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FBI Deputy Director's Email Hacked by Teenager Who Hacked CIA Chief

FBI Deputy Director's Email Hacked by Teenager Who Hacked CIA Chief

Nov 06, 2015
The same group of teenage hackers that hacked the AOL email account of the CIA director John Brennan two weeks ago has now hacked into AOL email accounts of the FBI Deputy Director, Mark Giuliano and his wife. Yesterday, Cracka , a member of the teenage hacktivist group known as ' Crackas With Attitude ' (CWA) posted a new trove of information belong to thousands of government employees online; however they claim to have accessed far more than that. The hackers claimed to have obtained the personal information by hacking into AOL email accounts of the Giuliano and his wife. More Than 3,500 Government Employees Doxxed The published information includes more than 3,500 names, email addresses and contact numbers of law enforcement and military personnel. Though the FBI officials couldn't immediately verify the claims, Infowars has confirmed the authenticity of several people listed, which includes everyone from local police officers to FBI and mili
High school Student Hacked Into CIA Director's Personal Email Account

High school Student Hacked Into CIA Director's Personal Email Account

Oct 20, 2015
A self-described teenage hacker has claimed to have hacked into personal AOL email account of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Director John Brennan and swiped sensitive top-secret data. It's Really a major embarrassment for Brennan as well as the CIA. The hacker, who describes himself as an American high school student, called the New York Post to describe his exploits. According to the teenage hacker, Brennan's private email account held a range of sensitive files, which includes: His 47-page application for top-secret security clearance Social Security numbers (SSNs) and personal information of more than a dozen top US intelligence officials A government letter discussing " harsh interrogation techniques " used on terrorist suspects Sensitive Information Leaked The teenage hacker operates with under the Twitter name " Crackas With Attitude " with Twitter handle @_CWA_ . He confirmed the Post that he also controlled the
AOL Hit by Massive Data Breach, Urges Users to Change Passwords

AOL Hit by Massive Data Breach, Urges Users to Change Passwords

Apr 29, 2014
If you are a user of the American On-Line (AOL) mail service then you are advised to change your password as soon as possible. AOL Inc. on Monday confirmed the company suffered a massive data breach that may have affected a "significant number" of email accounts. The company has issued a warning to users that their personal information including email addresses, postal addresses, address books, encrypted passwords and the encrypted answers to security question-answers, has been stolen by attackers, the New York-based company said Monday. " The ongoing investigation of this serious criminal activity is our top priority, " AOL said in a blog post . " We are working closely with federal authorities to pursue this investigation to its resolution. Our security team has put enhanced protective measures in place, and we urge our users to take proactive steps to help ensure the security of their accounts ." AOL said it began investigating the
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Unpacking 2024's SaaS Threat Predictions

Unpacking 2024's SaaS Threat Predictions

Jun 05, 2024SaaS Security / Artificial Intelligence
Early in 2024, Wing Security released its State of SaaS Security report , offering surprising insights into emerging threats and best practices in the SaaS domain. Now, halfway through the year, several SaaS threat predictions from the report have already proven accurate. Fortunately, SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) solutions have prioritized mitigation capabilities to address many of these issues, ensuring security teams have the necessary tools to face these challenges head-on. In this article, we will revisit our predictions from earlier in the year, showcase real-world examples of these threats in action, and offer practical tips and best practices to help you prevent such incidents in the future. It's also worth noting the overall trend of an increasing frequency of breaches in today's dynamic SaaS landscape, leading organizations to demand timely threat alerts as a vital capability. Industry regulations with upcoming compliance deadlines are demanding similar time-sens
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