Indexeus — Search Engine Exposes Malicious Hackers and Data Breaches
'Real Footage of Malaysian Flight MH 17 Shot Down' Facebook Spam Spreads Malware
Undocumented iOS Features left Hidden Backdoors Open in 600 Million Apple Devices
Critroni - File Encrypting Ransomware out in the Wild
Cydia Repository by BigBoss Hacked, All Paid and Free Tweaks Stolen
How Russian Hackers Placed "Digital Bomb" Into the NASDAQ
Cyber Criminals Use Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Plane Crash News to Bait Users
New Variant of Havex Malware Scans for OPC Servers at SCADA Systems
NSA Employees Routinely Pass Around Intercepted Nude Photos
New Pushdo Malware Hacks 11,000 Computers in Just 24 Hours
FBI — Botnets Infecting 18 Computers per Second. But How Many of Them NSA Holds?
Multiple Cisco Wireless Gateways Vulnerable to Remote Attacks
Germany to Consider Typewriters to Protect From US Spying
Update Your Java to Patch 20 Vulnerabilities Or Just Disable it
Project Zero - A Team of Star-Hackers Hired by Google to Protect the Internet
Vulnerability in WPTouch WordPress Plugin Allows Hackers to Upload PHP backdoors
Web-based DropCam Surveillance Systems Vulnerable to Hackers
Oops... Popular Password Managers Are Not As Secure As You Think
Crowd-Sourced Threat Intelligence: AlienVault Open Threat Exchange™ (OTX)
17-year-old Arrested for Massive DDoS Attack on Norway’s Financial Sector
After Takedown, GameOver Zeus Banking Trojan Returns Again
'Tinba' Banking Malware Source Code Leaked Online
Gmail App for iOS leaves Users vulnerable to Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
Microsoft issues Emergency Windows Update to Block Fake SSL Certificates
Chinese Hackers Broke into the Database of U.S. Federal Employees
BrutPOS Botnet Compromises insecure RDP Servers at Point-of-Sale Systems
Google Drive Vulnerability Leaks Users' Private Data
Google catches Indian Government Agency with Fake Digital Certificates
Facebook Takes Down Bitcoin Stealing Botnet that Infected 250,000 Computers
Smart LED Lightbulbs Can be Hacked too; Vulnerability exposes Wi-Fi Passwords
Android Vulnerability Allows Applications to Make Unauthorized Calls without Permissions
Facebook Founder Wants to Make Internet Availability as Universal as 911 Emergency Service
90 Percent of the Information Intercepted by NSA Belongs to Ordinary Internet Users
SIEM for One, SIEM for All
miniLock - Open Source File Encryption Tool from CryptoCat Developer
Critical Vulnerability and Privacy LoopHole Found in RoboForm Password Manager
Infosec A-Team to Launch NSA-Proof Invisible Messenger for Whistleblowers
Beware of the NSA, If You Are Privacy Conscious and Security Enthusiast
This July Microsoft Plans to Patch Windows and Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities
Facebook SDK Vulnerability Puts Millions of Smartphone Users' Accounts at Risk
POS Machine Vendor Warns of Possible Payment Card Breach at Restaurants
New Android Malware 'HijackRAT' Attacks Mobile Banking Users
New Cridex Banking Trojan variant Surfaces with Self-Spreading Functionality
Microsoft Boosts Encryption for Outlook Webmail and OneDrive
Dragonfly Russian Hackers Target 1000 Western Energy Firms
PayPal Freezes $275,000 Campaign Funds of Secure-Email Startup 'ProtonMail'
Microsoft Seized No-IP Domains, Millions of Dynamic DNS Service Users Suffer Outage
Movie Review: The Internet’s Own Boy - The story of Aaron Swartz
Disqus Wordpress Plugin Flaw Leaves Millions of Blogs Vulnerable to Hackers
'Tails' Operating System Website Has Been Hacked
Tracy Morgan Dead? Facebook Scam Targeting Users with Malware
New Banking Malware with Network Sniffer Spreading Rapidly Worldwide
20-Year Old Vulnerability in LZO Compression Algorithm Went to Planet Mars
Android 4.3 and Earlier versions Vulnerable to Critical Code-Execution Flaw
FIFA World Cup Security Team Accidentally Reveals their Wi-Fi Password
Stuxnet-like 'Havex' Malware Strikes European SCADA Systems
Zero-Day TimThumb WebShot Vulnerability leaves Thousands of Wordpress Blogs at Risk
How To Jailbreak iOS 7.1 And 7.1.1 Untethered Using 'Pangu' Jailbreak Tool
BBC News iOS App Not Hacked, Breaking News Push Messages Sent in Error
Researchers Uncover Spying Tool Used by Governments to Hijack all Types of Smartphones
India to Host 3rd Annual 'The Hackers Conference' this Year in August
Intel Developing RFID Tracking and Remote Controlled 'Kill Switch' for Laptops
DNS Flood DDoS Attack Hit Video Gaming Industry with 90 Million Requests per Second
Open Wireless Router Let You Share Your Internet with the World
Cisco Open Sources Experimental Small Domain Block Cipher
Largest DDoS Attack Hit Hong Kong Democracy Voting Website
Google Unveils BoringSSL, Another Flavor of OpenSSL
Cyber Attack On 'Code Spaces' Puts Hosting Service Out of Business
BMC Vulnerability Exposes Admin Password of 32,000 Servers in Plaintext on the Internet
PlayDrone Reveals Secret Keys from Thousands of Play Store Android Apps
Millions of LinkedIn Users at Risk of Man-in-the-Middle Attack
AT&T Suffers Data Breach, Customers' Personal Information Compromised
20-years-old Alleged "NullCrew" Hacker Arrested by the FBI
Towelroot : One-Click Android Rooting Tool Released By Geohot
Student Decrypts Simplocker Android Ransomware that Encrypts Files
Chinese Android Smartphone comes with Pre-installed Spyware
Internet Explorer Developer Channel - Early Access to Next-Generation Features For Developers
FIFA World Cup 2014, Big Opportunity for Cybercriminals
DeviantArt Malwaretising Campaigns lead to Potentially Unwanted Apps
Facebook To Use Your Web Browsing History for Targeted Ads, Here's How To Opt-Out Now
Wiko Mobiles Can be Remotely Crashed with a Text Message
Google Play Store Update Allows Apps to Silently Gain Control of Your Device
Zeus Alternative Pandemiya Banking Malware For Sale in Underground Forums
PF Chang's China Bistro Confirms Credit and Debit Card Breach
LoopHole in PayPal Terms Allows Anyone to Double PayPal Money Endlessly
Ninth Grade Students Hack into ATM Machine during School Lunch Break
Hackers behind iPhone Ransom Attacks Arrested in Russia
Feedly and Evernote Hit by DDoS Attacks, Extortion Demands
Yahoo Toolbar Vulnerability Triggers Non-Exploitable XSS Payload on All Websites
Apple iOS 8 Randomizes MAC Address while Scanning for WiFi Networks
iOS 8 Safari Browser Can Read Your Credit Card Details Using Device Camera
Linux Kernel Vulnerable to Privilege Escalation and DoS Attack
Cryptowall Ransomware Spreading Rapidly through Malicious Advertisements
Vodafone Reveals Some Governments Have Direct Access to Their Data Centers
Microsoft to Patch Critical Internet Explorer Zero-Day Vulnerability Next Tuesday
OpenSSL Vulnerable to Man-in-the-Middle Attack and Several Other Bugs
First Android Ransomware that Encrypts SD Card Files
Join 'Reset The Net' Global Movement to Shut Off NSA Surveillance
Vulnerability Management: Think Like an Attacker to Prioritize Risks
Apple's New Swift Programming Language for iOS And OS X Apps. Goodbye Objective-C
Critical GnuTLS Flaw Leaves SSL Clients Vulnerable to Remote Code Execution
Google offers Chrome Extension for End-To-End Gmail Encryption
New Ransomware Malware takes Advantage of Windows PowerShell
Mozilla to Provide WebRTC-based Free Firefox To Firefox Voice and Video Calling feature
Vulnerabilities in 'All in One SEO Pack' Wordpress Plugin Put Millions of Sites At Risk
Fraudsters Physically Deploy Malicious Software to Hack ATMs
Alleged BlackShades Malware Co-Author pleads not Guilty
Iranian Hackers Pose as Journalists to Spy on US Government Officials and Diplomats
Fake WeChat App Targeting Android Users with Banking Trojan
Popular Encryption Software TrueCrypt Shuts Down Mysteriously
Beware Of Fake 'HeartBleed Bug Remover Tool', Hijacks System with Malware
Latest Kali Linux 1.0.7 Offers Persistent Encrypted Partition on USB Stick
Glenn Greenwald to Publish Names of US citizens that NSA Spied On Illegally
Spotify Hacked, Urges Android Users to Upgrade app and Change Password
WordPress Cookie Flaw Lets Hackers Hijack Your Account
Developers Raise Bounty of $17,600 for First to Root Samsung Galaxy S5
Apple Devices Hacked by 'Oleg Pliss', held to Ransom
Registry Hack: Get Windows XP Security Updates until 2019
ProtonMail: 'NSA-Proof' End-to-End Encrypted Email Service
Spam Tweets 'US Government Trying to Shut Down Bitcoin' Spreading Malware
Hacking Cable TV Networks to Broadcast Your Own Video Channel
Vulnerability in Yahoo Websites Allows Hackers to Delete Any Comment
New Point-of-Sale Malware Compromises 1,500 Devices Worldwide
Apple Patches 22 Safari WebKit Vulnerabilities
Worst Day for eBAY, Multiple Flaws leave Millions of Users vulnerable to Hackers
SNMP Reflection DDoS Attacks on the Rise
Samsung Plans to add Eye Scanner to its Upcoming Smartphones
Microsoft Outlook App for Android Devices Stores Emails Unencrypted on File System
Apple iCloud and Activation Lock Hacked; Allows Hackers to Unlock Stolen Devices
New Internet Explorer Zero-Day Vulnerability Publicly Disclosed; Identified in October 2013
eBay Hacked, Change your Account Password Now
To Tackle Cyber Crime, FBI Could Hire Hackers Who Smoke Weed
Netflix Users Targeted by Microsoft Silverlight Exploits
China Bans Microsoft Windows 8 for Government Computers
Pre-Play Vulnerability Allows Chip-and-PIN Payment Card Cloning
'Anonymous Philippines' hacks Hundreds of Chinese Government Websites
Book Review: Hacking Point of Sale, In-Depth Study on Payment Applications
XMPP Makes Encryption Mandatory for Instant Messaging Service Operators
FBI Arrests 100 Hackers linked to Blackshades Malware
US Charges Five Chinese Military Officials with Economic Espionage
Ancient 'STONED' Virus Signatures found in Bitcoin Blockchain
FBI raids BlackShades RAT Malware Customers in Europe and Australia
Firefox Browser to Enable Controversial HTML5 DRM to Stop Piracy
Cryptocat offers End-to End Encryption For Facebook Messenger
Terrorist Group Al-Qaeda Uses New Encryption Softwares After NSA Revelations
Iranian Ajax Security Team targets US Defense Industry
Ex-NSA Director Admits 'We Kill People Based On Metadata' with Drone Strike
LOL, Jar File Malware Just Goes Viral Through Facebook Messages
Dynamic Analysis tools for Android Fail to Detect Malware with Heuristic Evasion Techniques
NSA Reportedly Intercepts US-made Internet Routers to Install Spyware
Air Traffic Control System Failure Caused by Memory Shortage - A Cyber Attack?
Anti-DDoS Services Abused to Carry Out DDoS Attack with 1.5 Billion Requests/Minute
Russian Hacker Charged in Biggest U.S Hacking Case Doesn't Want Extradition to U.S
Leaked Screenshots Suggest New Gmail Interface Coming Soon
Fake Digital Certificates Found in the Wild While Observing Facebook SSL Connections
Beware! Cyber Criminals Spreading Click Fraud Trojan for Making Money
New Guidelines Explain How Apple will Legally Process Law Enforcement Data Requests
Real Ghost Caught on Camera! New Facebook Scams Lure Users to Download Malware
U.S Federal Agencies Want To Secretly Hack Suspects' Computers for Criminal Evidence
Popular URL Shortener 'Bitly' User Accounts Reportedly Compromised
Twitter Enables Password Reset With SMS and Suspicious Login Notifications
300,000 Servers Still Vulnerable to Heartbleed Vulnerability After One Month
Microsoft and Adobe to Release Important Security Patches Next Week
Don't Fall for Fake Instagram Desktop Applications Offering 'Image Viewer'
US Navy's Nuclear Reactor System Administrator Arrested on Hacking Charges
France Telecom Orange Hacked Again, Personal Details of 1.3 Million Customers Stolen
Released Emails Show 'Google in a Relationship With NSA'
SCAMMYY! Mark Zuckerberg Can Deactivate Your Facebook Account Anytime
Police Ransomware Malware Targeting Android Smartphones
SRTT Vulnerability in BIND Software Puts DNS Protocol Security At Risk
Hiding URLs in Google Chrome Could Be A Good Decision?
18-Year-Old Student Arrested for Hacking School Computers to Change Grades
Nasty Covert Redirect Vulnerability found in OAuth and OpenID
Microsoft Patches Internet Explorer Zero-Day Vulnerability, Even for Windows XP
Anonymous Hacker Charged with CyberStalking Faces 440 Years in Jail
Apple iOS 7 Updates Silently Remove Encryption for Email Attachments
Facebook Introduces Anonymous Login to Limit Third-party App Permissions
KALI Linux Mailing List Website Hacked Using Heartbleed Vulnerability
Target finally Plans to issue Chip and PIN Credit Cards
"4chan Hacked", Most Popular Image-Bulletin Board Compromised
AOL Hit by Massive Data Breach, Urges Users to Change Passwords
Skype leaves Sensitive User Data Unencrypted Locally On Computers
New Zero-Day Vulnerability CVE-2014-1776 Affects all Versions of Internet Explorer Browser
Silk Road Dealer Plead Guilty For Selling Illegal Drugs for Bitcoins
Vulnerability Allows Anyone to DDoS Websites Using Facebook Servers
Android Bitcoin-Mining Malware found on Google Play Store
Malicious Chrome Extension Hijacks CryptoCurrencies and Wallets
Microsoft OneDrive Secretly Modifies your BackUp Files
Viber's Poor Data Security Practices Threaten Users' Privacy
NIST Removes Dual_EC_DRBG Random Number Generator from Recommendations
ORACLE Subdomain Page Defaced by Indian Hacker
Desktop Viruses Coming to Your TV and Connected Home Appliances
Google Gives Refund to Thousands of Buyers Who Bought Bogus Android AntiVirus App
Russian Facebook 'VKontakte' Dramatically Fires Original Founder 'Pavel Durov'
Google Working On End-to-End Encryption for Gmail Service
Grams - First Search Engine for Underground Black Markets
ZeuS Botnet Updating Infected Systems with Rootkit-Equipped Trojan
New Facebook 'Nearby Friends' Can Track Your GPS Location Continuously
Routers TCP 32764 Backdoor Vulnerability Secretly Re-Activated Again
Feedly Android App Javascript Injection vulnerability exposes Millions of Users to Hackers
Dutch Court Accepts to Extradite Russian Hacker involved in Biggest US Hacking Case
Hacker exploits Heartbleed bug to Hijack VPN Sessions
Warning: Malware Campaign targeting Jailbroken Apple iOS Devices
Satellite Communication (SATCOM) Devices Vulnerable to Hackers
Several Tor Exit Nodes Vulnerable To Heartbleed Bug
Chrome Remote Desktop for Android to Control Your PC from Anywhere
19-Year-Old Teenager Arrested for Exploiting Heartbleed Bug to Steal Data
The Keen Team - Chinese Hacker Group Reveals their Identities
iBanking Android Malware targeting Facebook Users with Web Injection techniques
Oracle releases Critical Update to Patch 104 Vulnerabilities
WhatsApp Flaw leaves User Location Vulnerable to Hackers and Spy Agencies
Google Admits that It Reads your Emails
Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner Easily Get Hacked
TrueCrypt is Secure; Encryption Tool cleared the First Phase of Security Audit
Update Adobe Reader app for Android to Patch Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
German Aerospace Center targeted by Self-Destructing Spyware
HeartBleed Bug Explained - 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions
Obama Lets NSA Use Zero-Day Exploits by labeling it as 'National Security Need'
Flickr vulnerable to SQL Injection and Remote Code Execution Flaws
Billions of Smartphone Users affected by Heartbleed Vulnerability
Researchers Get $10,000 for Hacking Google Server with Malicious XML
NSA denies Report that Agency knew and exploited Heartbleed Vulnerability
German Developer responsible for HeartBleed Bug in OpenSSL
Mobile Charger That Can Power-Up Your Smartphone in 30 Seconds
APT Groups Return - Chinese Hackers Resume Cyber Espionage Operations
Google Chrome vulnerability allows Websites to Eavesdrop on You
Optimizing Network Security with SolarWinds Firewall Security Manager (FSM)
How to Protect yourself from the 'Heartbleed' Bug
How Heartbleed Bug Exposes Your Passwords to Hackers
Securing Passwords with Bcrypt Hashing Function
Heartbleed - OpenSSL Zero-day Bug leaves Millions of websites Vulnerable
Yahoo's New DMARC Policy Destroys Every Mailing List across the World
Unbreakable Encryption inspired by Human Biology
First Paid Fake Android Antivirus App Downloaded 10,000 times from Google Play Store
Free Microsoft Windows for the Internet of Things and Mobile Devices
Beware of Zeus Banking Trojan Signed With Valid Digital Signature
Student Hacks Apple Passbook App to Get Free Flight Boarding Passes
Pakistani Hacker Arrested for Hacking Telecom Company Database
Vulnerable Texas Transportation Site 'TxTag' leaves 1.2 Million Credit Cards at Risk
Microsoft Critical Vulnerabilities that You Must Patch Coming Tuesday
Worst Data Breach in German History, 18 Million Email Passwords Compromised
Disabling 'Find My iPhone' on iOS 7 without any Password
Facebook added Free Voice Calling Feature to its Messenger App
Popular Navigation App hijacked with Fake Bots to Cause Traffic Jam
5-year-old Boy discovers Microsoft Xbox Password Bypass vulnerability
Vulnerability in World Largest Video Site Turned Million of Visitors into DDoS Zombies
YAHOO! Now Encrypts Everything; Encrypted Yahoo Messenger Coming Soon
LinkedIn Hack Tool Exposes Users' Emails without Exploiting Any Vulnerability
Millions of Vulnerable Routers aiding Massive DNS Amplification DDoS Attacks
Most Sophisticated Android Bootkit Malware ever Detected; Infected Millions of Devices
Update Your Safari Browser to Patch Two Dozen of Critical Vulnerabilities
Dumb Ransomware Developer leaves Decryption Keys on Infected Computers
WinRAR File Extension Spoofing vulnerability allows Hackers to Hide Malware
MiniDuke Malware spreads via Fake Ukraine-related Documents
Researchers explained How ANGRY BIRDS Sharing Your Personal Data
Ukrainian Hacker falsely claimed theft of 800 million Credit Card
NOT JUST ONE! RSA adopted Two NSA Backdoored Encryption Tools
Popular Remote access Trojan njRAT fuels Middle East Cyber Crime
Tesla Cars Can Be Hacked to Locate and Unlock Remotely
Google Public DNS intercepted by Turkish ISPs
Over 20Gbps DDoS attacks Now Become Common for Hackers
Philips Smart TVs vulnerable to Screen Hijack and Cookie Theft
Android Malware found on Google Play Store mines Cryptocurrencies
Hacker's Dome - Gamification the Information Security
25 Million 'NAVER' Accounts Breached using Stolen Data
Android Malware 'Dendroid' targeting Indian Users
Multiple Vulnerabilities in Firefox for Android Leak Sensitive Information
Malaysian flight MH370 tragedy abused by Chinese hackers for Espionage attacks
Facebook Unveils ThreatData, a framework for Web Security
Gameover ZeuS Trojan Targets Users of Employment Portal
CASH! CASH! Hacking ATM Machines with Just a Text Message
Microsoft Word Zero-Day Vulnerability is being exploited in the Wild
Snoopy Drone Can Hack Your Smartphones
Android Privilege Escalation Flaws leave Billions of Devices vulnerable to Malware Infection
How to access Twitter in Turkey - #TwitterisBlockedinTurkey
HACK - A New Open Source Programming Language developed by Facebook
NSA Hacked Servers of Chinese telecom Huawei, Stole Source Codes
Indian Banks may switch to Linux, rather than taking extended Windows XP Support
Microsoft Admits Spying on Hotmail Account to track Source of Windows 8 leak
French intelligence agency gets complete access to Orange Telecom Data
Microsoft charges FBI for your Information; Syrian Electronic Army leaks Invoices
Back off, NSA! Gmail now Encrypts every single Email
EA Games website hacked; Phishing page hosted to steal Apple IDs
Linux Worm targets Internet-enabled Home appliances to Mine Cryptocurrencies
World’s First Google Glass Spyware app unveiled
Windows Spy tool equipped with Android malware to hack Smartphones
Warning! Invitation for PC Version of 'Grand Theft Auto V' Game infects Computers with Malware
Snowden's disclosures haven't changed much about Facebook Security
Turkish Hacker Crashes Google Play Store Twice while testing vulnerability
Infamous Hacker 'Diabl0' arrested in Bangkok, responsible for $4 Billion Damage to Swiss Banks
Operation Windigo: Linux malware campaign that infected 500,000 Computers Worldwide
WATCH OUT! Scammers targeting Google Account with Phishing Page hosted on Google Drive
Banks to Pay Microsoft Millions of Dollars for extended Windows XP Support
Google Public DNS Server Traffic Hijacked
MtGox Hacker tricks people to install Bitcoin Stealer
Learn How SolarWinds Log & Event Manager (LEM) helps you to keep your Network Secure
Syrian Electronic Army hacks U.S Central Command & threatens to leak Secret Documents
Twitter enables StartTLS for Secure Emails to prevent Snooping
AlienVault Unified Security Management: Real-Time Threat Detection Starting on Day 1
BEWARE of new Facebook Malware Claims, 'Malaysia Plane MH370 Has Been Spotted'
Mark Zuckerberg frustrated; Obama irritated and Finally NSA Stated
Police Ransomware threat of huge Fine forced Family to Commit Suicide
Project TURBINE: NSA spreads sophisticated Malware Worldwide
Backdoor found in Samsung Galaxy Devices, allows Hackers to remotely access/modify Data
Payment Card processing services upgrading to Chip-and-PIN and Point-to-Point Encryption
162,000 vulnerable WordPress websites abused to perform DDoS Attack
Adobe releases important Security Updates for Flash Player
Vodafone Germany rolls out SIM Card-based end-to-end Encryption
Hacking Facebook User 'Access Token' with Man-in-the-Middle Attack
Federal judge blocks NSA surveillance records from being destroyed
Edward Snowden at SXSW Conference: Would I do this again?, I Would!
