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Evasive Credit Card Skimmers Using Homograph Domains and Infected Favicon

Evasive Credit Card Skimmers Using Homograph Domains and Infected Favicon

Aug 07, 2020
Cybersecurity researchers today highlighted an evasive phishing technique that attackers are exploiting in the wild to target visitors of several sites with a quirk in domain names, and leverage modified favicons to inject e-skimmers and steal payment card information covertly. "The idea is simple and consists of using characters that look the same in order to dupe users," Malwarebytes researchers said in a Thursday analysis . "Sometimes the characters are from a different language set or simply capitalizing the letter 'i' to make it appear like a lowercase 'l'." Called an internationalized domain name (IDN) homograph attack , the technique has been used by a Magecart group on multiple domains to load the popular Inter skimming kit hidden inside a favicon file . The visual trickery typically involves leveraging the similarities of character scripts to create and register fraudulent domains of existing ones to deceive unsuspecting users into
ZDResearch Advanced Web Hacking Training 2018 – Learn Online

ZDResearch Advanced Web Hacking Training 2018 – Learn Online

Sep 25, 2018
Are you looking to master web hacking? Interested in a bug-hunting career? Do you want to land a job in cybersecurity? Are you already working as a security engineer, but want to further advance or refine your skills? If yes, read on. ZDResearch Advanced Web Hacking (AWH) course, including optional certification upon completion—is the answer. Last week, we sat with the ZDResearch training team and asked them a few questions to learn more about their "Advanced Web Hacking" course and understand how it could be a better choice for you. Can you tell us a little about ZDResearch? ZDResearch is a cybersecurity firm with more than 6 years of experience, having some of the world's top hackers and security researchers committed to engineering engaging and approachable courses to the most technical of topics. In the ZDResearch Advanced Web Hacking Course, the greenhorn, the novice, or the pro will benefit. Those selected to work for ZDResearch, and its department de
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Cracking the Code to Vulnerability Management

websitewiz.ioVulnerability Management / Cloud Security
Vulnerability management in the cloud is no longer just about patches and fixes. In this latest report, the Wiz Security Research team put vulnerability management theory into practice using recently identified vulnerabilities as examples. Get the FREE report
New Report: Unveiling the Threat of Malicious Browser Extensions

New Report: Unveiling the Threat of Malicious Browser Extensions

Dec 06, 2023Browser Security / Privacy
Compromising the browser is a high-return target for adversaries. Browser extensions, which are small software modules that are added to the browser and can enhance browsing experiences, have become a popular browser attack vector. This is because they are widely adopted among users and can easily turn malicious through developer actions or attacks on legitimate extensions. Recent incidents like  DataSpii  and the  Nigelthorn  malware attack have exposed the extent of damage that malicious extensions can inflict. In both cases, users innocently installed extensions that compromised their privacy and security. The underlying issue lies in the permissions granted to extensions. These permissions, often excessive and lacking granularity, allow attackers to exploit them. What can organizations do to protect themselves from the risks of browser extensions without barring them from use altogether (an act that would be nearly impossible to enforce)?  A new report by LayerX, "Unveiling the
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