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Dangerous Malware Allows Anyone to Empty ATMs—And It's On Sale!

Dangerous Malware Allows Anyone to Empty ATMs—And It’s On Sale!
Oct 17, 2017
Hacking ATM is now easier than ever before. Usually, hackers exploit hardware and software vulnerabilities to hack ATMs and force them to spit out cash, but now anyone can simply buy a malware to steal millions in cash from ATMs. Hackers are selling ready-made ATM malware on an underground hacking forum that anybody can simply buy for around $5000, researchers at Kaspersky Lab discovered after spotting a forum post advertising the malware, dubbed Cutlet Maker . The forum post provides a brief description and a detailed manual for the malware toolkit designed to target various ATMs models with the help of a vendor API, without interacting with ATM users and their data. Therefore, this malware does not affect bank customers directly; instead, it is intended to trick the bank ATMs from a specific vendor to release cash without authorisation. The manual also mentions an infamous piece of ATM malware, dubbed Tyupkin , which was first analysed in 2014 by Kaspersky Lab and used

Police Arrested Hackers Who Stole Millions from European ATMs

Police Arrested Hackers Who Stole Millions from European ATMs
Jan 08, 2016
Romanian law enforcement authorities have arrested eight cyber criminals suspected of being part of an international criminal gang that pilfered cash from ATMs ( automatic teller machines ) using malware. The operation said to be one of the first operations of this type in Europe, was conducted in Romania and Moldova by Romanian National Police and the Directorate for Investigating Organised Crimes and Terrorism ( DIICOT ), with assistance from Europol, Eurojust and other European law enforcement authorities. Europol did not provide names of any of the eight criminals arrested but said that the gang allegedly used a piece of malware, dubbed Tyupkin , to conduct what are known as Jackpotting attacks and made millions by infecting ATMs across Europe and beyond. With the help of Tyupkin malware, the suspects were able to empty cash from infected ATMs by issuing commands through the ATM's pin pad. " The criminal group was involved in large scale ATM Jackpotting

Guide: How to Minimize Third-Party Risk With Vendor Management

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Manage third-party risk while dealing with challenges like limited resources and repetitive manual processes.

How to Handle Retail SaaS Security on Cyber Monday

How to Handle Retail SaaS Security on Cyber Monday
Nov 27, 2023SaaS Security / Cyber Monday
If forecasters are right, over the course of today, consumers will spend  $13.7 billion . Just about every click, sale, and engagement will be captured by a CRM platform. Inventory applications will trigger automated re-orders; communication tools will send automated email and text messages confirming sales and sharing shipping information.  SaaS applications supporting retail efforts will host nearly all of this behind-the-scenes activity. While retailers are rightfully focused on sales during this time of year, they need to ensure that the SaaS apps supporting their business operations are secure. No one wants a repeat of one of the biggest retail cyber-snafus in history, like when one U.S.-based national retailer had 40 million credit card records stolen.  The attack surface is vast and retailers must remain vigilant in protecting their entire SaaS app stack. For example, many often use multiple instances of the same application. They may use a different Salesforce tenant for eve

CASH! CASH! Hacking ATM Machines with Just a Text Message

CASH! CASH! Hacking ATM Machines with Just a Text Message
Mar 25, 2014
As we reported earlier, Microsoft will stop supporting the Windows XP operating system after 8th April, apparently 95% of the world's 3 million ATM machines are run on it.  Microsoft's decision to withdraw support for Windows XP  poses critical security threat to the economic infrastructure worldwide. MORE REASONS TO UPGRADE Security researchers at Antivirus firm Symantec claimed that hackers can exploit a weakness in Windows XP based ATMs, that allow them to withdraw cash simply by sending an SMS to compromised ATMs. " What was interesting about this variant of  Ploutus  was that it allowed  cybercriminals  to simply send an SMS to the compromised ATM, then walk up and collect the dispensed cash. It may seem incredible, but this technique is being used in a number of places across the world at this time. " researchers said. HARDWIRED Malware for ATMs According to researchers - In 2013, they detected a malware named Backdoor . Ploutus,  installed on ATMs in Mexico, wh

Hackers stole money from European ATMs using Malware-loaded USB Device

Hackers stole money from European ATMs using Malware-loaded USB Device
Jan 02, 2014
Hacking ATM Machines is nothing new, but it seems that instead of relying on ATM skimmers now some smart hackers in Europe are reportedly targeting ATM Machines using Malware -loaded USB drives to steal money. Most of the world's ATMs are running on Windows XP operating system, which is highly vulnerable to Malware attacks. Just like your Desktop Laptops, some ATMs also have USB sockets, which is hidden behind the ATM's fascia. The German security researchers who discovered the hack detailed their findings at the Chaos Computing Congress in Hamburg, Germany recently. They said that the thieves cut holes in the fascia to access a USB port and then uploaded malware to the machines. The malware creates a backdoor that can be accessed on the front panel. " These researchers explained that the malware allowed the thieves to create a unique interface on the ATMs by typing in a 12-digit code. This interface allowed for withdrawal and also showed the criminals the amount of money and e
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