Justin Bieber Twitter account hacked, Spammed malicious links to 50 Million Followers
Facebook 'Watch naked video of friends' malware scam infects 2 million people
Sophisticated Russian Malware 'SNAKE' and 'Turla' targets Governments and Military Networks
PREC Tool prevents Android Device from Root Exploit hidden in Malicious apps
Tor Network used to Host 900 Botnets and hidden Darknet Markets
US Prosecutor drops Criminal charges against Barrett Brown
Satoshi Nakamoto - The Mysterious Bitcoin Creator finally identified in California
HTTPS can leak your Personal details to Attackers
Symantec discovered Android Malware Toolkit named Dendroid
Uroburos Rootkit: Most sophisticated 3-year-old Russian Cyber Espionage Campaign
Encrypted Chat Service 'Cryptocat' released iOS app
TextSecure: End-to-End encrypted and Open Source Messaging app
Data Backup and Recovery with 'EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation'
Firefox to block all plugins by Default in upcoming release, except Whitelist plugins
Cisco Offers $300,000 Prize For 'Internet of Things' Security Apps
Russia Today (RT) Hacked, "Russian" replaced with "Nazi" in News Headlines
Yahoo vulnerability allows Hacker to delete 1.5 million records from Database
Tor Instant Messaging Bundle - A New Anonymous and Encrypted messaging Software
'Optic Nerve' - Dirty NSA hacked into Webcam of millions of Yahoo users for Private Images
Outernet - Free Global Wi-Fi Service from Outer Space
Boeing launches Ultra-Secure 'Black' Smartphone that has Self-Destruct Feature
360 Million Stolen Credential FOR SALE on Underground Black Market
Tilon/SpyEye2 Banking Trojan Usage Declining after SpyEye Author Arrest
Chameleon Virus that Spreads Across WiFi Access Points like Common Cold
New Apple vulnerability allows Malicious keylogger App to Record User Inputs
Apple's SSL Vulnerability might allow NSA to hack iOS Devices Remotely
Pony Botnet steals $220,000 from multiple Digital Wallets
Caphaw Banking Malware Distributed via YouTube Ads
First Tor-Based Android Malware Spotted in the Wild
World’s largest Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox Shuts Down; CEO quits Bitcoin Foundation
Silent Circle's Blackphone - Privacy and Security Focused Smartphone for $629
Hacking Team sold Spyware to 21 Countries; Targeting Journalists and Human Right Activists
5 Best WhatsApp alternatives with end-to-end Encryption
Why You need to Stop using WhatsApp?
Apple's iOS vulnerable to Man-in-the-middle Attack, Install iOS 7.0.6 to Patch
Learn How to Hide WhatsApp 'Last seen at' Time and Profile Picture from Other Users
Android iBanking Trojan Source Code Leaked Online
Adobe releases another Emergency Security Patch for Flash Player
Learn How DuckDuckGo Search Engine helps you to be a Good Programmer
Why Facebook is buying WhatsApp for $19 Billion?
ZeuS Trojan variant Targets Salesforce accounts and SaaS Applications
Tinder Online Dating app vulnerability revealed Exact Location of Users
Free Online Game website offers $13,000 Reward to expose details on DDoS attack
Ultrasonic Password Security for Google Accounts
Adult Magazine Sued LeaseWeb for Hosting Pirated Websites, claiming $188M in Damages
Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy S5 has a Fingerprint Scanner
Google Forces Handset Manufacturers to Ship Smartphone with latest Android version
Google and Apple app Store removing all Games with "Flappy" word in Title
Linksys Malware 'The Moon' Spreading from Router to Router
Germany to step up Counter Espionage Program against United States
Crowd-Funding site Kickstarter Hacked! It's time to change your Password
Hacker removed Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Timeline Cover Photo
300000 Android Devices infected by Premium SMS-Sending Malware
TESCO Customers' account details leaked online
Flappy Bird app clones send text messages to Premium Number
CVE-2014-0322: Internet Explorer zero-day exploit targets US Military Intelligence
Forbes Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army; Website and Twitter accounts Compromised
Underground Marketplace 'Utopia' Seized by Dutch Police, 5 suspects arrested
Edward Snowden obtained classified NSA documents by stealing Coworker’s Password
Magento vulnerability allows an attacker to create administrative user
Hackers targeting non-browser applications with Fake SSL Certificates
Largest Ever 400Gbps DDoS attack hits Europe uses NTP Amplification
Update Adobe Shockwave Player to fix Critical Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities
The Mask, a malware campaign that remained undetected for 7 Years
Dear Internet, Today is 'The Day We Fight Back', Biggest protest against NSA Surveillance
Snapchat user accounts vulnerable to Brute-Force Attack
Beware! Cyber Criminals may spoil your Valentine's Day
Hackers exploiting Router vulnerabilities to hack Bank accounts through DNS Hijacking
LinkedIn shutting down its security-plagued INTRO app in Early March
Unseen 4096-Bit Encrypted Email, Chat and File Sharing Service to counter NSA Spying
Google shamed and forced by France to Display 'Privacy Violation Fine' Notice on its homepage
Snowden used web crawler tool to access and download 1.7 million Secret NSA Files
iOS vulnerability allows to disable 'Find My iPhone' without password
Hacking a Car remotely with $20 iPhone sized Device
Snapchat app vulnerable to denial-of-service attack, allows remotely crash iPhone
LINKUP - First Ransomware trojan that modifies DNS settings to mine Bitcoin forcefully
Bredo Banking Malware Campaign Targets Bank of America Customers
Microsoft February Patch Tuesday : Two critical and Three Important Security Updates
Facebook releases 'Conceal' API for Android developers to Encrypt data on Disk
IBM developing Self-Destructing Microchips for US Defense
98% of SSL enabled websites still using SHA-1 based weak Digital Certificates
British Intelligence Agency DDoSed Anonymous Chatrooms to disrupt communication
Google adds its Chrome apps and extensions to Bug Bounty Program
Facebook domain hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
Adobe issues Emergency Flash Player update to patch critical zero-day threat
'The Hacker News' Magazine - Relaunching New Editions
Gameover Malware, variant of ZeuS Trojan uses Encryption to Bypass Detection
Google Chrome added pop-up warning to prevent users from Browser hijacking
DuckDuckGo Goodies that every SysAdmin Should Know
'Chaos Computer Club' filed criminal complaint against German government Over Mass Spying
800,000 Customers' detail stolen in Data Breach at French Telecom 'Orange'
NSA allegedly hacked Belgian Cryptography Expert with spoofed LinkedIn Profile
Microsoft launching 'Transparency Center' for Source code integrity Check
Test your Mobile Hacking and Penetration testing Skills with Damn vulnerable iOS app
eBay and PayPal UK website hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
Chainfire's Pry-Fi Android App released to defend against NSA Spying under Public Wi-Fi
Navy's Cyberwar Expert - New Director of NSA, replacing Gen. Keith Alexander
Android app that notifies you whenever GPS enabled apps access your location
Screenlogger - A keylogger app for Android and iOS Smartphones
Microsoft's Process Explorer added VirusTotal Multi-Antivirus Scanner support
Spying agencies tracking your location by capturing MAC address of your devices
Tor-enabled Point-of-Sale malware 'ChewBacca' stole Credit Card data from 11 Countries
UK government planning to ditch Microsoft for Open Source alternatives
Yahoo Mail hacked; Change your account password immediately
MediaWiki Remote Code Execution vulnerability leaves Wikipedia open for Cyber attacks
ICEPOL Ransomware Servers seized by Romanian Police that infected 260,000 Computers
Cryptography Hacks - Hash Encryption using DuckDuckGo Search Engine
Edward Snowden nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2014
Java-Bot, a Cross-platform malware launching DDoS attacks from infected computers
24-year-old Russian Hacker and Developer of SpyEye Banking Trojan pleads guilty
First widely distributed Android bootkit Malware infects more than 350,000 Devices
Warning: Malicious version of FTP Software FileZilla stealing users' Credentials
CryptorBit Ransomware that scam for Ransom money with fake Decryption Keys
Angry Birds and other Mobile Gaming apps leaking your private information to NSA
Foursquare vulnerability that exposes 45 million users' email addresses
Mozilla Thunderbird vulnerability allows hackers to Insert malicious code into Emails
FBI seized entire database of TorMail service; using it to catch Criminals
10th Anniversary of the World’s first Mobile Malware 'Cabir'
Israeli Defense computer hacked in Spear Phishing Attack
Possible Data Breach at Arts and Crafts Retailer 'Michaels Store'
Bangladeshi Hackers defaced BCCI website after Board approves ICC takeover proposal
Google announces $2.7 million Reward for hacking Chrome OS at Pwnium Contest
Yahoo fixes Critical Remote Command Execution vulnerability
CBI arrests Indian mastermind behind Hire-a-Hacker service on FBI tip-off
Snapchat's new Security feature Hacked in 30 Minutes; CAPTCHA Cracking tool published
WhatsApp for Windows? Naaa.. Hackers are spamming Malware as WhatsApp Software
First Ever Windows Malware that can hack your Android Mobile
CNN's Twitter, Facebook and website hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
Malicious Russian Tor Exit Relays Intercepting encrypted Traffic of Facebook Users
Facebook Hacker received $33,500 reward for Remote code execution vulnerability
Converting Google Chrome into a Bugging Device by exploiting Speech Recognition feature
28% of Internet Users know the Importance of Online Privacy Tools
Infamous hacker "Guccifer" arrested in Romania; charged with multiple cyber crimes
16 Million German Users' Data Compromised in mysterious Botnet Malware attack
Bluetooth enabled Credit Card Skimmers planted at Gas Station lead to $2 Million heist
Government launched 'China Operating System' (COS) to break Andoird and iOS Monopoly
23-Year-old Russian Hacker confessed to be original author of BlackPOS Malware
Microsoft remotely deleted Tor-based 'Sefnit Botnet' from more than 2 Million Systems
Syrian Electronic Army kept their promise; Microsoft's Office blog hacked
OpenBSD Project survived after $20,000 Donation from Romanian Bitcoin Billionaire
'123456' giving tough competition to 'password' in Worst 25 Passwords of 2013
More details about alleged 17-year-old Russian BlackPOS Malware Author released
U.S. based Cloud Hosting providers contribute 44% of Malware distribution
20 Million Credit Cards stolen in South Korea; 40% Population affected by the Data Leak
U.S. Judge ordered the largest Ever Forfeiture of 29,655 Bitcoins seized from Silk Road
Adware Companies buying popular Chrome extensions to inject Ads and Malware
100,000 Refrigerators and other home appliances hacked to perform cyber attack
BlackPOS Malware used in TARGET Data Breach developed by 17-Year Old Russian Hacker
NSA admits to collect 200 Million text messages per day under Project DISHFIRE
Starbucks' iOS app storing user credentials in plain text
Rakabulle, Advance File Binder from DarkComet RAT Developer
Cyber criminals targeting another cryptocurrency 'Primecoin' with malicious miners
How to encrypt your files before uploading to Cloud Storage using CloudFogger
PGP Inventor announced encrypted PrivatOS based #BLACKPHONE against NSA surveillance
Exclusive: More than 200,000 Algerian TP-LINK Routers are vulnerable to Hackers
Syrian Electronic Army's own website got hacked by Turkish hacker
Mozilla recommends the use of Open Source Browsers against State Surveillance
Cisco released Security advisory for critical Router password reset vulnerability
100Gbps DDoS attack took down Gaming servers with NTP Servers
ASUS Wireless router leaves USB Storage Devices vulnerable to remote attackers
How to use PGP encryption with Mozilla Thunderbird Email client
US retailer Neiman Marcus confirmed data breach after TARGET
Samsung KNOX - An Encrypted Virtual Operating system for Android Devices
Microsoft Official Blog and Twitter account hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
MIT University website defaced by Anonymous hackers in honor of Aaron Swartz
Mac OS X Flashback Trojan is still alive, recently infected 22,000 Apple machines
KALI Linux 1.0.6 released; officially added Emergency Self Destruct feature
Hackers behind TARGET data breach looking for Pro-cracker to decrypt Credit card PINs
Small satellite terminals (VSAT) are vulnerable to Cyber attack
Rogue software update cause Malware attack on Japanese Nuclear Power Plant
Hack or attempt to Hack, you may face 20 years in prison
Yahoo Mail turns on HTTPS encryption by default to protect users
23-year-old Stack overflow vulnerability discovered in X11 Server
Google Chrome to encrypt Stored Cookies by default to enhance browser security
Learn to Encrypt Your Emails against an invasion of privacy by NSA
Kali Linux introducing Emergency Self Destruct feature to Full Disk Encryption
6 Tips to Save Time Doing Patch Management
Exclusive - openSUSE Forum Hacked; 79500 Users Data Compromised
Potential backdoors discovered in US-based components used by French Satellites
Android based Cars may pose various Security and Privacy Issues
Tajikistan Domain Registrar hacked; Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Amazon also defaced
Staysure Hacked, Credit Card details of 93,000 Customers stolen
Indian Intelligence Agencies going to deploy Internet Surveillance project NETRA
Cryptolocker Malware learned to replicate itself through removable USB drives
Coca-Cola reserved 16 Million MAC addresses to race in The Internet of Things
Yahoo Ad Network abused to redirect users to malicious websites serving Magnitude Exploit Kit
NSA will not stop spying on us, next move Quantum computer to break strongest Encryption
Prison Locker Ransomware, an upcoming malware threat in 2014
Hacking Wireless DSL routers via Administrative password Reset Vulnerability

Windows Error Crash Reports or Treasure of Zero-Day vulnerabilities for NSA?
