information and saved credit card details Saved passwords from various apps Bro
New Flaws in Fingerprint Sensors Let Attackers Bypass Windows Hello Login

New Flaws in Fingerprint Sensors Let Attackers Bypass Windows Hello Login

Nov 22, 2023 Authentication Security / Windows
A new research has uncovered multiple vulnerabilities that could be exploited to bypass  Windows Hello authentication  on Dell Inspiron 15, Lenovo ThinkPad T14, and Microsoft Surface Pro X laptops. The flaws were discovered by researchers at hardware and software product security and offensive research firm Blackwing Intelligence, who found the weaknesses in the fingerprint sensors from Goodix, Synaptics, and ELAN that are embedded into the devices. A prerequisite for the fingerprint reader exploits is that the users of the targeted laptops have fingerprint authentication already set up. All the three fingerprint sensors are a type of sensor called "match on chip" ( MoC ), which integrates the matching and other biometric management functions directly into the sensor's integrated circuit. "While MoC prevents replaying stored fingerprint data to the host for matching, it does not, in itself, prevent a malicious sensor from spoofing a legitimate sensor's commu
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Top 4 Security Risks of GenAI

websiteWizGenAI Security / Technology
Gain a competitive edge and unlock the top 4 major emerging risks within GenAI. This report from Gartner provides insights and recommended actions for security and product leaders.
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