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Hacker Sold Stolen U.S. Military Drone Documents On Dark Web For Just $200

Hacker Sold Stolen U.S. Military Drone Documents On Dark Web For Just $200

Jul 11, 2018
You never know what you will find on the hidden Internet ' Dark Web .' Just about an hour ago we reported about someone selling remote access linked to security systems at a major International airport for $10 . It has been reported that a hacker was found selling sensitive US Air Force documents on the dark web for between $150 and $200. Cybercrime tracker Recorded Future today reported that it discovered a hacker attempting to sell secret documents about the MQ-9 Reaper drone used across federal government agencies for only a few hundred dollars on a Dark Web forum last month. First introduced in 2001, the MQ-9 Reaper drone is currently used by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, NASA, the CIA, and the militaries of several other countries. The tech intelligence's Insikt Group analysts found the hacker during their regular monitoring of the dark web for criminal activities. They posed as potential buyers and engaged the new
Classified U.S. Defense Network Outage Hits Air Force’s Secret Drone Operations

Classified U.S. Defense Network Outage Hits Air Force's Secret Drone Operations

Oct 13, 2016
U.S. drones are again in news for killing innocent people. The Air Force is investigating the connection between the failure of its classified network, dubbed SIPRNet, at Creech Air Force Base and a series of high-profile airstrikes that went terribly wrong in September this year. Creech Air Force Base is a secret facility outside Las Vegas, where military and Air Force pilots sitting in dark and air-conditioned rooms, 7100 miles from Syria and Afghanistan, remotely control their " targeted killing " drone campaign in a video-game-style warfare. From this ground zero, Air Force pilots fire missiles just by triggering a joystick on a targeted areas half a world away, as well as operate drones for surveillance and intelligence gathering. Drone operation facility at Creech Air Force Base -- a key base for worldwide drone and targeted killing operations -- has been assigned as ' Special Access Programs ', to access SIPRnet. What is SIPRnet? SIPRNet, or Secret Int
AI Copilot: Launching Innovation Rockets, But Beware of the Darkness Ahead

AI Copilot: Launching Innovation Rockets, But Beware of the Darkness Ahead

Apr 15, 2024Secure Coding / Artificial Intelligence
Imagine a world where the software that powers your favorite apps, secures your online transactions, and keeps your digital life could be outsmarted and taken over by a cleverly disguised piece of code. This isn't a plot from the latest cyber-thriller; it's actually been a reality for years now. How this will change – in a positive or negative direction – as artificial intelligence (AI) takes on a larger role in software development is one of the big uncertainties related to this brave new world. In an era where AI promises to revolutionize how we live and work, the conversation about its security implications cannot be sidelined. As we increasingly rely on AI for tasks ranging from mundane to mission-critical, the question is no longer just, "Can AI  boost cybersecurity ?" (sure!), but also "Can AI  be hacked? " (yes!), "Can one use AI  to hack? " (of course!), and "Will AI  produce secure software ?" (well…). This thought leadership article is about the latter. Cydrill  (a
Chinese Hackers targeting American Drones under Operation Beebus

Chinese Hackers targeting American Drones under Operation Beebus

Apr 23, 2013
FireEye experts have been tracking the Operation Beebus campaign for a few months now, and new same gang of hackers are being blamed for a set of recently discovered spear-phishing attacks that aim to steal information related to American drones . These attacks exploited previously discovered vulnerabilities via document files delivered by email in order to plant a previously unknown backdoor onto victim systems. Operation Beebus is an APT-style attack campaign targeting government agencies in the United States and India as well as numerous aerospace, defense, and telecom industry organizations. FireEye Labs has linked the attacks to the China-based Comment Group hacker collective (a prolific actor believed to be affiliated with the Chines government), and Operation Beebus. " The set of targets cover all aspects of unmanned vehicles, land, air and sea, from research to design to manufacturing of the vehicles and their various subsystems. Other related malware have been discov
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