Abusing Network Time Protocol (NTP) to perform massive Reflection DDoS attack
Hackers stole money from European ATMs using Malware-loaded USB Device
DROPOUTJEEP: NSA's Secret program to access any Apple iPhone, including microphone & camera
Firmware vulnerability allows man-in-the-middle attack using SD Memory cards
Skype's Official Twitter, Facebook and Blog Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from 'The Hacker News'
RSA denied accusations of inserting secret backdoor for the NSA
More than 1,400 Financial institutions in 88 Countries targeted by Banking Trojan in 2013
iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak released for iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices
Hacker threatens to sell data of 3.7 Million Israeli Bank Customers, demands extortion money in Bitcoin
NSA paid $10 Million bribe to RSA Security for Keeping Encryption Weak
'The Washington Post' compromised 3rd time in the last 3 years
World’s largest Bitcoin Poker website hacked, 42000 user passwords leaked
Acoustic Cryptanalysis: Extracting RSA Key From GnuPG by capturing Computer Sound
Your MacBook Camera could Spy on You without lighting up the warning light
40 Million Credit Card accounts affected in massive data breach at 'Target' Stores during Black Friday
Researchers spotted 'Chewbacca', a new Tor-based Banking Trojan
Judge Ruled - NSA Telephone Metadata Collection violates the Fourth Amendment
Russian hackers stole Personal details of 54 million Turkish Citizens
BIOS Malware that can remotely destroy any computer, NSA claimed
The Evolution of Cyber Threat; Interview with IntelCrawler's Researchers
Hacker demonstrated 'Remote Code Execution' vulnerability on EBay website
LOCKER Malware - Yet another new variant of Cryptolocker Ransomware
Chinese Hackers spied on European Diplomats during recent G20 meetings
Hacker fined with $183,000 for just one-Minute of DDoS attack
France Government used Rogue Google SSL Digital Certificates to Spy on users
Mouabad Android Malware calling to Premium numbers; Generating revenue for its Master
Microsoft released Security Patch for CVE-2013-5065 TIFF Zero-Day vulnerability
LinkedIn iOS app HTML Message Parsing Vulnerability
Security Risks of FTP and Benefits of Managed File Transfer
Alleged Skynet Botnet creator arrested in Germany
Growing market of zero-day vulnerability exploits pose real threat to Cyber Security
Rogue Android Gaming app that steals WhatsApp conversations
'Paunch', Blackhole exploit kit creator and Gang arrested in Russia
Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit successfully disrupted the ZeroAccess Botnet
CloudFlare's Red October Crypto app with two-man rule style Encryption and Decryption
Biggest American Bank 'JPMorgan Chase' hacked; 465,000 card users' data stolen
Master Password Protection added to Google Chrome's Password Manager
CO-TRAVELER : NSA’s Cellphone Location Tracking Tool gathering 5 Billion records a day
DDoS Attacks originated from thousands of .EDU and .GOV WordPress Blogs
Two Million stolen Facebook, Twitter login credentials found on 'Pony Botnet' Server
Malware that transfers stolen data using Inaudible Audio signals
Super 'Stuxnet' Malware development in progress to destroy Iran’s nuclear program
Silk Road alternative 'Sheep Marketplace' shut down after $40 Million in Bitcoin Theft
Vulnerability in Android 4.3 allows apps to Remove Device Locks, POC app released
D-Link Releases Router Firmware Updates for backdoor vulnerability
Don't Install Crap ! Bitcoin Mining malware bundled with Potentially Unwanted Programs
Vodafone Iceland hacked and exposed 70000 Users' Personal Information
Google Nexus phone vulnerable to SMS-based DOS attack
Linux worm targeting Routers, Set-top boxes and Security Cameras with PHP-CGI Vulnerability
TIME Magazine Twitter account hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
Warning: "A new message from Skype Voicemail Service" spam leads to Zeus Malware
CVE-2013-5065: Microsoft Windows XP and Server 2003 Privilege escalation Zero-Day exploit discovered
Thousands of websites based on Ruby on Rails vulnerable to Cookie Handling flaw
Danish Bitcoin exchange BIPS hacked and 1,295 Bitcoins worth $1 Million Stolen
The Silk Road Founder financially linked to Bitcoin Creator Satoshi Nakamoto
Cryptocat, a Secure and Encrypted chat blocked in Iran
NSA infected more than 50,000 computer networks with Malware
US police department pays $750 Ransom to retrieve their files from CryptoLocker Malware
Facebook vulnerability allows to view hidden Facebook Friend List
Hacking Gmail accounts with password reset system vulnerability
New Banking malware 'i2Ninja' being sold via underground Russian Cybercrime Market
The Pirate Bay Cofounder 'Gottfrid Svartholm Warg' will be extradited to Denmark
Java based Cross platform malware targeting Apache Tomcat servers in the wild
Github accounts compromised in massive Brute-Force attack using 40,000 IP addresses
Two-year-old vulnerability in JBoss Application Servers enables Remote Shell for Hackers
Your TV now watching you too! LG Smart TV caught collecting owners' Habits and USB file names
How to protect your computer from CryptoLocker ransomware malware ?
Warning: 10 Million UK Users targeted with Cryptolocker Ransomware spam email campaign
FBI warns that Anonymous Hackers has been hacking US Government for almost a year
vBulletin Forum hacked with Zero Day vulnerability, caused Macrumors Forum Data breach
Apple iOS 7.0.4 update released to patch Apple Store purchase vulnerability
Facebook Open URL Redirection vulnerability
Japanese word processor 'Ichitaro' zero-day attack discovered in the wild
DDoS attack from Browser-based Botnets that lasted for 150 hours
Hacker 'Pinkie Pie' successfully compromised Chrome on Nexus 4 and Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 zero-day exploits revealed at Pwn2Own 2013 Contest
MacRumors forum hacked; more than 860,000 accounts compromised Bitcoin Exchange hacked; Money from 4000 Bitcoin wallets Stolen
Federal Judge ruled at Child pornography case, 'Your Peer-to-Peer file sharing data is not a private matter'
Security updates for available for Adobe Flash Player and ColdFusion vulnerabilities
Singapore police arrested six men for allegedly hacking Prime Minister and President websites
CTF365 Capture The Flag - The Next Generation IT Security Training Platform
Snowden reveals, GCHQ planted malware via LinkedIn and Slashdot traffic to hack Belgacom Engineers
Internet Explorer zero-day vulnerability actively being exploited in the wild
Stuxnet also infected the internal network of a Russian nuclear plant
Microsoft set to deliver Patches for three Critical flaws, but no patch for Office Zero-day vulnerability
Google engineers over surveillance scandal: 'Fuck you NSA'
FBI offering $100,000 reward for information on Most Wanted Cyber Criminals
China: 'We are ready for International cooperation to deal with cyber security Challenges'
Smartphones, A Perfect Cyber Espionage and Surveillance Weapon
CVE-2013-3906 : Zero Day Vulnerability in Microsoft Graphics Component
Rise in website Defacement attacks by Hackers around the World
CryptoLocker developer launches Decryption Service website; 10 Bitcoins for Decryption Keys
Google Chrome adds automatic malware blocking for suspicious downloads
Another Master Key vulnerability discovered in Android 4.3
Finland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs networks hit by sophisticated Malware attack
China is planting spying microchips in Electric Iron and kettles that can scan Wi-Fi devices to serve malware
'The Hacker News' Celebrating 3rd Anniversary
'Dark Mail Alliance', Future of surveillance proof email technology
Critical vulnerability in Twitter allows attacker to upload Unrestricted Files
British Baptist Minister's son charged with hacking US Army and Nasa Computer Systems
iOS apps vulnerable to HTTP Request Hijacking attacks over WiFi
Vulnerability in Facebook app allows hackers to steal access tokens and hijack accounts
Cryptolocker Ransomware makes different Bitcoin wallet for each victim
Barack Obama's Twitter, Facebook, Campaign website and Email Accounts hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
Security breach at OAuth based applications can cause Social Media Disaster
Israeli Road Control System hacked, caused Traffic jam on Haifa Highway
Dutch Police arrested TorRAT Malware Gang for stealing over Million Dollar
Terminator RAT became more sophisticated in recent APT attacks
12-year-old Boy admits to hacking major Government sites for aiding Anonymous Hackers
FBI Seized 144,000 Bitcoins worth $28.5 Million From Silk Road Bust
Buffer hacked; Twitter, Facebook flooded with Spam Weight-loss links
'LinkedIn Intro' iOS app can read your emails in iPhone
South Korea hit by Android Trojan, Malware in Gaming apps and DDoS attack
New Android Banking Trojan targeting Korean users
Google detected Malware on website; Flagged as 'Suspicious' site
What Does PCI 3.0 Mean to Security Practitioners?
Cryptoseal VPN Service shuts down over legal concerns after Lavabit case
Malware infected International Atomic Energy Agency Computers
Hacker stole $100,000 from Users of California based ISP using SQL Injection
Simple, but Critical vulnerability in Verizon Portal revealed users' SMS History
New Phishing attack targets Italian Postal and Financial service again
Backdoor found in Chinese Tenda Wireless Routers, allows Root access to Hackers
Qatar is Down ! Syrian Electronic Army hijacks major Qatar websites
DDoS Attacks : A Serious unstoppable menace for IT security communities
First ever Malware for Firefox Mobile OS developed by Researcher
Unbreakable Apple's iMessage encryption is vulnerable to eavesdropping attack
World's 3rd Largest Chinese Bitcoin exchange hit by 100Gbps DDoS attack
ASLR bypass techniques are popular with APT attacks
New Zealand Government Forcing Internet Companies and Network Operators to provide Interception capability
Unauthorized Access Backdoor found in D-Link router Firmware Code
FISC Court renews the Permission to collect Telephony Metadata again
Hardware Keylogger used by Card skimmers to steal Credit Cards at Nordstrom Store
Top 3 Focus Areas that can help you in Data Loss Prevention
CryptoLocker Ransomware demands $300 or Two Bitcoins to decrypt your files
Antivirus firm ESET and BitDefender website Hijacked by Pro-Palestinian Hackers
Vulnerability in WhatsApp allows decrypting user messages
Metasploit website Hacked just by sending a spoofed DNS change request via Fax to Domain Registrar
Silk Road : 8 more suspected users arrested in US, UK, Sweden
iPhone iOS 7.0.2 Sim Lock Screen Bypass vulnerability
Whatsapp and AVG Antivirus Website defaced by Palestinian Hackers
Microsoft paid over $28,000 Rewards to Six Researchers for its first ever Bug Bounty Program
Apple's own Encryption Mechanism allows hacker to create an Undetectable Mac OS X Malware
Paunch, the author of Blackhole Exploit kit arrested in Russia
Microsoft Patch Tuesday - 8 Security Updates, 4 critical vulnerabilities, including Internet Explorer zero-day
iPhone Fingerprint scanner hack allows attacker to hijack Apple ID using Flight Mode
Web Hosting software WHMCS vulnerable to SQL Injection; emergency security update released
World's Largest Web Hosting company 'LeaseWeb' Hacked by KDMS Team
NSA using Browser Cookies to track Tor Users
Seized $3.5 Million worth Bitcoins from Silk Road will be deposited in the U.S. Treasury
Facebook Graph Search becomes more powerful than ever, Review your Privacy Settings again
13 Anonymous Members indicted and accused of participating in 'Operation Payback'
Bitcoin Talk forum hacked; Database for Sale by Hacker; Website currently down
Adobe Gets Hacked; Hackers Steal 2.9 million Adobe Customers accounts
Anonymous Search engine 'DuckDuckGo' Android app offers Tor integration
Yahoo is now offering up to $15,000 in bug bounty after policy review
World War C report - Motives behind State Sponsored Cyber Attacks
FBI demands SSL Keys from Secure-Email provider Lavabit in Espionage probe
Underground Drugs Market website 'Silk Road' Founder Arrested by FBI
Importance of Logs and Log Management for IT Security
Yahoo! discourages Security Researchers with just $12.50 bug bounty for vulnerability reporting
Android's Firefox app Vulnerability allows hacker to steal files from SD card
VPN provider '' sniffed the traffic of US based server to Catch Hackers
US news agency GlobalPost's twitter and website hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
Another iPhone lockscreen bypass vulnerability found in iOS 7.02
Iranian Hackers infiltrated US Navy computers
Exclusive : New Touch ID hack allows hacker to unlock an iPhone by multiple fingerprints
Chinese APT Espionage campaign, dubbed 'Icefog' targeted Military contractors and Governments
16-Year-Old Teenager arrested for World's biggest cyber attack ever
FBI arrested 19-Year-old Hacker for Sextortion; allegedly Hacked into Miss Teen USA's Webcam
Hacker sold personal data of 4 million US citizens online; risk of potential Identity Theft
Mailbox iPhone app vulnerability executes any Javascript from HTML mail body
22 years-old Chartered Accountant student hacks into Celebrities E-taxation Accounts
Thousands of Wordpress blogs compromised to perform DDOS attack
NSA Chief, General Alexander defends US surveillance programs as a Noble Mission
Android Device Manager allows user to Lock, Wipe and Locate device remotely
iPhone 5s Users Fooled By Apple, NSA and A Fake middle finger
New Mac OS Malware exploited two known Java vulnerabilities
Internet Explorer zero-day exploit used watering hole attacks to target Japanese users
Fake Grand Theft Auto V iFruit Android app fools thousands
Finally, iPhone's Fingerprint Scanner 'TouchID' hacked first by German Hackers
Turning your iPhone or Android camera into Microscope
Second iOS 7 Lockscreen vulnerability lets intruders to make calls from locked iPhone
Integrated circuits can be compromised using Undetectable hardware Trojans
iPhone's iOS 7 Lockscreen hack allows to bypass Security
U.S. Government asked Linus Torvalds to insert Backdoor Into Linux
NSA bought Hacking tools from 'Vupen', a French based zero-day Exploit Seller
Microsoft issues Emergency Fix for Internet Explorer zero-day exploit
Android WebView vulnerability allows hacker to install malicious apps
Belgium’s largest Telcom 'Belgacom' hacked; NSA could be behind the Attack
Anonymous Hacker 'Kahuna' sentenced to 3 years in prison for hacking Police websites
NSA Intelligence Agency spies on International Credit Card Transactions including Visa
19-year-old Argentine Hacker arrested for stealing $50,000 monthly
FBI compromised Tor hidden service to bust largest Child Pornography Ring
Bitcoins - Secured by NSA designed Encryption or Backdoored ?
Russian Hacker put up an Android Firefox Zero-Day Exploit for Sale
Vodafone Germany Hacked; Attackers accesses banking data of two million customers
Kaspersky revealed "Kimsuky" Cyber Espionage campaign targeting South Korea
DefCamp 2013 - International Hacking and Information Security Conference in Romania
NSA: Steve Jobs is the real Big Brother and iPhone buyers are zombies
NASA website Hacked; Protest by Hackers against US action on Syria and Brazil Spying
Web Application Security : PHP SuperGlobal Variables are vulnerable to Hackers
September's Patch Tuesday updates to fix Critical flaws in Windows, IE and Office
NSA can access your data on Smartphones including iPhone, BlackBerry and Android devices
Tor Anonymizing network overload caused by Mevade Botnet
Can we Trust Google ? Company Speeding up Strong Encryption Program in response to NSA surveillance
Snowden files : NSA can crack almost any Encryption including Tor anonymity network
Major VBulletin based websites are vulnerable to Hackers; Pakistani forums defaced by Indian Hackers
FBI Cyber Division put 'Syrian Electronic Army' Hackers in wanted list
Hesperbot - A New Banking Trojan that can create hidden VNC server on infected systems
Warning : Fake Grand Theft Auto V torrent spreading malware
Code Repository 'Github' offers Two-Factor Authentication to 3.5 million users
Hacking Facebook to delete any account; Facebook again refuses to pay Bounty
J.A.R.V.I.S : Artificial Intelligence Assistant Operating System for Hackers
Secunia CSI 7.0 - Next generation Patch Management tool released
Vulnerability allowed hacker to Delete any Facebook Photo; Rewarded with $12,500 for reporting bug
NSA misused PRISM - Spied on Al Jazeera, bugged UN headquarters and used for personal spying
Anonymity Tool Tor gains more than 1.2 Million new users since NSA PRISM scandal
Fear of NSA PRISM : Indian Government may ban US email services for official communication
Apple Mac OS X Vulnerability enables Root User to Hackers by resetting the clock
CISCO vulnerability allows remote attacker to take control of Windows system
Apple's new technology will allow government to control your iPhone remotely
Warning : Java 6 vulnerable to zero-day exploit; added to Neutrino exploit kit
New York Times, Twitter and Huffington Post Domains hijacked by Syrian Electronic Army
FBI used Anonymous and Lulzsec Hackers to attack foreign governments
China hit by massive DDoS attack causing the Internet inaccessibility for hours
Exclusive : Google Palestine domain hacked and defaced
Pinterest Exploit exposes user information of 70 Million accounts
Hacker reported vulnerability in Kaspersky website; Demonstrated malware spreading technique
Palestinian hacker, who hacked Zuckerberg’s Facebook account to be rewarded with $12,000
Short Password Reset code vulnerability allows hackers to brute-force many websites
Palestinian Hacker posted vulnerability details on Mark Zuckerberg’s Timeline
National Security threats to be detailed at 'The Hackers Conference' 2013 | #THC2013
Vulnerability in USB Internet Modems allows hacker to access Millions of Computers remotely
EHACK : The Largest Information Security Awareness Marathon Globally
Android Malware uses Google Cloud Messaging Service; infected over 5 Million Devices
Google: Gmail Users Should Have No Expectation of Privacy
Redhack hits Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality & Sewerage Administration systems
Syrian Electronic Army Hacks the Outbrain service; Washington Post, CNN suffers
Microsoft discontinues MD5 crypto for digital certificates to improve RDP Authentication
New Police Ransomware 'Browlock' targeting users in US, Canada and UK
Thousands of Israeli websites hacked by Pakistani hackers for Palestine supports
Microsoft Patch Tuesday to Fix Three Critical Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities
Pakistani hackers hit Indian Eastern Railways Website just before Independence day
Warning: Android Bitcoin wallet apps vulnerable to theft
Criminals rapidly migrating to new digital Currency 'Perfect Money' after Liberty Reserve takedown
On 10th Anniversary 'The Pirate Bay' Releases Its Own uncensored Web Browser 'PirateBrowser'
Several Malicious Android apps found on Google Play affects 25,000 devices
LulzSec hacker sentenced to 1 year jail & ordered to pay $605,663 in restitution
Encrypted Email Service 'Lavabit' abruptly shut down under U.S. Government Pressure
Pakistan Army site and Facebook pages compromised by Indian hacker Godzilla
New Botnet Campaign 'Fort Disco' Brute-Forcing Thousands of WordPress, Joomla Websites
OpenX Advertising Network hacked and backdoor Injected
Hackers can steal Windows Phone passwords using Wi-Fi vulnerability
HP LaserJet Pro Printers remotely exploitable to gain unauthorized access to Wi-Fi and Printer Data
Chinese Hackers Caught by US water control system Honeypots
German Video Game 'Crytek' Websites go offline after Security Breach
Firefox Zero-Day Exploit used by FBI to shutdown Child porn on Tor Network hosting; Tor Mail Compromised
Microsoft's Social network Yammer vulnerable to OAuth Bypass hack
FBI using malware to turn your Android into surveillance device for Spying
BREACH decodes HTTPS encrypted data in 30 seconds
Russian Cyber Criminals selling hacked websites access in Underground stores
Snowden : Seven Private Telecom Companies giving unlimited access to British spy agency
Java based cross platform malware found in wild
Vulnerability found in Apple's iOS can hide malicious code inside apps
Russia grants one year asylum to Edward Snowden, The Most wanted man on Earth
NSA’s #XKeyscore program could read Facebook Chats And Private Messages
Chinese computer maker Lenovo banned by Spy Agencies
Israel's Verint Systems get a contract from Indian government for interception program
Viber's Apple App Store account hacked; Description changed by hackers
Hackers Demonstrate Car Hacking using a laptop
Exploiting GPS vulnerability to Hijack Ships, Airplanes with $3000 Equipments
Cyber attack hits Istanbul Airport passport control system
Russia has never extradited anyone and will not extradite Snowden to US
Japanese Poker champion charged for distributing Android malware
Russian Hackers charged for stealing 160 million Credit Cards
What to Look For in a SIEM Solution
Server Misconfiguration discloses passwords of all Barracuda Network Employees
Free calling app 'Viber' website defaced; database hacked by SEA
Daily Dot News portal hacked by Syrian Electronic Army with phishing attack
Network Enabled Samsung TVs vulnerable to Denial of Service Attack
Warning : Emma Watson scam worm spreading widely on Facebook
Sim Card Cloning Hack affect 750 millions users around the world
Apple’s Developer Center Offline for 32 Hours; Compromised ?
