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Apple Pay Can be Abused to Make Contactless Payments From Locked iPhones

Apple Pay Can be Abused to Make Contactless Payments From Locked iPhones

Oct 01, 2021
Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed an unpatched flaw in Apple Pay that attackers could abuse to make an unauthorized Visa payment with a locked iPhone by taking advantage of the Express Travel mode set up in the device's wallet. "An attacker only needs a stolen, powered on iPhone. The transactions could also be relayed from an iPhone inside someone's bag, without their knowledge," a group of academics from the University of Birmingham and University of Surrey  said . "The attacker needs no assistance from the merchant and backend fraud detection checks have not stopped any of our test payments." Express Travel  is a feature that allows users of iPhone and Apple Watch to make quick contactless payments for public transit without having to wake or unlock the device, open an app, or even validate with Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode. The man-in-the-middle ( MitM ) replay and  relay attack , which involves bypassing the lock screen to make a payment t
How Apple Pay Can Be Hacked to Steal Your Credit Card Details

How Apple Pay Can Be Hacked to Steal Your Credit Card Details

Jun 05, 2015
Today anywhere you go, you will come across Free or Public WiFi hotspots -- it makes our travel easier when we stuck without a data connection. Isn't it? But, I think you'll agree with me when I say: This Free WiFi hotspot service could bring you in trouble, as it could be a bait set up by hackers or cyber criminals to get access to devices that connects to the free network. This is why mobile device manufacturers provide an option in their phone settings so that the device do not automatically connects to any unknown hotspot and asks the owner for approval every time it comes across a compatible WiFi. Hackers can grab your Credit Card Data. Here's How? Recently, security researchers from mobile security company ' Wandera ' have alerted Apple users about a potential security flaw in iOS mobile operating system that could be exploited by hackers to set up a rogue WiFi spot and then fool users into giving up their personal information, including credit card details. The l
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