Ubuntu Forums hacked; 2 million user's personal Information compromised
Another Facebook hack exposes primary email address facebook users
Massive Database from Tango messenger server hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
FISA Court renews NSA surveillance programs exposed by Snowden
Telecom Italia Cookie Handling vulnerability allows hackers to hijack email accounts
Leaked credentials of Congress members by Anonymous hacker are inaccurate
Hacking Google account through Locked Android Devices
Google may introduce Anti-NSA surveillance encryption for Google Drive
Anonymous hackers exposes details of U.S FEMA contractors
Using Tumblr app on iPhone ? Reset you Tumblr password now
Download Tortilla Tool - Anonymize everything through Tor
Millions of Phonebook records stolen from Truecaller Database
Hacking Google Glass with QR Code to sniff user data
Chinese Hackers discovered second Android master key vulnerability
FBI themed Mac OS X Ransomware Malware demands $300 Fine
Beware of Fraudulent Sites, phishing for Twitter accounts
Edward Snowden nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
Patch Efficiently with Automated Patch Management
Edward Snowden files has blueprint of NSA surveillance programs
Hackers turn Verizon signal booster into a mobile hacking machine
Vulnerability allows Hacking Facebook account and password reset within a minute
Beware of Fake Android Antivirus and Mobile Ransomware
Australia’s Telstra Wiretapping undersea cables from past 12 years for FBI
Edward Snowden made public appearance at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport
BlackBerry allows Indian government to Intercept emails and Chats
LinkedIn Clickjacking vulnerability tricks users to spam links
Microsoft handed over encrypted messages key and Skype calls access to NSA
Android malware 'Priyanka' spreading rapidly through WhatsApp messenger
Malicious Pinterest browser plugin stealing passwords and spreading spam
Internet Explorer vulnerability exposed by Google Researcher used in targeted attacks
Thousands of websites defaced after Belgium and Netherland domain registrars hacked
U.S Emergency broadcast System vulnerable to hackers
Vulnerability in Facebook discloses Primary Email Address of any account
Exploit for most critical Android vulnerability publicly released
Operation Troy espionage campaign : Hackers steal South Korean military secrets
Japanese Game maker Club Nintendo's 24,000 accounts Hacked
Snowden Confirms Stuxnet Malware developed by NSA and Israel Together
Microsoft to patch Six critical Remote Code Execution vulnerabilities this Tuesday
Snowden says, NSA works closely with Germany and other Western state for spying
Where is Edward Snowden ! Venezuela offering asylum to protect him
Hidden microphone found in Ecuador's embassy in UK
Iceland parliament member fails to Grant Citizenship to Whistleblower Edward Snowden
Hacking DropBox account, Vulnerability allows hacker to bypass Two-Factor Authentication
South Korea defense bans Smartphones for data security
PRISM like Surveillance system in France to intercept billions of communications
Android vulnerability allows hackers to modify apps without breaking signatures
STOP using Facebook and Google and if you fear US spying
Who Governs The Internet and whose property is it?
Edward Snowden applies for political asylum in Russia
Android based hacking tool to steal passwords from connected computers
NSA can eavesdrop traffic in Real Time, more PRISM slides leaked
Want to be the Part of History? Just be a part of E-HACK
Facebook implementing Advanced HTTPS to minimize NSA Interception
Stellar Wind Surveillance program under Obama administration
Malware threat to Opera users, Trojan signed with a stolen certificate
Hacking Facebook Account with just a text message
Chinese Hackers group 'Comment Crew' is still active and operating under cover
NSA Hacks into 3 major Chinese operators to steal millions of SMS Data
Serious Smishing vulnerability reported in Samsung Galaxy S4
Russian President rejected US demand to extradite Edward Snowden
Hack Windows 8.1 to earn $100,000 bounty from Microsoft
British spy agency has secret access to Global Internet and telephones
Google added malicious apps scanner to Chrome Web Store
California issued cease and desist order against Bitcoin Foundation
Facebook hack exposes contact Information of 6 Million Users
Whistleblower Edward Snowden arrives in Moscow with the help of Wikileaks
Secret warrant forced Google to hand over WikiLeaks Volunteer’s Data to Feds
Megaupload files deleted by Dutch hosting company LeaseWeb
Facebook temporarily blocked access from TOR, but not Intentionally
Cracking iPhone Hotspot password in 50 Seconds
Pirate Bay Founder Gottfrid Svartholm sentenced to 2 years in Sweden
LinkedIn was not Hacked, suffered outage due to DNS issue
Edward Snowden asylum : Hong Kong, Ecuador and Iceland
After Viber, Saudi Arabia threatens to block WhatsApp and Skype
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will not leave Ecuadorian Embassy in London
Former NSA software developer can Hack Surveillance cameras remotely
Google Chrome Inbuilt Flash player allows Webcam Hacking
BlackBerry Z10 Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
Apple releases new details on National Security Requests
Digital privacy, Internet Surveillance and The PRISM - Enemies of the Internet
President's personal mobile numbers published online by Anonymous Philippines Hackers
Cybercriminals using hijacked Cloud hosting accounts for targeted attacks
Iranian Gmail users targeted by politically motivated phishing attack
Hacking iPhone to bypass iOS 7 Lockscreen
Whistleblower Edward Snowden claims, NSA has been hacking China since 2009
Android malware loaded with Linux kernel privilege escalation exploit
FixMeStick's first to supports Windows 8 with Secure Boot ON
Vulnerability in Whatsapp messenger media server
Anonymous Hacker outs wanted Edmonton men for child exploitation
New ZeuS Malware spreading automatically via USB Flash Drives
Edward Snowden, whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance Program leak
China Builds World's Fastest Supercomputer
FBI raided Anonymous Hacker house, who exposed Steubenville Rapists
Pirate Bay co-founder 'Anakata' suspected of hacking Danish police databases
NSA's PRISM spy program, mining data from nine biggest Internet companies
Most Sophisticated Android malware ever detected
FBI seized Citadel banking Trojan servers
NSA collecting phone records of millions of US citizens daily
Warning ! Facebook virus Zeus targets bank accounts
26 Million Veterans data breached by eight state sponsored organizations
Google ordered to hand over sensitive users details to FBI without a warrant
Russian hacker illegally ported Xbox LIVE Arcade Game to PC
Twitter Vine app hacked by 16 year old Web developer
Turkish PM Erdogan’s staff emails hacked and leaked by Syrian Electronic Army Hackers as #OpTurkey
LinkedIn with Two-factor authentication and Cross Site Scripting Flaw
Surveillance malware targets 350 high profile victims in 40 countries
WiFi Hacking software AirCrack-NG updated after 3 years
Malicious Mobile Charger can Hack your iPhone within a minute
Turkish Government websites hacked by Anonymous, declares #OpTurkey
China military to conduct training on digital warfare
KRBanker Malware Targeting Korean Financial Institutions
Massive 167Gbps DDoS attacks against Banking and Financial Institutions
Drupal resets 1 Million Passwords after Data Breach
Google sets 7 Day deadline For vulnerability disclosure
Ruby on Rails exploit could hijack unpatched servers for botnet
Activating mobile malware with Music and Light Sensors
Cracking 16 Character Strong passwords in less than an hour
Sandcat Browser 4.0 released, new tools added for Pen-Testers
Upgrade ModSecurity to version 2.7.4 for fixing Denial of Service Vulnerability
Hacking PayPal accounts to steal user Private data
LulzSec hacker Jeremy Hammond pleads guilty to Stratfor attack, could face 10 years in prison
Chinese hackers access major U.S. weapon system Designs
Hollywood wants Right to use Malware to hack the computers of Pirates
PayPal denies to pay Bug Bounty reward to teenager
Israeli Scientists develop advanced biological computer
Blueprints of Australia's top spy agency headquarters stolen by Chinese hackers
Iranian Hackers targeting US oil, gas, and electric companies
Liberty Reserve founder arrested for money laundering, service closed down
Does Microsoft spy on Skype conversations?
Windows zero day vulnerability publicly exposed by Google engineer
New Android malware forwards incoming messages to hacker
Reporters legally threatened after revealing vulnerability that exposes sensitive data of 170,000 customers
Hack Battle at 'The Hacker Conference 2013' with CTF365
Chinese hackers who breached Google in 2010 gained access to thousands of surveillance orders
FBI sponsored Ragebooter DDoS attack service
First Large Cyber Espionage Activity against Pakistan Emanating From India
Hacker jailed for ATM skimming invented ATM security scheme
US Military approved iPhones and iPads for military networks
22 million Yahoo IDs stolen from their Japanese Server
Apple certified Mac Malware Captures and Uploads Screenshots without Permission
Latest Al-Qaeda Magazine content hacked by Western intelligence agencies
Financial Times hacked by Syrian Electronic Army
The Pirate Bay co-founder wants to stand in European elections
Facebook Hacking, technique to Spoof the content of any Facebook App
U.S. Department of Defense Officials are potential target of cyber espionage via social networking sites
Lulzsec hackers to be sentenced for cyber attacks on the CIA and Pentagon
Firefox 21 Launches with 3 critical fixes and new Social Integrations
PlayStation hacker gets year of House Arrest for destroying evidence of Hack
SolarWinds Log & Event Manager for Log Management and SEIM Security
Another day, Another verified Twitter Account Hacked
'The Onion' Twitter Account Hacked via Phishing Attack
Microsoft Patch Tuesday to fix critical IE8 zero-day flaw
Apple Decrypts Seized iPhones For The Police
Indian Government approved National Cyber Security Policy
The biggest bank robbery in history, Hackers stole $45 million
Researchers uncovered new malware used by Chinese cyber criminals
Internet Explorer 8 zero-day attack spreads on 9 other sites
Hacker arrested by Taiwan Investigation Bureau
Hacker insulted Thai Prime Minister, official website defaced with abusive comments
Anonymous Hackers Launch #OpUSA against US Banking and Government Agencies
Internet Explorer zero-day exploit targets U.S. nuke researchers
Algerian Hacker linked to SpyEye virus extradited to US
Chinese Hackers Steal Info from top secret U.S military data
Hacking Instagram Accounts using OAuth vulnerability
Sensitive Army database of U.S. dams compromised by Chinese Hackers
Bitcoin mining malware found in E-Sports Entertainment (ESEA) software
Mysterious Avatar rootkit with API, SDK, and Yahoo Groups for C&C communication
UK banks hit by Ramnit banking malware and social engineering attacks
Millions of WordPress sites exploitable for DDoS Attacks using Pingback mechanism
World's most secure messaging service offers £10,000 if you crack it
Google pays $31,336 bounty to hacker for reporting critical vulnerabilities in Chrome
Syrian Electronic Army Hijacks The Guardian's Twitter Accounts
Adobe Reader PDF-tracking vulnerability reveals when and where PDF is opened
Fraud-as-a-Service of Zeus Malware advertised on social network
Hacker jailbreak Google Glass to gain root access
Suspected Hacker arrested for World's Biggest DDoS attack against Spamhaus
50 million customers compromised in LivingSocial hack
New Apache backdoor serving Blackhole exploit kit
Google bans Facebook and other self updating Android apps
Update : Backtrack Kali Linux 1.0.3 released with built-in accessibility features
Yahoo! Blind SQL Injection could lead to data leakage
Critical flaw in Viber app allows full access to Smartphones
Who Needs a Botnet when you have a 4 Gbps DDoS Cannon?
Self-proclaimed Alleged LulzSec leader arrested by Australian Federal Police
Unfixed Reflection API vulnerability reported in Java
Hacked Twitter account of The Associated Press posted bogus report of attack at White House
Chinese Hackers targeting American Drones under Operation Beebus
CALL FOR PAPERS - The Hackers Conference 2013
Police in Japan ask ISPs to start blocking Tor network
Twitter Malware spotted in the wild stealing banking credentials
Once there was a Privacy! Cyber Security bill #CISPA passed
Researchers detected the Malware that targets the Russian stock-trading platform QUIK
Google Oman domain hijacked by Moroccan Hackers
'BadNews' Android Malware downloaded up to 9 million times
Anonymous #OpIsrael, cyber crime and assumptions on state-sponsored interference
Hacking Facebook users just from chat box using multiple vulnerabilities
The Pirate Bay co-founder charged for hacking and stealing money
Another way to hack Facebook accounts using OAuth vulnerability
90% of pirated games are infected with Malware
Chinese hackers defaces Philippines News Agency website
Google Kenya domain defaced by TiGER-M@TE
Minor flaw allows Hacker to hijack Avira Antivirus customers accounts
Hackers Probably Can't Hijack an Airplane with Software
Massive Brute-force attack Targets Wordpress sites worldwide
Hijacking plane's navigation system with an Android app, Researcher claimed
Social Engineering Skype Support team to hack any account instantly
Ubisoft's uPlay service hacked, Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Leaked
Three LulzSec hackers pleads guilty To NHS, Sony Attacks
Malware that turns computers into Bitcoin miners
AirDroid vulnerability allows hackers to perform Dos attack from your Android device
Hunting Russian malware author behind Phoenix Exploit Kit
Anonymous hackers launch massive cyber assault on Israel Cyberspace, #OpIsrael
Microsoft will roll out fix for two critical flaws in Windows and Internet Explorer
#OpIsrael - 7 APRIL Anonymous calls to army for massive attack against Israel

17-year-old alleged Anonymous Hacker charged for unauthorised access
Carberp botnet developers team arrested in Russia
World's largest Digital documents library 'Scribd' Hacked
Bitcoin's Wallet Service Instawallet Hacked, suspended indefinitely
URL Redirection flaw in Facebook apps push OAuth vulnerability again in action
Donald Trump is Suing a Brooklyn man for Cyber squatting
Facebook Apps Promise Change but In Reality Phish Your Information
Italian team discoveries flaw in Ruzzle protocol, serious menace to privacy
Anonymous Hackers claim to breach North Korean site Uriminzokkiri
Hacker uses Evernote account as Command-and-Control Server
World's biggest DDoS attack that Almost Broke the Internet
Russian underground vSkimmer Botnet targeting payment world
Anonymous hacktivist Barrett Brown's Mother faces Prison for hiding Evidences
Human Rights Activists targeted with new Android malware
Smartphones cache poses huge risk for Cloud Storage Security
Java enabled browsers are highly vulnerable
Canonical to create UbuntuKylin OS for Chinese users
Apple adds two-factor authentication to iCloud and Apple ID
T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling App vulnerable to Man-in-the-Middle attack
South Korea Cyber Attack, Wiper malware and Chinese IP Address
Feds do not need court warrants to Track your Car with GPS device
New Mac OS X adware Trojan spreading via browser plugin
Massive cyber attack on South Korean banks and TV broadcasters
HDFC Bank website vulnerable to ID Theft and Account Blockade
AT&T Hacker Andrew Auernheimer sentenced to 3.5 Years in prison
Malicious Infrared X-Ray Android app infecting users in Japan
Gaming Platforms as an attack vector against remote systems
Microsoft flaw allows USB loaded with payload to bypass security controls
Script Execution flaw in Google drive poses security threat
Cyber 9/11, cyber doomsday...between fear and need for action
HP LaserJet Security flaw allows remote data access
Critical iOS vulnerability in Configuration Profiles pose malware threat
NIST National Vulnerability Database hacked
Philippines President's website defaced by Anonymous Hackers
Chinese hackers infiltrate Indian Defence Research Organisation
Download Kali Linux, from the creators of BackTrack
Facebook hacking accounts using another OAuth vulnerability
Cyber security scenario according to WebSense
Android SwiftKey Keyboard turned into a Keylogger app
Iran blocks most virtual private network (VPN) services
It's Patch Tuesday, Microsoft rolling out Critical security updates
Reserve Bank of Australia Hacked by Chinese malware
Pakistan Government servers messed up after security breach
Apple App Store was vulnerable for more than Half year
Hacking Google users with Google's GooPass phishing attack
Researchers grab cryptographic keys from Frozen Android Phones
Phishers hijacking Facebook Pages using apps
Android developer said 'F-Secure can say that anything is malware'
Chrome, Firefox, Java, IE10 exploited at Pwn2Own competition
World's largest platinum producer 'Anglo American' hacked by Anonymous
Oil Producer Saudi Aramco twitter account hacked
Unofficial Pakistan Intelligence website hacked
Chinese search engine Baidu launches free Antivirus Suite
Samsung Galaxy Note II lock screen bypass vulnerability
Jailed cyber criminal hacked into prison computer system from Jail
Philippines-Malaysia Cyber war over Sabah land dispute
HTML5 browser exploit can flood your Hard Drive with junk data
Old School Hackers spying on European governments
Another Java zero-day vulnerability being exploited in the wild
Evernote hacked, reset your password Now !
U.K. Internet service providers ordered to block three filesharing websites
ABC hacked after anti-Islam politician Interview
Stuxnet 0.5 : Symantec study reveals Stuxnet was dated 2005
Bypassing Google Two Factor Authentication
How to bypass iOS 6.1.2 Screen Lock, another Exploit Exposed
Two new Java zero-day vulnerabilities reported to Oracle
Privacy of Millions of HTC devices at risk
Pwn Pad Android device, Network hacking machine launched
Hacker raided by FBI after leaking Microsoft next Xbox release information
Microsoft becomes latest victim of Cyber attack
What does the Poetry with Citadel trojan ?
Lulzsec hacker Sabu's sentencing postponed again
Zendesk security breach, "We've been hacked"
Twitter added DMARC support to prevent email phishing
Facebook OAuth flaw allows gaining full control over any Facebook account
Patch released for critical Adobe vulnerabilities
New Mac malware opens secure connection for a remote hacker
Malware attack on Apple employees by hackers who targeted Facebook
BlackBerry Enterprise Servers vulnerable to TIFF Image based Exploit
Mandiant revealed Chinese APT1 Cyber Espionage campaign
Samsung's new OS Tizen 2.0 source code released
Anonymous Hackers dumps 600k Emails from most popular Israeli web portal
Google Play privacy issue, sends app buyers personal details to developers
Facebook hacked in Zero-Day Attack
Malawi Google ,MSN, Yahoo domains defaced by TiGER-M@TE
Zeus banking Trojan targeting five major banks in Japan
iOS 6.1 Hack allows iPhone lock screen bypass
Chinese Government targets Uyghur group by malware attack
Group behind largest Ransomware campaign arrested by Spanish police
Cross Platform Trojan builder distributed on underground forums
New Adobe Reader Zero-Day Vulnerability spotted in the wild
Hacker broadcasts zombie warning on TV
Anonymous threatens to Hack Obama's State of the Union broadcast
Distributed Red Team Operations with Cobalt Strike
The Top Six Ways You Will Benefit From Event Log Monitoring
Defence develop Software that can track people on Social media
First week at MEGA Bounty Program, paid out thousands of dollars for seven Bugs
Firefox OS for smartphones, incredible platform for Developers
Gmail warning Myanmar Journalists about State-sponsored attacks
CISPA Returns back, Forget privacy reforms
Rodpicom Botnet spreading via Skype and MSN Messenger
Microsoft's Patch Tuesday fully loaded with patch for 57 security flaws
Impossible Google search Queries are equal to Porn Results
Security firm Bit9 hacked, Stolen Digital Certs Used To Sign Malware
Hacker Exposes former US President Bush Family Photos and Emails
Flaw in Intel Ethernet controller exposes to 'packet of death' attack
Hacker charged for funding terrorist groups
Syrian Electronic Army Hijack Sky News's Twitter & Facebook Accounts
Bamital botnet servers seized by Microsoft and Symantec
Hackers deface Hostgator Indian domain
Former military adviser urged Obama to pardon Gary McKinnon
Chinese malware campaign 'Beebus' target US defense industries
Bicololo malware spreading via 404 Error targeting Russians
Dutch Hacker Sentenced for selling 100,000 credit cards
Energy Department networks hit by major Cyber Attack
Pakistan Domain Registrar PKNIC Hacked
Android malware with ability to install Backdoor on Computers
Wine On Android For Running Windows Apps
PiceBOT Crimeware Kit targeting Latin America Banks
DNS Changer malware mastermind pleaded guilty
Remote Root access vulnerability in Routers with Broadcom chipsets
Hacker discloses vulnerabilities in dozens of Military and Pentagon websites
Hackers breach Twitter and 250,000 accounts compromised
Paypal hacker escaped jail
Win $13,500 bounty to hack Kim Dotcom's Mega encryption
FBI Busts Hacker who blackmails 350 women for stripping on camera
Buffer Overflow vulnerability in VLC media player
Chinese Hackers hit New York Times and Wall Street Journal
Incapsula introduces 'Backdoor Protect' feature in Cloud-based Website Security
Security Flaws in UPnP protocol put 50 million devices at risk
PokerAgent botnet stole over 16,000 Facebook credentials
nCircle patches PureCloud vulnerability scanner on Vulnerability-Lab report
Team GhostShell Exposes 700k accounts from African universities and businesses
Dissecting a mobile malware
Russian Hackers Behind Gozi Malware charged for Infecting Millions users
SSH Backdoor accounts in multiple Barracuda Products
Anonymous hackers deface United States Sentencing Commission website
Turkmenistan Gmail, Microsoft, Youtube Domains Hijacked
I hack, reflection on the role of hacker
Hundreds of SSH Private Keys exposed via GitHub Search
Take down of fifth most widespread 'Virut Botnet'
Shylock banking malware spreads via Skype
Why I decided to uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus?
New Java exploit sells for $5000 on Black market
The use of passwords in a technological evolution
Malware Infects US Power Plants through USB Drives
Cisco Linksys routers vulnerable to remote zero-day exploit
Oracle Patches Java Zero Day Vulnerability
Operation Red October : Cyber Espionage campaign against many Governments
RIP Aaron Swartz, A legendary Internet Activist
Payback, Indonesian president website defaced
Arrested 'Happy Hacker' is the ZeuS Botnet Mastermind
Exploit Packs updated with New Java Zero-Day vulnerability
Under the hood of recent DDoS Attack on U.S. Banks
5 Checks You Must Run To Ensure Your Network Is Secure
Outdated version of WordPress leads to MasterCard Hack
Official Debian and Python Wiki Servers Compromised
Warm up your keyboard for Facebook Hacker Cup 2013
Running Desktop Apps on Windows RT, The Hackers Way!
Hacking Facebook Passwords like changing your own Password
NASA 'Space your Face' domain hacked
SkypeHide to Send secret messages into silence of Skype Calls
FBI wanted Algerian Hacker Arrested in Thailand
Password reset Vulnerability in Facebook Employees Secure Files Transfer service
Latest Internet Explorer zero-day linked to Elderwood Project
Indian Government Wiretapping and started BlackBerry interception
Zero-Day Vulnerability in Symantec PGP Whole Disk Encryption
Hackers and Anti-Government Protests rage across Iraq
Hacker leaks Bangladesh Intelligence classified Emails
Fake Turkish digital Certificates blocked by Browser vendors
Malware stole 3000 confidential Documents from Japan ministry
Red Hat patches multiple web application Vulnerabilities
Anonymous Hackers leaks video of Steubenville rape case
Canonical announces Ubuntu for smartphones
Israel preparing Cyber Iron Dome Shield
TopTV and Reliance Netconnect websites hacked by Brazilian hackers
CFR watering hole attack also target Capstone Turbine Corporation
Developer expelled by Google Play Store on posting Malicious Android apps
Google, Paypal, Facebook Internal IP disclosure vulnerability
Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 vulnerable to remote code execution
Google Chrome blocks access to Twitpic for Malware risk
First Android Rom with Kurdish Language
Chinese Hackers exploiting Internet Explorer Zero Day vulnerability for Cyber Espionage
Hackers abusing online Nmap Port Scanning service
Android Malware that can DDoS Attacks from your smartphone
Vulnerability in HTC website allow attacker to hijack accounts
UbnHD2 : Ubuntu based Pentesting OS for Mobiles
cPanel and WHM Multiple Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
WordPress plugin W3 Total Cache critical Vulnerability disclosed
Facebook Camera App Vulnerable to Man in The Middle Attack
Stuxnet is Back ! Iran reported another cyber attack
Fast Network cracker Hydra v 7.4 updated version download
Stabuniq Trojan rapidly stealing data from US banks
Governments are not standing to the side anymore
VMware View critical directory traversal vulnerability
FixMeStick PRO : Best remote malware remediation product
Al-Qaida sites knocked offline before release of 'Salil al-Sawarim 3' movie
Croatian Banks hacked by Anonymous
Malware behind Microsoft Excel-based Sudoku generator
Child Porn on Indian Government websites
WordPress Pingback Vulnerability Serves DDoS attack feature
Batchwiper malware, new virus targets Iranian computers
Hunting vulnerabilities in SCADA systems, we are still too vulnerable to cyber attacks
Holiday deals can really be hiding hacker surprises
Korean Cyber espionage attack Targets Russia
Samsung Exynos kernel exploit offer Root without Flashing
Anonymous leaks database from Israeli Musical Act Magazine site #OpIsrael
Yahoo data leak by Virus_Hima, Why do we need a proactive security?
Etsy for iPhone loophole allows attacker to hijack Accounts
Cisco VoIP phone vulnerability allow eavesdropping remotely
Internet Explorer flaw allows Hackers to Track your Mouse
Exclusive : Hacking Hotmail and Outlook accounts using Cookie reuse vulnerability
Accused UGA Hacker committed suicide
$36,000 USD reward for wanted hacker
BSNL telecom server hacked by Anonymous Group against Section 66A of IT Act
Facebook Helps FBI to shuts down Butterfly botnet theft $850 millions
Hacker ruined Australian military security in 3 Minutes
Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters threaten American Banks again
Microsoft security bulletins for December 2012
Samsung smart TV vulnerability allow attacker to read storage remotely
Aramco cyber attacks intends to stop oil production
Team Ghostshell leaks 1.6 million accounts under #ProjectWhiteFox
Anonymous hit Egyptian Government Websites as #OpEgypt
Australian medical centre infected with Ransomware Malware demanding $4000 to Unlock
Three South African government websites hacked
500 Websites defaced by Anonymous Supporters
Review : Hacking S3crets - beginners guide to practical hacking
Ubuntu Linux is a spyware ?
Necurs Rootkit infect 83,427 machines in November
Hackers Hit Former U.S. Military Chief
GPS based tracking service provided by Samsung vulnerable to thieves
Malware called 'Eurograbber' steals 36 million Euros
Cyber Criminals phishing with smart subdomains to earn millions
Apache Tomcat Multiple Critical Vulnerabilities
New Mac Malware 'Dockster' Found on Dalai Lama site
Why you should try to join some of the underground hacker forums that are out there
New U.S. drone hacked by IRAN ? Reality or propaganda?
iPhone Instagram users vulnerable to hackers
Tumblr Worm affects thousands blogs, spam offensive articles
Nmap 6.25 released with 85 new NSE scripts
Multiple MySQL database Zero-day vulnerabilities published
Sensitive information of 1 Million people breached at Nationwide Insurance
Remote 0day Exploit for Tectia SSH Server released
Ministry of Justice of Qatar vulnerable to hackers
New Linux Rootkit Attacks Internet Users
Acer Domains Defaced and 20k Credentials leaked
#OpSyria : Teamr00t Hack Syrian Government Sites
Shylock malware : Undetectable virus stealing bank account information
Malware Swipes Rocket Data from Japanese space agency
European Space Agency SQL vulnerability exploited
Spam Text message offers gift card to Target
Syria suffers nationwide communications outage
Samsung printer having secret admin account Backdoor
Hardware based malware steals contacts from all mobile platforms using only the Audio Jack!
Algerian Hacker hijack Romanian Google and Yahoo Domain
XSS vulnerability in 4shared and NATO Multimedia Library Exposed
Lulzsec hacker Jeffrey could face Life Imprisonment
Hackers break into International Atomic Energy Agency servers
Java zero-day exploit sold in underground Market
Anonymous Leak Emails from Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
RedHack hacker group on trial in Turkey
Anonymous Takes Down NISD Over Student Tracking
Yahoo Mail hijacking exploit available for $700
TripAdvisor travel website infected with Gamarue malware, infect 2% Indian Internet Users
Go Daddy Sites Serve Up Ransomware Malware
Narilam malware target Iran Financial SQL Databases
Hacker breach President of Sri Lanka website
Incapsula innovative DDoS Protection techniques
Flame Malware against French Government
Anonymous leaks personal information of 5000 Israeli officials
#opIsrael - Hackers hit Israel with mass Cyber Attack over Gaza
CTF365 – Capture The Flag – Next Generation
Bulgarian torrent tracker forum hacked and accused of collecting user IP
Intrusion detected on two FreeBSD Project app dev servers
Israeli Hackers Leak Credit Card Data from Palestine ISP
Israeli Bing, MSN, Skype, Live and other Defaced by Pakistani hackers
Exploiting Google persistent XSS vulnerability for phishing
Hacking United States politics and why India and China won the election
Inj3ct0r Team found XSS Vulnerability on MSN website
Security hole allows anyone to hijack your Skype account
Hacker hacked into Adobe servers and dump data of 150000 users
PayPal Bug Bounty Program - playing fair ?
XSS Vulnerability in Apple website
Tunisians Voice - Nawaat Portal hacked
English Defence League Donors Information Leaked by Hackers
Alert : Phishing scam targeting CloudFlare Customers
New OSX/Imuler Variant Targeting Tibetan Activists
Cyber Espionage Campaign Targets Israel and Palestine
HootSuite technical issue exposed emails of thousands of users
John McAfee accused of murder, wanted by Belize police
ClubHack 2012 Hacking and Security Conference
Cyber Criminals can make your Diwali unforgettable with Scams
Anonymous Hackers may have hacked Former CIA Director
Latest Java vulnerability exploitation leads to ransomware
Guadeloupe National Domain registrar hacked, Twitter & Google domain credentials leaked
Hackers release Windows Phone 8 Malware - to be showcased at MalCon
Hacker ‘Cosmo the God’ Sentenced and Banned from Internet for Six Years
Kuwaiti Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Defaced by Anonymous Hacker
English Defence League defaced by ZCompany Hacking Crew
Window 8 will get its first critical patch this Friday
New Dead drop techniques used by Security Agencies
Bangladesh military Server and internal network Compromised
Hong Kong stock exchange Hacker sentenced for 9 Months Jail
Stuxnet virus also infected Chevron's IT network
Art of twitter account hacking, now or never !
United Socialist Party of Venezuela's twitter account hacked
Detected a malware that steal image files via FTP … Should we be concerned?
Adobe Reader zero-day vulnerability with modified Blackhole Exploit-Kit
Kim Dotcom's New Domain Seized before its launch
Anonymous hacker arrested for attacking Home Secretary website
Pizza Hut defaced, Authorities denies theft of 240000 Credit Cards
Skype Illegally handed over data of alleged Anonymous Paypal Hacker
UNESCO Etxea website hacked by #NullCrew
Chrome 23 Released, 14 vulnerabilities patched
UK Ministry of Defence hacked by NullCrew
Patch released for 7 critical Adobe Flash Player Vulnerabilities
Russian Underground Cybercrime market offering sophisticated services
Illiterate Ethiopian kids hack Motorola Xoom
Cross-VM Side-channel attacks against cryptography keys
Chinese hackers target Coca-Cola and Files of Chinese Huiyuan acquisition stolen
Anonymous hack 30000 accounts and Social Security Numbers from 'Telecom Italy'
Israel preparing their Cyber Army under Unit 8200
Guy Fawkes Day start with Hack of 28,000 Paypal Accounts
ImageShack Server and Symantec Database hacked and Dumped
NBC Sports Rotoworld forums and Mobile website defaced
Airline, Myspace, Banks, Government websites vulnerable to Hackers
Indian Security Agencies taking offensive mode for Cyber Security
Anonymous leaks VMware ESX Server Kernel source code
FBI ordered to disclose “Going Dark” surveillance program
GhostShell leaks 2.5 million Russian government accounts as #ProjectBlackstar
Scam Alert : You are Twitter ‘User For The Month’
Malware can increase Cyberbullying rate by Stealing your Images
Bloomberg's Businessweek website infected with Malware
Android Smishing Vulnerability, an intelligent exploitation by Malicious Apps
UK Intelligence recruiting brilliant minds for eavesdropping social networks
Anonymous Threatens to Shutdown Facebook - Dude, do you have any Idea ?
Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Security Improvements overview
Bug Hunters have Windows 8 Zeroday Exploit
Anonymous ransomware spotted in the wild, campaign to Infamous Activists group
Beware of Fake-Antivirus "Win 8 Security System"
National Telecommunications Commission website defaced
Indian Defence organisation DRDO website hacked
Cisco patch serious Vulnerability in Data Center Network Manager
Researchers found Apache Server-Status Enabled Security Vulnerability in Popular sites
Multiplatform Java Jacksbot Malware infecting Windows, Linux and Mac
Japanese Android developers arrested for infecting 10 million users
1 Million dollar hacked in 60 Seconds from Citibank
IRAN : US Is the source of Cyber Terrorism
Researchers caught espionage malware mastermind on webcam
Indian CERT issue warning about ongoing Skype Spam attack
Windows website loophole allow anyone to get WIndows 8 in just $14.99
Secunia launches Secunia Vulnerability Intelligence Manager 4.0
Malware in your Mouse can act as RAT for Cyber Criminals
Student hacked into school's computer to obtain a girl's details
FBI and computer scientists team up to catch hackers
Firefox 16.0.2 available, Cross site scripting attack patched
Phishing mail offering free version of Windows 8
Anonymous leaks Classified Documents from Greek Finance Ministry server
Malware making bomb and death threats detected
Anonymous hackers threatened Zynga For Mistreating Employees
Euromillions lottery French Site defaced By Muslim Hackers
Android Adware abusing permissions, Collecting more than they need
X-Ray 2.0 - VirusTotal frontent version for Suspicious Files Auto Submit
400 million new variants of malware created in a year
'The Hacker News' Celebrating 2nd Birthday
Hacker dump database from US Government and Military websites
Detecting Advanced Persistent Threat with Network Traffic Analysis
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
Julian Assange's Book 'Cypherpunks' - Freedom and the Future of the Internet
Virus threat hit Israeli Foreign Ministry computers
Remotely controlled Malware as Browser extensions
Hacker steal 16000 unencrypted credit cards & 3.6 million Social Security numbers
Anonymous hacks 20 million accounts to promote Operation Jubilee
Hacker leaks source code of NASA website belongs to US Government computer
Patriot Hacker 'The Jester' list his all time favorite Open Source Intelligence toolset
Critical infrastructure managing software vulnerable to Unauthorized access
WikiLeaks releases hacked US military detention policies
Smartphone wireless chipset vulnerable to DoS attack
Anonymous Hackers leaks 1.35GB Italian State Police Data
New windows malware can target smart cards for full remote access
Anonymous deface UK Police forum and Dating Portal
Hackers stole Credit Card details from 63 'Barnes & Noble' stores
Worst password of 2012, Have you ever used one of these ?
Make your website Safe for Online Buyers with Qualys SECURE Seal
Anonymous going to lauch wikileaks like project called TYLER
Sony PlayStation 3 hacked with custom firmware
Medical Devices Vulnerable to Hacking
Sharp rise in Android Malwares in Third Quarter of 2012
Cyber threats a major risk to business
Intercepting Traffic of widerange frequencies with HackRF Radio
Russians selling access to private company servers in just $4
World Health Organization website hacked by NullCrew
Facebook spam messages says WWE Champion Rey Mysterio dies during fight
ISPs will warn you about pirate content with Copyright Alert System
Getting Started: Your Guide to Windows 8
Spam campaign tricking thousands with shortened .gov URLs
Anonymous Hacker claims to have 20,000 debit card details from HSBC Cyberattack
Facebook Privacy Flaw exposed two College Gay Students Accidentally
DarkBot Malware Circulation very fast via Skype
Peru Domains Registrar hacked and 207116 Domain panel credentials leaked
Zero-Day Exploit released for Vulnerability in Novell ZENworks
White House : No evidence of Espionage by Huawei
Amanda Todd blackmailer Kody Maxson outed another pedophile blackmailer
How to Minimize Web Application Security Risk !
HSBC hit by Anonymous denial-of-service attack
Security weakness in Android App SSL Implementations
Fake Lookout android app stealing your SMS and MMS messages
French Android Malware writer Arrested for stealing $653700
Apple update removes Java plugin from OS X browsers
Beginner Guide to SSL Certificates
Kaspersky Lab Developing Secure Operating System for SCADA
45000 Wordpress blogs hacked on 2nd day of Spam campaign
Rock band 'Garbage' twitter account Hacked to spam monetized link
Anonymous identified cyber stalker who drove Amanda Todd to suicide
Sensitive server info leaked from Vulnerability
15000 Wordpress blogs hacked for making money from Survey
Steam Browser Protocol Vulnerability can allow hackers to hijack PC
Exclusive : Gary McKinnon wins 10-year fight against US extradition
Incapsula - Essential Cloud based Security Solution for your Website
New Internet Explorer zero-day, Can trigger malware automatically
Virus conducting DDoS attack from infected systems
Think Like a Hacker for Better Security
miniFlame - A New cyber espionage malware discovered
Former LulzSec hacker pleads guilty to Sony case
Twitter warning, Do not click DM saying "My profile was"
Hardening Linux Security in few seconds using "Server Shield"
HackerProof : Your Guide To PC Security
US authorities : Iranian Hackers are Becoming a Real Pain
Hackers steal more than $450,000 from Burlington city bank
#OpJubilee - Anonymous Hackers deface UK police forums
Another hope in Hacker Gary McKinnon extradition
FBI Warning : New Malware attacking Android smartphones
Oracle website saying - "Hello World" , is it a Hack ?
Advance Phishing Attacks using HTML5 Fullscreen API
Windows 8 Security flaw : Logon Passwords Stores in Plain Text
SCADA Hacking : Exploit released to Hack Solar Energy Plants
Firefox 17 Beta Released with Click-to-Play Plugins for blocking vulnerable Plugins
Android Play Market 3.9.16 with a Built-In Malware Scanner
Google Ireland and Yahoo Domains Hijacked
Another Cyber attack Hit Regions Bank and SunTrust
German Police eavesdropping Facebook, Gmail, Skype Conversations
"Warning Zombies Ahead!" - Road sign board Hacked
300000 Confidential records breached at Florida college
Firefox 16 pulled just after release to address security vulnerabilities
Anonymous threatened Estonian government with a possible cyber attack
Philippine court suspends Anti Cybercrime law
IslamToday - Islamic magazine website Hacked
‘Pinkie Pie’ discovered second Chrome exploit worth $60k at Pwnium 2
Capital One Financial Corp latest victim of Cyber Attack
CVE-2012-4501 : Critical vulnerability warned in Cloudstack
Security flaw in 3G could allow anyone to track your smartphone
Russian Web proxy with backdoors, Distributing malware
Anonymous claims attacking Greek official websites
We Are Being Held in Cyber Handcuffs
Anonymous Hackers attack Masonic Child Identification Program website
Hacker group RedHack faces up to 24 years in prison for terrorist crimes
Harvard Carr Center for Human Rights Policy Hacked, Password was "DOG" ?
Ransomware malware targeting Skype users
Hackers deface Philippines Department of Environment website
Hackers disrupt Interpol website against Anti-Islam film
TinKode sentenced by a Romanian court and $120000 Fine
Universal Cross-site scripting vulnerability in Opera browser
Fake Bad Piggies Game hijack Google Chrome browser
Barrett Brown charged with Internet threats, retaliation, conspiracy charges
Four million hotel locks vulnerable to 'Dry erase marker'
5 Major Japanese universities websites hacked
Cyber attack on Iran’s Internet system Disrupts Iran Internet
Universal Man in the Browser Attacks
Thousands of sites defaced by Bangladeshi hackers to protest against movie "Innocence of Muslims"
Swedish authorities raid on PRQ prompts new cyber attack from Anonymous
Google Warning about New State Sponsored Attacks
300% Increase in malnets Attack in the past six months
Internet freedom : Anonymous Brings Philippines Government Sites Offline
Millions of DSL modems hacked in Brazil, spread banking malware
HackAdemy – Free eLearning Platform
Cisco CallManager vulnerable to brute force attack
Chinese hackers attack on White House computers
Cyber Attacks on Six Major American Banks
ARMY : USB Drive responsible for over 70 percent of Cyber Security Breaches
Android Malware can now steal 3D Model Of Your Location
Beacon : A new advance payload for Cobalt Strike
Billions of Windows Users Affects with Java Vulnerability
100k IEEE site Plain-Text Passwords found on Public FTP
Backdoored PhpMyAdmin distributed at SourceForge site
Symantec Norton Utilities 2006 source code leaked by Anonymous
New Android Exploit Could Force Factory Reset remotely
iPhone 5 and 4 Hacked with same Exploit
Oracle Database stealth password cracking vulnerability
The FixMeStick : My Parents Need This
6 Million Virgin Mobile users vulnerable to Hackers
Exploit Released for Internet Explorer zero-day attacks : CVE-2012-4969
Android 4.0.4 multiple Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
9 million PCs infected with ZeroAccess botnet
Bharatiya Janata Party website defaced by Anonymous Hackers
Bank of America Website under Cyber Attack from Islamic Hackers
Security in a Serious Way - The Hacker News Magazine September 2012 Edition
Electromagnetic Pulse Attacks : Are we prepared ?
BlackHole Exploit Kit 2.0 released with more latest Exploits
Anonymous member Barrett Brown Arrested by FBI
Eject any WiFi device from network using Android

Chip and PIN payment card system vulnerable to Card cloning
Anonymous dump 2.5 GB data from email of priest accused for child abuse
WhatsApp vulnerability can be misused for Spreading Malware
Reliance Net Connect website Defaced by Hackers
Plugx RAT targeting government organizations in Japan using spear phishing
Ankit Fadia site again Hacked and Suspended by Hosting provider
Anonymous Hacker take down GoDaddy with IRC Bots
The 10 Most Infamous Student Hackers of All Time
Al Jazeera SMS service Hacked, Fake messages spread by Hackers
Gauss Malware Detection Tool released by Iranian CERT
CRIME : New SSL/TLS attack for Hijacking HTTPS Sessions
Will everyone Please get the Facts Right - FREE ASSANGE NOW!
First Irish language Ransomware Malware demanding €100 for unlock
Operation Aurora - Other Zero-Day Attacks targeting finance and Energy
Google buys Online Malware Multi Scanner VirusTotal
#Antisec Hackers hack FBI laptop and leak 12 Million Apple Device Records
Al Jazeera News network website hacked by Pro-Assad hackers
New Ransom malware infecting computers
Iran still on target of 'Mahdi' malware after detection
How Hacker culture contributed to rise of United States economy
Sony Mobile website hacked by NullCrew
Critical buffer overflow vulnerability in Photoshop CS6
Pirate Bay Founder Arrested in Cambodia
Classmate of Lulzsec Hacker arrested and accused as another Lulzsec teammate
Wiper, the Destructive Malware possibly connected to Stuxnet and Duqu
HP Launches Beta Release Of Open WebOS
security researchers found yet another vulnerability in JAVA after update
Air Force openly Seeks Offensive Cyber Weapons
Malware Attack on 2nd Largest Liquefied Natural Gas Producer
Oracle releases patches for Java vulnerability CVE-2012-4681
Cross Platform Trojan steals Linux and Mac OS X passwords
The Pirate Bay have nothing to do with Free VPN service
FireEye spotted Critical 0-day vulnerability in Java Runtime Environment
Team GhostShell leak One Million Records
AVX Corporation Hacked by Anonymous #OpColtan
Saudi Aramco Oil Producer's 30,000 workstations victim of Cyber Attack
Hijacking Servers Remotely with Hikit advanced persistent threat
Hackers Deface website of former British cabinet minister
I know how to get Julian Assange out of the Embassy
Frankenstein Malware turning legitimate software into invisible malware
Turkish hackers hack FC Spartak Moscow Soccer team
NetWeirdRC - Commercial backdoor tool targeting Mac
For the LULZ of it, I apologize to Lulzsec
LulzSec Leader Sabu Gets 6-Month Sentencing Delay for helping Feds
Power Plants Are Vulnerable To Hackers with Siemens flaw
Malware Campaign Targeting BlackBerry
Philippine police arrest 357 foreigners for cyber fraud
McAfee will prevent vehicles from becoming vulnerable to Car Virus
Hijacking Virtual Machines with Crisis malware
Anonymous Hackers target website of Russian court that sentenced Pussy Riot
Half Million Chinese Android Devices got infected with SMSZombie
MatrixDAR - First Military Grade Encryption for Android
Sensitive data in human brain successfully extract by Hackers
Julian Assange - The most Fuckable Man on the Planet
AMD Blog Hacked, Database leaked on Internet
Serious Security Flaw : iPhone Bug Allows SMS Spoofing
Shamoon Malware : Permanently wiping data from Energy Industry Computers
BOTNET - The Hacker News Magazine August 2012 Edition Released
Your Friend can help Investigators to Access your Facebook Profile
Security Firm Reveals Flaw in Dirt Jumper Bot
Google engineers Warn Of Serious Unpatched Adobe Reader Flaws
MyAgent Trojan Targets Defense and Aerospace Industries
Bafruz trojan vs Microsoft : Malicious Software Removal Tool Updated
Airport VPN hacked using Citadel malware
BackTrack 5 R3 Released - Download Now !
FinFisher spyware found running on computers all over the world
Researchers uncover security holes in China-based Huawei routers
Anonymous hackers target Australian Intelligence and ASIO websites
Kaspersky Labs uncover 'Gauss' Espionage Malware hits Middle East banks
Zeus malware targeting BlackBerry and Android devices
Mariposa botnet creator goes on trial
Researcher demonstrate hardware based backdoor called Rakshasa
Malicious Olympic 2012 Android Apps & Domains
Pakistani hackers deface Indian Southern Railways website
Cortana scripting language introduced for Cobalt Strike and Armitage
LinkedIn Data breach costs $1 million
Fake Syria News Posted from Hacked Reuters blog and Twitter account
Huawei and Cyber Espionage, a question of trust ?
Alleged Anonymous hacker arrested for Facebook threat
Gizmodo gets hacked via Apple tech support
Android Hackers will demonstrate Fully loaded Spying Applications & Mobile Botnet
Security researchers will disclose vulnerabilities in Embedded, ARM, x86 & NFC
CVE-2012-2808 : Android 4.0.4 DNS poisoning vulnerability Exposed
Iranian nuclear program hit by AC/DC virus
CVE-2012-0217 - Intel SYSRET FreeBSD Privilege Escalation Exploit Released
Hack a Server - The man behind the idea
8 million passwords dumped from gaming website Gamigo
17 years old hacker will demonstrate Linux ELF Virus at 'The Hackers Conference 2012'
Russian Hacker Arrested For DDoS Attacks on Amazon
Hacker going to demonstrate open source tool to crack Hashes with speed of 154 Billion/sec
Reliance Communications Server Compromised with Information disclosure Vulnerability
Anonymous Hackers not responsible for attack on Dahabshiil
Open Source Smart Meter Hacking Framework can Hack into the Power Grid
Kevin Mitnick joins the Zimperium team
Open letter to the Australian people from Mother of Julian Assange
FACT : One in five Microsoft logins controlled by hackers
Skype privacy bug that can Send Messages To The Wrong Contacts
Obama will control internet, signs Emergency Internet Control
Android Security shielded with full ASLR implementation
App Store bypassed by Russian hacker without jailbreaking
NVIDIA Developer Forums Hacked, 400000 user accounts at Risk
Hacker wanted by FBI held in India For Carding Crimes
Android Forums hacked, User Credentials Stolen
Cross-platform Trojan : Mac, Windows, Linux - Nothing safe !
Yahoo Voice hacked, 400,000 yahoo passwords leaked
Indian Officials Get Training from Hackers who cracked CERN's IT system
Millions of Passwords leaked from Social Site Formspring
#OpPedoChat - Alleged Child Porn Sites : Anonymous Hackers New Target
Plesk Zero Day Exploit in the Wild, Thousands of sites got Hacked
Anonymous Hackers Help WikiLeaks to get Syria Files
4XP Critical SQL Injection Vulnerability Exposed
NO BOOT FOR YOU ! Will Windows 8 Kill Live CDs and USBs?
Bulgarian Hackers Group arrested
Microsoft to patch three critical vulnerabilities on Tuesday
DNSChanger Malware : Thousands May Lose Net Access On July 9th July
Android Clickjacking Rootkit Demonstrated
Islamic Anonymous Hacker post hundreds of Israeli email addresses and passwords
CVE-2012-3372 : Traffic Interception Vulnerability found in Cyberoam
Indian Navy Computers hacked by Chinese Hackers
One Man Fights for 7 Billion People, One Mother Battles to Wake Them Up
RiskRanker : A New malware detection technique
Zemra Botnet Leaked, Cyber Criminals performing DDoS Attacks
Anonymous Hacks Japanese Government Websites against Anti-Piracy Laws in Japan
Operation Card Shop : FBI Arrested 24 Credit Card Cyber Criminals
Hacker made calls worth £10,000 from public phone
The tale of LulzSec, two admits targeting websites
RSA SecurIDs Get Cracked In 13 Minutes
Drones can be hijacked by terrorist, Researchers says Vulnerability Exist
PayPal will Pay Security Researchers for finding Vulnerabilities
Apple : 0 | Flashback trojan : 1 , Apple admits malware defeat
zAnti Pentester’s Worldcup tournament open for Hackers
Anonymous Hackers shut down website of Colombia Justice Ministry
A virus specialized for AutoCAD, a perfect cyber espionage tool
Department of Homeland Security and U.S Navy hacked
Russian Botnet Hacker arrested for hacking into six million computers
20-year-old Anonymous Hacker arrested by Bulgarian Police
Windows 8 will be challenge for Malware writers
Hackers Exploit Unpatched Windows XML vulnerability
Scamming site taken down by Hackers
Trojan.Milicenso Print Bomb - Printer Trojan cause massive printing
Fujitsu cracks 278-digit crypto in 148 Days using 21 PCs
Call for Articles - July Edition | The Hacker News Monthly Magazine
Indian ISPs get court relief, Torrent Sites Unblocked
Intel CPU Vulnerability can provide control of your system to attacker
US and Israel developed Flame Malware against Iran
Linkedin sued by Member for Hacking Incident
Hacker charged for hacking into U.S. Energy Department
MALWARE - June 2012 | The Hacker News Magazine Released
LulzSec hacker - Brit Ryan Cleary charged for Sony and Fox hacks
United States Department of Defense data leaked by Anonymous hackers
OpenVPN Defaced by Hackers
10000 Twitter User oauth token hacked and Exposed by Anonymous
Flame spy virus going to Suicide
CVE-2012-2122 : Serious Mysql Authentication Bypass Vulnerability
Online game 'League of Legends' Compromised
Critical Sqli Vulnerability in channel [V] Website
Serious Tumblr Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability can be used to Spread Worms Confirms They Were Hacked, Change Your Passwords Now
Anonymous takes down MTNL website
LinkedIn Confirms Millions of Account Passwords Hacked
Researchers bypass Google Bouncer Android Security
Flame Malware Spread Via Rogue Microsoft Security Certificates
SwaggSec gained access to China Telecom and Warner Bros
UGNazi hackers attack on CloudFlare via a flaw in Google
What is the Deep Web? A first trip into the abyss
NSA intercepting 1.7 billion American electronic communications daily
New Jersey mayor arrested for hacking recall website
Hackers took control of two satellites for few minutes
#Flame Malware - 21st Century Massive cyber attack on Iran
NASA SSL Digital Certificate hacked by Iranian Hackers
Zeus 2.x variant includes ransomware features
Anonymous hacks Bureau of Justice and leaks 1.7GB of data
Call for Articles : THN Magazine June 2012, Malware Edition
Bogus Facebook apps spreading Android malware
IBM Research domain hacked and defaced
GFI WebMonitor - Web monitoring and Security
Quebec Liberal Party and Education Ministry websites take down in massive Cyber Attack
Anonymous hater takes credit for Pirate Bay and Wikileaks Ddos Attack
The Revolution from Cyber Terrorist attack to Indian Cyber Security
BitCoin hacked, More than 18,000 Bitcoins Stolen
Cyber Attacks on gas pipeline linked to China
The Hackers Conference 2012 Call For Papers #THC2012
Pentagon boosts contractor cybersecurity program
17 year old Teenager arrested over TeamPoison hacking attacks
Orion Browser Dumper v1.0 released
Security Alert: Wi-Fi Hotels used to Spread Malware
North Las Vegas Police Department hacked by ZHC
Human Rights organisation website Serves Gh0st RAT Trojan
Anonymous: We Are Not Terrorists but Fearless Freedom Fighters
Windows 8 operating system will ban Firefox and Chrome
Bogus Report: 55,000 Twitter accounts compromised
The Hulk Gets Hacked, Need Help from The Avengers
'The Hackers Conference 2012' to be held in New Delhi
Social game Zynga's YoVille gets hacked
Android Malware and Corporate Networks Security
ISPA to launch cyber security code of practice in SA
RedKit Exploit Kit : New web malware exploitation pack
Anonymous Hackers Targeting Russian government websites for Putin Inauguration
Hacktivism - The Hacker News Magazine - May 2012 Issue
Browser Forensic Tool v2.0 - Advanced browser history search engine
Sixth Lulzsec Hacker charged for loss of 60,000 credit card from Stratfor
UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency's website taken offline after DDoS attack
Fake Google Iranian domain defaced by Algerian Script Kiddies
Un-Patched PHP-CGI remote code execution vulnerability can expose Source Codes
Google's rogue engineer want to Stumble WI-FI Networks on Globe ?
Hacker claims to hack European Space Agency, NASA, US Air Force and Military, French Ministry of Defence
Oracle Database new zero day exploit put users at risk
Flashback malware Creater earning $10,000 per day from Google Ads
Skype Vulnerability Exposing User IP Addresses
Sony Engineers Met With PS3 Hacker - Geohot
oclHashcat-plus v0.08 Released - fastest password Cracker
Yet Another Hotmail, AOL and Yahoo Password Reset 0Day Vulnerabilities
WebSploit Toolkit 1.6 Released
International Police Association website defaced by Anonymous Hackers
Accidentally invented - Dos attack using Google Spreadsheets
90% SSL sites vulnerable to the BEAST SSL attack
Afghan Taliban website hacked 3rd time by hackers
More than 100000 Wireless Routers have Default Backdoor
Permanent Reverse TCP Backdoor for IPhone and IPad
Facebook source code hacker explains,what really happened !
36 Web domains seized tied to online financial fraud
0Day Remote Password Reset Vulnerability in MSN Hotmail patched
Penetration Testers Get Ready - BackBox Linux 2.05 released !
10 Lebanese government websites taken down by Hacktivist group
Chinese Hackers continued to attack the Philippine government
Facebook strengthens security with AntiVirus Marketplace
Iran Preparing For Cyberwar Against U.S
VMWare Source Code leaked by Anonymous Hackers
New Flashback malware variant found in the wild
Plown : Security scanner for Plone CMS
Hacker deface T&T Parliament website to warn about security holes
Cyber Attack on The Iranian Oil Ministry's Computer Network
Google raises Hackers bounties to $20,000
Iran Replicating Captured U.S. Drone RQ-170 Sentinel
Fuck CISPA - Stop censoring Internet !
Advance Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security Boot Camp at Delhi, India
TapLogger Android Trojan can Determine Tapped Keys
US-based website covering China's Bo Xilai scandal hacked
Hackers Launch DDoS Attack on D.C. Government Websites
Specialized Trojan can stealing credit card details from hotel
Anonymous Hackers target F1 website in Bahrain GP protest
Pastebin Censored ! Anonymous launches AnonPaste - Uncensored
zDefender - Enterprise smartphone IDS/IPS released by Zimperium
winAUTOPWN v3.0 Released - System vulnerability exploitation Framework
Rootdabitch version 0.1 - Multithreaded Linux root password Bruteforcer
Pro-Tibetan activists become victim of Spear Phishing
Security Concern : Internet Enabled TV can be hacked !
Nikjju Mass injection campaign target more than 2 Millions Urls
Google Sent Hacked Notification Messages to Millions of Webmasters
Julian Assange and Bradley Manning are Vested in Vision !
Lebanese Government sites hacked by ‘Raise Your Voice’
MI6, CIA and Department of Justice Tango Down !
Banking System Vulnerability - 3 million bank accounts hacked in Iran
Forensic FOCA - Power of Metadata in digital forensics
Phone Phreaking using Bluebox Demonstrated in India
Android Video Malware found in Japanese Google Play Store
Sabpab - Another Mac os Backdoor Trojan Discovered
Stuxnet was planted by Iranian double agent using memory stick
FBI track Anonymous hacker using his girlfriend's boobs
[ Call for Articles ] The Hacker News Magazine - Hacktivism Special Edition - May 2012
Botnets, DDoS attacks as weapon against financial sector
Ransomware replaces Windows MBR and asking users for Money
Microsoft's April Security Update : Patch MS12-027 Now !
Two from Team Poison arrested in MI6 hotline phone hack
Samba remote code execution vulnerability, Patch Released !
Legacy Native Malware in Angry Birds Space to pwn your Android !
Phone based denial-of-service (DoS) attack on MI6 Anti-terrorism Agency
Extreme GPU Bruteforcer - Crack passwords with 450 Million passwords/Sec Speed
Iran replacing Google, Hotmail with its own internal search engines and email services
Homeland Security hacking into gaming consoles to obtain user data
FlashBack Checker - Tool Detects Flashback Mac Malware
Anonymous target USTelecom and TechAmerica for supporting Cybersecurity Bill
Anonymous plans to take down Great Firewall of China
TigerBot - SMS Controlled Android Malware Stealing Information
181000 records compromised in Utah Security Breach
Anonymous Leaks Tunisia Prime Minister’s Emails
Your Facebook credentials at risk on Android - iOS jailbroken devices
Indian government get access to BlackBerry messages
Anonymous vs Britain's Home Office - Operation Trial At Home
Joomscan 4.4.2012 Security Scanner - 623 Vulnerabilities Added
LulzSec hacker pleads guilty in Sony breach
British Paypal hacker jailed for stealing millions Identities
Al-Qaeda websites hacked and remains down for past 12 days
"Reboot" - Upcoming latest Hacker Movie you should watch !
More than 600000 Macs system infected with Flashback Botnet
#OpTrialAtHome : Anonymous Plans 7 April Attack on British government
Anonymous hacks 500 Chinese websites
Internet #Censorship : CISPA - Newest Cyber Security Bill
Anonymous Exposes data of 10,000 Civic Democrats from Czech
Adobe releases open source malware classification tool
Cloudworm - Candidate MS12-020 - POC
Johnny - GUI for John the Ripper
POC Android botnet - Command and Control Channel over SMS
Cyber Warfare - The Hacker News Magazine April 2012 Edition | Issue 10
The Pirate Bay Buys Greek Airspace for Launching Low Orbit Server Drones
New Java Exploits boosts BlackHole exploit kit
Lulzsec 'Ryan Cleary' Again in Jail for breaking his bail conditions
Chinese hacker targeting Indian government and Tibetan activists Sites
Android Malware as Beware of Chinese called "The Roar of the Pharaoh"
U.S. Ambassador claim to be hacked by Russians
DKFBootKit - First Android BootKit Malware
Twitter Takes Tweetdeck Offline due to Vulnerability
Your Xbox 360 credit card details Vulnerable to Hack
#GlobalRevolution : Chinese Government sites defaced by Anonymous China
50K Cards Compromised using Credit Card Processor
Why Hackers Can't take down DNS root servers ?
CIA Chief : We will Spy on You Through Your TV
FBI Cyber Chief Says U.S. Losing War Against Hackers
Apple Azerbaijan got hacked by Team Nuts
eCommerce Fraud Detection Tool - An Anti-fraud solution by MasterCard
NMAP Script to Check Presence of ms12-020 RDP vulnerability
Corruption and Persistent Vulnerability in Skype 5.8 and 5.5 [Video POC]
Office based Trojan threat for Mac OS X by Chinese hackers
Kelihos Botnet with 110,000 PCs take down finally
Dominican Republic Police arrested 6 Anonymous hackers
Japan orders Google to remove auto-complete function over privacy complaint
Customer Credit Reports for Resale in Black market
17-year-old Hacker arrested for hacking into KPN mobile telecommunications
Microsoft censors The Pirate Bay links on Windows Live Messenger
A Russian Zeus attacker Sentenced from Million Dollar Fraud
Chinese hacker arrested for leaking 6 million logins from CSDN
Facebook profiles can be hijacked by Chrome extensions malware
eToro Vulnerable to Database Dump
Oxford University launches Cyber Security Centre
Return of Lulzsec, Dump 170937 accounts from Military Dating Site
Anonymous Attacker Package by Maxpain
Free Configuration Check Tool by eEye Digital Security
7 Ways to Improve Your Network’s Web Security
Anonymous Deface page - “POPE is not welcome, out out!!!!!”
Hacktivism Breached 174 Million Records in 2011
Cross-site scripting (XSS) Vulnerability reported on Paypal
US Army’s CECOM Data leaked by Hacker
Carberp Banking Trojan Scam - 8 Arrested in Russia
Face to Face with Duqu malware
Vulnerability in Google Earth Software exposed by longrifle0x
CNCERT Claims - Raising Web attacks on China
NASA sub-domain and Australian Police targeted by Hackers
Casa Presidencial website defaced by Latinhack
Pakistani Hackers attacks 31 government and 46 educational institutions Websites
Exclusive - Source Code Spoofing with HTML5 and the LRO Character
Mercury v1.0 - Framework for bug hunters to find Android vulnerabilities
Kaspersky finds Malware that resides in your RAM
The Pirate Bay plans Low Orbit Server Drones to beat #Censorship
Fake LinkedIn Emails Link to Blackhole Exploit Malware
Security holes in Android with apps Advertisements
Mystery of Duqu Programming Language Solved
Yet Another Google Chrome Sandbox Critical Exploit by Turkish security experts
Cyber Criminals Selling Millions of U.S military email addresses
Roman Andreev wins Facebook Hacker Cup 2012
iPad 3 jailbroken on Launch Day by 3 ways
Australia's first national cyber security competition Announced
Microsoft Hacking Code leaked from security info-sharing program
DarkComet-RAT v5.1 Released - Remote Administration Tool
Six National Television Stations of Iran Hacked
SpoofTooph 0.5 : Automate Cloning of Bluetooth devices
Mutillidae 2.1.17 : Born to be Hacked
Iran makes internal email servers
Dutch News site spread Malware on 100000 Computers
[POC] Windows RDP Vulnerability Exploit
President Assad's hacked emails reveal isolation of Syria's leader
Malicious Android application stealing banking credentials
Stanford University defaced by Indian Hackers
PS3 hacker Geohot arrested for possession of marijuana
Carbylamine PHP Encoder - Make PHP files Fully Undetectable from Antivirus
Iran Defense Forum users logins compromised and Leaked
FBI actually leak Stratfor e-mails just to bust Julian Assange?
Chinese Trojans Gh0stRAT used to attack pro-Tibet organisations
'The Consortium' Just Called the Movement a 'SLUT '
Role of free Hosting in Cyber Crime
Anonymous-OS 0.1 : Anonymous Hackers released their own Operating System
Microsoft adds Enhanced Memory Protections in IE10
Potential Security Risk of Geotagging for the Military
Microsoft Security Bulletin with Remote Desktop Flaws
BBC Persian TV hacked by Iranian government
Tunisian Islamist Website Hacked by Anonymous
10 Lessons learnt from Kim Dotcom
ServerPro Web Hosting Defaced by Team L0g!cs
FBI charge Anonymous for stealing CC worth $700000 in Stratfor attack
Vatican Radio hacked by Anonymous Hackers
Another DDOS tool from Anonymous - HOIC
Hacker exposes 40,000 Credit Cards from Digital Playground
Pop star KE$HA twitter Hacked
Finally Google Chrome gets hacked at Pwn2Own
XSS Vulnerability discovered on Paypal
Kevin Mitnick's website open to Cross-Site Scripting ( XSS ) vulnerability
Chinese spied on NATO officials using Facebook Friends
[POC] Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in GOM Media Player v. 2.1.37
Call for Article - THN Magazine "Cyber Warfare" April Issue
Symantec's Norton anti-virus 2006 source code Leaked by Anonymous
'The New York Iron Works' police supplier Hacked by Anonymous
Bugtraq-I : Distribution for Pentesting and forensics
Duqu Trojan developed in unknown programming language
Albania is the most Malware infected Nation
Anonymous Takedown several Vatican Websites
Anonymous Hackers targets Turkish Prime Ministry Network
Facebook down for two hours across Europe, May be DDOS attack !
FBI get 4 more months to fight with DNSChanger
DDOS attack on LIME’s Internet system
[Community Edition] Metasploit Framework Expert Certification DVD
#AntiSec hackers deface Panda Security site to protest LulzSec arrests
Anonymous Sabu was working for FBI to Trace down other LulzSec hackers
Rogue Antivirus advertised on 200000 hacked Web pages
Hackers disclose secret Ankara police files password '123456'
DarkComet RAT Remover Released
#Security Alert : Facebook Two-Factor Authentication fail !
THOR : Another P2P Botnet in development with extra stealth features
Twitter, As secondary publisher could be sued for an illegal tweet
Anonymous : A Declaration of the Independence of CyberSpace
Hackers steal Michael Jackson's entire back catalog from Sony
The Mole v0.3 Released : Automatic SQL Injection Exploitation Tool
FOCA PRO 3.1 and MetaShield Protector Released
GitHub hacked with Ruby on Rails public key vulnerability
Twitter releases data to Law Enforcements for criminal inquiry
GCC 4.6.3 Released with 70 bug-fixes
BackTrack 5 R2 Released, New Kernel, New Tools
#THN Monthly ( February ) News Archive, If you miss Something !
Siemens and Canon's Databases exploited by Team INTRA
Censorship - Global Concern : THN Magazine March Edition
Sandcat Browser 2.0 Released - Penetration Testing Oriented Browser
Cyber Criminals took over billion dollar of Brazilian companies
The Killswitch : They can remotely modify your Window 8
Interpol #TangoDown, Suspected 25 Anonymous arrested
$60000 for Exploiting Google Chrome, Hackers at Pwnium work...
Secunia PSI 3.0 : Automatic Patching Of Insecure Applications
Irongeek's Shared hosting MD5 Change Detection Script
r00tw0rm leak United Nations Environment Programme database
Occupy Obama’s Google+ ,Chinese Internet Users Flood G+ Page
Ascend D quad : World's fastest Android by Huawei
WikiLeaks suspect Bradley Manning nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2012
#WikiLeaks publishes millions of Hacked Stratfor E-mails #gifiles
Internet censorship in Pakistan, National Filtering and Blocking System
Hackers leak objectionable Photos from LA cops inbox
Facebook app spreading Android Malwares
Millions of pcAnywhere users still Vulnerable to hijacking
Zero-day Smartphone Vulnerability exposes location and User Data
Another #FuckFBIFriday , Anonymous hack FBI partner Infragard
Spain Police under Anonymous attacks after another Arrests in Spain
Metasploit Framework 4.2.0 : IPv6, VMware, and Tons of Modules!
PacketFence 3.2.0 released
Minister's email hacked by Socialist Workers Party
Skype Cross Site Vulnerabilities, user accounts can be Hijacked
Crime with $50 GPS jammer increasing rapidly in UK
Lebanese Yellow Pages website database Compromised
Iran Cyber Army in Action, Azerbaijani TV Down !
Variant of Zeusbot/Spyeye Botnet uses p2p network model
Azerbaijan Arrests Iranian terror group, Iranian Hackers hit Azerbaijan Sites
Mirage Anti-Bot 2.0 : Protection against ZeuS, SpyEye Malwares
2012 Most Vulnerable Cities At Risk Of Cyber Crime
Syrian Malware and Darkcomet RAT : They can't blame the Developers
Dropper Malware comes with DLL Hijacking Feature
MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom released on bail
Mobile malware on the rise, McAfee Q4 Threats Report
Los Angeles Police Canine Association hit by Hackers
Apache 2.4 Comes Out, Major update after 6 years
Hackers to release 0-days in comics
India demands Real time monitoring on Indian Gmail & Yahoo Emails
Call for Paper - DEF CON Rajasthan March 2012 Meet
Confusing Attackers with Artillery By Dave Kennedy (ReL1K)
Resellerclub and Directi Registrars Hacked
Iran will Develop their own security Software, No more foreign Solution
Three Greek Anonymous hackers arrested for defacing Government Sites
Facebook Hacking - Student jailed for eight months
FAQ : DNSChanger Trojan, Impact and Solutions
DPScan : Drupal Security Scanner Released
FBI will shutdown the Internet on March 8
Teyana Taylor's Twitter Hacked, Nude image Leaked
Anonymous Hackers Develop WebLOIC DDOS Tool for Android Mobiles
The Syrian spyware to target the opposition activists
How Hackers can Track your Mobile phone with a cheap setup ?
Tenable Release Nessus 5.0 vulnerability scanner
Anonymous deface National Consumer and Federal Trade Commission sites against #ACTA
Armitage Update : Graphical cyber attack management tool for Metasploit
Tor Bridge Relay to Bypass Internet Censorship
Indian Stock Market next target of Bangladesh Hackers
Dangerous IE browser vulnerabilities, Allows remote code execution !
Anonymous Hackers target Nasdaq website
Anonymous leak 400 Mb Documents from US Army Intelligence Knowledge Network
Cryptome Webpages infected with Blackhole exploit kit
Philips Electronics got hacked, Database Stolen by Hackers
Al Jazeera news network hacked by Syrian Hackers
Microsoft Store India got hacked in India !
"NASA Own3d Again" - NASA Database Leaked by r00tw0rm
Indian and Bangladeshi Hackers destroying Cyber Space of Each Other
United States Census Bureau Hacked and Vulnerability Exposed
38 Bangladeshi Government sites Defaced by Indian Hackers Tango Down - #FuckFBIFriday by Anonymous
BFT- Browser forensic tool Released by DarkCoderSc
Iran Shutdown Google ,Yahoo & other Major sites using Https Protocol
Listen to your instincts when it comes to the Web
THC-HYDRA 7.2 - Fast and Flexible network login Bruteforce Tool Updated
63 Vulnerabilities on United Nation Website Exposed Online !
Trixd00r v0.0.1 - An Invisible TCP/IP based backdoor for UNIX systems
Hacker hits the Embassy of Indonesia in Hungary
Android.Bmaster Exploits root access to connect to Botnet
Hackers Claims to compromise Intel's Sensitive Data
Apple Supplier Foxconn’s Servers Hacked, Exposing Vendor Usernames and Passwords
“Cyber China”, from Operation Aurora to China Cyber Attacks Syndrome
Arab Countries websites urged to Increase Security Against Israeli Hackers

Cryptographers : Satellite phones vulnerable to eavesdropping
Anonymous Hack Syrian President's Emails with Password "12345"
Symantec releases patch to address pcAnywhere source code exposure
YamaTough Hacker Demanded $50,000 for not releasing Stolen Symantec Source Code
University of Washington Vulnerable and Database Leaked by Hacker
Australian Nokia Sub Domain Defaced by Hackers
British sensationalist Newspaper Daily Mail Hacked by TeaMp0isoN #OpCensorThis
Malware automatically uploading stolen data to the File sharing sites
Raising your kids to have cyber security awareness
Citigroup sites hit by Brazilian Anonymous hacker #OpWeeksPayment
Joomscan Security Scanner updated to 611 Joomla vulnerabilities Database
Mobile Based Wireless Network MiTM Attack Illustration
Sun Microsystems (Print) - Cross Site Scripting Vulnerabilities
ProCredit Bank Georgia hacked by RetnOHacK
Anonymous Hacks FBI and Records Conference Call
Call of Duty, Spider-Man and other 7 Largest Video Game Sites Hacked
Wifi Protector - Protect Your Android From Wi-Fi Sniffing Attacks
DEF-CON Chennai January Meet 2012
Syrian president’s e-mail hacked by Saudi hackers
NASA and Pentagon Hacker - TinKode Arrested in Romania
Glances v1.3.7 released - System monitoring tool for Linux
HBGary Federal One Year Later !
Sandcat Browser - Penetration Testing Oriented Browser
Code 2600: A Hacking Documentary
Application Security With Apache Shiro : Java security framework
Honda Thailand Defaced By Spydevilz / Mr. Paparosse
Data encryption : PrivateSky Secure Information Exchange platform
Ani-Shell v1.5 (Final) Released
Embassy of Kazakhstan hacked by Anonymous Supporters
FBI will Monitor Social Media using Crawl Application
Another Malware from Android Market infect Millions of Users
Universal Music Portugal database dumped by Hackers
Zulu - Zscaler Malware Scanning Service
CVE-2012-0056 Linux privilege escalation [Video Demonstration]
Video Conferencing Systems Vulnerable To Hackers
Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Vulnerability in Google
Hcon’s Security Testing Framework (Hcon STF) v0.4 [Fire base]
Fake CNBC's Website for Internet Fraud
Saudi Presidency of Meteorology & Environment Protection Hacked
Tor Vulnerable to Remote arbitrary code Execution
Android Network Toolkit (ANTI) Review - Pentest at the push of a button
Phishing Google Users with the Help of Google !
Panasonic China website hacked and Redirected
CBS Broadcasting Hacked by Anonymous Hackers for #OpMegaUpload
Brazil Under Anonymous Attack - Tangara da Serra city site defaced !
For Protest Against #SOPA 68 Website hacked By Dinelson
Third Security breach at Core Security Technologies
Saudi Arabia's King Saud University Database Hacked
DreamHost Hacked - Change Your Passwords Now !
Book Review : Defense against the Black Arts
Woohooo! After #SopaBlackout, Congress Postpones Action on #SOPA, #PIPA
Julian Assange interview on Spy Files
Tit for Tat - Anonymous Hackers Brings Down FBI website for #OpMegaupload
#SOPA - The Hacker News say “NO WAY”
Giveaway : Win a Backtrack or iPhone book
Multiple Cross Site Scripting ( #XSS ) Vulnerabilities in Forbes
WOL-E : Wake on LAN - Explorer
SOPA in US and Censorship in India: A cocktail to destroy Internet Freedom !
Microsoft Windows 8 with Resilient File System (ReFS)
Book Review: BackTrack 4: Assuring Security by Penetration Testing
Cyber War : Another 7000 Israel credit cards Exposed on Internet
INNA - Romanian singer's Site Defaced by DARKDevilz Crew
UniOFuzz 0.1.2-beta - Universal fuzzing tool Released
Book Review: IPhone Applications Tune-up
100 Kenya government websites breached by Indonesian hacker
The Undead “Corporations” by Patti Galle
SP Toolkit - Open Source Phishing Education Toolkit
Indian BJP Politician's bank accounts hacked
The Cloud Security Rules Book - Technology is your friends & Enemy
No Turning Back ~ 2012 by Patti Galle
Wireless Penetration Testing Series Part 2: Basic concepts of WLANs
Saudi hacker target Israeli stock exchange and National air carrier
Nigerian Army Education site hacked by Nigerian Hacktivists
Hacker will release full Norton Antivirus code on Tuesday
Data Stealing Malware on Internal Computer of Japan Space Agency
Fake Angry Birds Game spreading Malware from Android Market
Zappos a division of Amazon got Hacked
Security Enhanced (SE) Android Released by National Security Agency (NSA)
URL redirection Vulnerability in Google & Facebook
Microsoft launching Real Time Hosted Threat Intelligence Feed
The Saudi hacker to Mossad "Don’t waste your time by searching for me"!
Self-extracting archive (SFX) as Creative Virus Handler
Warm up the keyboard, Its time for February The Hacker News Magazine !
Stratfor Back Online After Hack with message for Anonymous Hackers
US become victim of Indian spy unit, Apple & RIM deny their role !
Homeland Security have eye on Journalists
Your Android really needs Antivirus Security ?
Finnish ISP is blocking the Pirate Bay, Anonymous stand for Freedom of Expression !
FBI warning about Banking trojan "Gameover"
Smart Hacking For Privacy : What TV shows you watch ?
Hey @BarackObama ! Please don't extradite Gary McKinnon, CC : @Number10gov
Anonymous expose email addresses of British military staff & Nato officials
XSS vulnerability reported in Yahoo subdomain website
International Conference on Cyber Security (ICCS) 2012 : Protecting the Cyber World
Wireless Penetration Testing Series Part 1: Getting Started with Monitoring and Injection
M86 Security detected Web exploitation attacks using AJAX
Hackers selling cheap BOTNETs and DDOS on forums
Next Microsoft Patch Tuesday include BEAST SSL fix
Ramgen-Janelle Scandal video posted on deface page of Philippines Premiere Bank vulnerable to Clickjacking (Video Demonstration)
Hackers leak the Source Code for Symantec Product
FreeDOS 1.1 released after being in development for several years
Facebook 2012 Hacker Cup announced !
Sony Pictures Facebook Page & Website Hacked again !
From the In-Security Land to Security in the Cloud
BackBox Linux 2.01 released
Review : GFI LanGuard - Network Security Scanner & Vulnerability Management Tool
#Enter_at_your_own_Risk Cyber Awareness Magazine Issue January edition Released
9 Top Patch Management Practices for Businesses Security
Nmap 5.61TEST4 released with Web Spidering Feature !
400000 Israeli Credit Cards & Information Leaked by Saudi Arabia Hackers
ColdFusion Zero day vulnerability : Remote File Disclosure of Password Hashes
30 Pakistan government Sites goes down !
Android mobile internet tethering become undetectable by carriers
Japan developing cyber weapons for Counter Attacks
Fully automated MySQL5 boolean based enumeration tool
Zero Day Reflected Cross Site Scripting vulnerability in wordpress 3.3
Wait ! It's not just Stuxnet or DuQu , Kaspersky reveals 5 more cousins
Hackers launching own satellites in orbit to beat Censorship
Facebook Scam : Selena Gomez Caught On Leaked Tape
One million pages infected by Lilupophilupop SQL injection
Chinese Government taking strong step against Cyber Crime
Facebook distributing White Hat Debit Card to Bug Bounty Winners
The Hacker News Hacking Awards : Best of Year 2011
Environmental activism site Care2 hacked
Print of one malicious document can expose your whole LAN
Anonymous Hackers post spy firms email addresses
World 1st Hacker exploit communication technology for lulz in1903
Train-switching system can be vulnerable to DDoS attack
Reaver brute force attack Tool, Cracking WPA in 10 Hours
Kuwait Government will suspend Twitter accounts of Anonymous Users
Easy Router PIN Guessing with new WiFi Setup vulnerability
New Zealand agencies can be next target after US host was hacked
CPLC Chief says 'Pakistan a safe heaven for cyber criminals'
French MP Valerie Boyer’s website hacked by Turkish hackers
Tianya, China's biggest online forum 40 million users data leaked
Ultimate Encoder - PHP Encoder with multiple compression by lionaneesh
India orders Net firms to censor themselves
Siemens multiple domains hacked by Hmei7
Best Free Android Security Software Avast Antivirus
ANONdroid v. 00.00.008 : JonDonym proxy client for Android released
Official Android Market host many Malware Games
Stratfor hacked by Anonymous Hackers for #AntiSec
Why US Aircrafts Drop Spy Devices in Syrian ?
Call spoofing - Evolution of Cybercrime in Growing Children
Iran government websites now on local server to Protect them from Cyber Attacks
Corporate fraud vs Anonymous Analytics Group
Tor anonymity will become illegal with SOPA acts ?
Kaspersky Internet Security Memory Corruption Vulnerability
China Software Developer Network (CSDN) 6 Million user data Leaked
Backdoor in Android for No-Permissions Reverse Shell
US Chamber Of Commerce Hit by Chinese Hackers
Windows 7 64 bit Memory Corruption Vulnerability
Bypass SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) DNS Blocking with DeSopa 1.1
Apple Crash Reports Help Hackers to create a jailbreak exploit
Iranian engineer hijack U.S. drone by GPS hack [Video Explanation]
1.8 Million Accounts Hacked from Square Enix Japanese Game Company
Key infrastructure systems of 3 US cities Under Attack By Hackers
Windows Phone 7.5 Denial of Service Attack Vulnerability (Video Demonstration)
Breach confirmed in GlobalSign, SSL certificates not compromised
Facebook Ticker partially Removed Due To Various Bugs
Web of Trust (WOT) Wins in Court, Favors freedom of speech
Government organised 12 Chinese Hacker Groups behind all Attacks
US ,Israel or Russia , Who is Behind Stuxnet?
Coalition of Law Enforcement Hacked & Agents Information Leaked
President of Guyana's Website defaced by Hackers
Source Code of Available to Download !
Fully Undetectable Backdoor generator for Metasploit
Russian hackers hit Twitter with automated hashtags tweets
BeEF alpha Browser Exploitation Framework Released
The Mole - Another Automatic SQL Injection exploitation tool
Social network poisoning - They are Following you Everywhere !
Six arrested for Million Pounds phishing scam
"Enter at your own Risk" Cyber Security Awareness Campaign
Hack a webcam and a film camera into a USB microscope
Biggest Pakistan News site hacked by LuCkY
Charlie Miller now working with DoD for Cyber Security
Critical Zero-day Vulnerability in Adobe Reader
XSS Vulnerability in Google Code site
Coca-Cola Norway Hacked by Greek Hacking Scene (GHS)
Facebook privacy flaw exposes Mark Zuckerberg private photos
DNS cache poisoning attack on Google, Gmail, YouTube, Yahoo, Apple Once again Compromised using Sql Flaw
Android Bloatware, Another Serious Android Privacy Issue
Protecting Your BlackBerry Smartphone with Security Wipe
Another United Nations Web Site Hacked, Barack Obama info Leaked !
Cain & Abel v4.9.43 Released
Biggest Independent Russian Election site Hacked on election day
XSS Vulnerability On Twitter Found by 15 Years Old Expert
Invitation for DEF-CON Chennai January Meet 2012 (DC602028)
THN December Magazine Released ! Who We are at The Hacker News ?
Voodoo Carrier IQ detector application released for Android
McAfee drafted Five Steps to Avoiding bad apps on Pc & Mobile
The Spy Files: Wikileaks expose Mobile Phone, Email Hacking capability
Your Android Phone is Spying On You, Use custom ROM To Protect your Privacy
Nullcon GOA 2012 - International Security Conference
Security Research : Be friend to anyone on Facebook in 24 hours
Millions of printers open to devastating hack attack
New Facebook Worm installing Zeus Bot in your Computer
Assassin DoS 2.0.3 - Created By MaxPainCode
#OpRobinHood : Thousands of United Nation logins leaked by TeaMp0isoN
More than 100 Pakistani Government Sites Under Malware attack
WikiLeaks wins Aussie Journalism Awards Australia
Discovered the biggest Facebook phishing in French
Manila AT&T hackers linked to 26/11 Mumbai terror attack
New Apache Reverse Proxy Flaw Allows Access to Internal Network
New UK Cyber Security Strategy Released
Exposing 25 Facebook phishing websites
National program for Cyber army to be launched in India
Intercepter-NG New Sniffing Tool
Sudan Airways mailbox database leaked
SecurityTube Metasploit Framework Expert Certification Launched !
Joomscan Security Scanner - Detect more than 550 Joomla vulnerabilities
New Approach to automatically detecting bugs and vulnerabilities in Linux
Web App Pentesting - PenTest Magazine
WAFP : Web Application Finger Printer Tool
Cotton Candy USB with Dual-Core Computer can turns Any Screen Into an Android Station
Is it hard to crack full Disk Encryption For Law Enforcement ?
PHP Vulnerability Hunter v. - Automated fuzz testing tool
Maharashtra Highway Police website hacked
Wikileaks Founder, Julian Assange Hires Pirate Bay Lawyer
Hackers destroyed a pump used by a US water utility
International Association of Chiefs of Police Investigators Owned by Anonymous Hackers
US military's offensive operations in cyberspace to shoot Hackers
Patches Released for BIND Denial-of-service Vulnerability
Worlds first windows 8 Bootkit to be released at MalCon
Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 8 BETA Released
Stuxnet 3.0 to be possibility released at MalCon?
DEF-CON Chennai 4 (DC602028) Call for Paper [January Meet]
FreeFloat FTP Server - Buffer Overflow Vulnerability
UCLA psychology department database hacked by Inj3ctor
Sky News Twitter account Hacked
Uniscan 5.2 is released - vulnerability scanner
Duqu computer virus Detected by Iran civil defense organization
SAHER HoneyNet : A Tunisian Honeynet Project
Bizztrust : The Most Secure Android Phone
PwnieExpress : Pentesting suite for the Nokia N900
Operation Brotherhood Shutdown : Multiple Sites taken down by Anonymous Hackers
Android facial recognition based unlocking can be fooled with photo
#Anonymous : Now is the Time to evolve or Die
Bangladesh Supreme Court website hacked
Burp Suite Pro v1.4.03 released - CSRF generator, SSL strip Added
Possible Credit Card Theft in Steam Website Hacking
Operation Ghost Click by FBI - Online advertising scam taken Down
myOpenID XSS : One of the Largest OpenID provider is Vulnerable
CrySyS Duqu Detector Open source Toolkit Released
w3af v.1.1 - Web Application Attack and Audit Framework Released
Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability in Speed Bit Search Engine
Computerized Prison doors hacked with vulnerabilities used by Stuxnet worm
UMP French Political Party got hacked & personal information leaked
Anonymous Hackers hack neo-Nazis website & leak personal info of 16,000 Finns
Researcher Charlie Miller kicked out from iOS dev program for Exploiting iOS security flaw
The Hacker News arrived on Google+ Pages
International Foreign Government E-Mails Hacked by TeaMp0isoN
China is the birth place for most of malicious Android apps
Brazil ISP servers under Massive DNS poisoning attacks
Sqlninja 0.2.6 is now available
Anonymous attack on Israeli government & security services websites
DUQU – Another Stuxnet in the Making ?
Insider Threats vs Hackers - by Emmett Jorgensen
VanishCrypt – Virtual Encryption Tool by SecurityLabs [Video Demonstration]
Duqu malware was created to spy on Iran's nuclear program
Hacker selling compromised websites gets hacked by d33ds
Duqu Analysis and Detection Tool by NSS Labs
CapitalOne Bank taken down by Anonymous hackers
Mobile Security and Lack thereof
A Doomsday Worm - The Sputnik of 2011
Persistent XSS Vulnerability in White House Website
Fraud communities owned and exposed by Happy Ninja
Call for Articles - The Hacker News Magazine | December Edition
XSS Vulnerability on AOL Energy website
#OccupyLondon : The Night of Thousand Masks on 5th November
Super Cryptography : The Next Generation Encryption
The Hacker News Magazine - Anniversary Edition - November Issue 06
Palestine : Hackers have taken down phone and Internet services
Blackhole Exploit Kit attack on WampServer & Wordpress sites
Windows Kernel Zero Day Vulnerability Found in Duqu Installer
Virtual Machine for Android Reverse Engineering (A.R.E) Released
The Hacker News (THN) 1st Anniversary Celebration
Facebook "Trusted friends" Security Feature Easily Exploitable
Volatility 2.0 - Advanced Memory Forensics [With Video Demonstration]
Duqu Trojan found in Indian Server
Torsocks 1.2 Released - Socks friendly ssh and irssi with Tor
Anonymous hackers threatening a Mexican drug cartel
How Facebook Ticker exposing your information and behavior without your knowledge
Most advanced and dangerous malware for Apple products - why you should be concerned !
TeaMp0isoN releases list of vulnerable police web sites
Tor Released with fixes of anonymity vulnerability
Malware for xbox Kinect created by 15 years old Indian researchers
Facebook EXE attachment Vulnerability can Compromise with Users Security
FOCA 3.0 - Network Infrastructure Mapping Tool Free Release
US satellites was victim by Chinese Hackers
Anonymous DDOS Oakland police site after violence
How to Beat Evil Governments When Your Internet Turned Off ?
India's leading telecom Company BSNL hacked by Pakistani Hacker
The Hacker News (THN) wishes its readers a very Happy Diwali
Latest Security Flaw in Skype Enables IP address & Location Tracking
Japan under Heavy Cyber Attack !
The Hacker’s Choice releases SSL DOS Tool
Tor anonymizing network Compromised by French researchers
Bleeding Life 2 Exploit Pack Released
Microsoft’s official Youtube channel hacked
XSS Vulnerability in Interactive YouTube API Demo Beta
Apache Server 2.3.14 Denial of Service (DDOS) Vulnerability exploit
OpenVAS - Advanced Open Source vulnerability scanner
Phishing Site hacked for teaching lesson to Scam Lovers
Anonymous Hackers Take Down 40 Child Porn Websites
Metasploit 4.1.0 Web UI Cross Site Scripting vulnerability
Announcing Contest Winners for Ghost in the Wires Book
Occupy Wall Street : Anonymous Hackers Publish Law Enforcement Data
iPad 2 iOS 5 Lock Screen Bypass Vulnerability [Video Demonstration]
Stuxnet's Son "Duqu" Removal Tool released by Bitdefender
Hackers leak Citigroup CEO’s personal data after Occupy Wall Street arrests
OSSAMS - Open Source Security Assessment Management System
Beware - Gaddafi malware on Internet
iPhone can be used as spy phone to get desktop Keystrokes
Adobe Flash bug allow spying Webcam hole
Million ASP.Net web sites affected with mass SQL injection attack
There’s something “Human” to Social Engineering !
Metasploit Community Edition - Advance penetration testing tool by Rapid7
Indian National Congress Party Official Website Hacked by ZHC
Google Enable SSL-based searches, Will impact Google Analytic !
Duqu - Next Major Cyber Weapon like Stuxnet
Famous VPN service Proxpn compromised
Report says : US considered cyber war on Libya
Jynx Kit (LD_PRELOAD) Userland Rootkit Released
More than 10,000 Facebook account hacked by TeamSwaSTika
National Cyber Security Bulletin on Anonymous
'Good to Know' campaign : Google Collaborates with Citizens Advice Bureau for Online Safety
Miley Cyrus Needs A Lecture on Cyber Security
Sesame Street YouTube Channel Hacked, Porn Posted
Armorize Partners With Symantec to Provide Powerful Anti-Malvertising Technology
UNESCO E-platform domain got hacked by Fatal Error Crew
Beware of New Twitter Spam - "Bad blog going around about you"
Cyber Cell Mumbai Websites hacked by Pakistani Hacker
Encipher It : Easiest Browser based Advanced Encryption Tools [Video Demonstration]
Artillery 0.1 alpha - New tool for Linux Protection by ReL1K
Reality Based Cyber Crime Novella Explores Aftermath of Stuxnet Attack On Iran
GateOne Beta - Terminal emulator for HTML5 web browsers
Launching Wireless Hacking Series for Fun and Profit
Hcon’s Security Testing Framework (Hcon STF) v0.1beta
Operation Hackerazzi : FBI arrests alleged Hacker for Stealing naked photos of Hollywood stars
[Contest] Win "Ghost in the Wires" Book by Kevin Mitnick
Phoenix Exploit’s Kit 2.8 mini version
Apple iOS 5 Released - Download Now !
Sony hacked again - 93,000 accounts compromised with brute-force attack
WineHQ database compromise - One More Linux Project Fail
Your Browser Matters - Microsoft Launches Tool For Checking Browser Security
iPad Finally Has a Facebook Application
blueHOMES hacked - 500k users data and Password in Plain text leaked
VeriSign demands Power to takedown non-legitimate website
German Researchers Break RFID Smartcard Encryption
FBI shut down 18 Child Porn Websites
OWASP Mantra - c0c0n 11 and AppSecLatam 11 Release
111 Arrested for biggest identity theft and credit card fraud Case
U.S. drones affected by Keylogger Virus
SWSE - Most advanced Wi-Fi Hacking and Security Course online
[Call for Article] The Hacker News Magazine - November 2011 Edition
Optima DDOS 10a Botnet leaked on Underground Forums
Apache Patch released for Reverse proxy Bypass Vulnerability
Android malware - Works on remote commands form encrypted blog
Microsoft FUSE Labs Sub-domain defaced by Hmei7
Suzuki Official Website of Azerbaijan hacked by Co-cain Tm
REMnux: A Linux Distribution for Reverse-Engineering Malware
Student Arrested for hacking Thailand Prime Minister Accounts
HashCodeCracker v1.2 Video Tutorials Available
WebCookiesSniffer - New cookies sniffer/viewer utility
BlackBerry Security Guide by Incident Response Team (BBSIRT)
NSS Labs offers Bounties for exploits
GPU cracks 6 character password in 4 seconds
Facebook content restrictions bypass Vulnerability
Exploit Pack - An open source security framework
Derbycon 2011 Videos talks
Hash Code Cracker V 1.2 Released ~ Password Cracking from BreakTheSecurity
Linux - Means Freedom [The Hacker News Magazine] October 2011 Issue Released
Celebrating 5th Birthday of Wikileaks (Born : 4th Oct 2006)
Contest Winners Announcement : Wireless Penetration Testing Guide book
Apache killer exploit modified for better Results
DarkComet-RAT v4.2 fwb (Firewall bypass)
Thailand Prime Minister Twitter, Facebook accounts Hacked
Proof of Concept : PuttyHijack – Hijack SSH/PuTTY Sessions
HTC Android Vulnerability - Exposes Phone numbers, Gps, SMS, Emails etc
QR codes - Next way for Android Malware
Open Source Awards 2011 launched - "Recognizing excellence in open source"
Samsung Galaxy S II (AT&T) trusted pattern lock Security Bypassed
Nmap 5.61 TEST2 - IPv6 OS detection Added
Virus removal website compromised to serving malware
Russian firm Elcomsoft unveils tool to crack BlackBerry encryption security
Disable Social Networks From Tracking You with The Priv3 Firefox Extension
4.9 million Tricare patients data exposed in data breach
Security Solutions for Beast attack against SSL/TLS Vulnerability
JonDo 00.16.001 Released - Automatic error recognition and easier usability
Atlanta IT Worker Hacked Ex-Employers Database
"SecurityTube Wi-Fi Security Expert" (SWSE) online certification Launched
Firefox Java update ready to stop BEAST attacks
Supreme Court of Pakistan website defaced by Zombie_Ksa
Man-in-the-Middle Remote Attack on Diebold Touch-screen Voting Machine
Department of Homeland Security Releases Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET)
Anonymous releases 25,000 records of the Austrian police
The Council on Governmental Ethics Laws (COGEL) hacked and complete database dumped
Anonymous Hackers Release alleged pepper spray NYPD Officer's Personal Info
iScanner - Tool to detect and remove malicious codes and web page
Findmyhash - Find Cracked Hashes Online
75 Indian Govt and University Sites hacked including Patiala Police by Muslim Liberation Army
Harvard University website hacked by Syria protesters hacked, serving BlackHole exploit malware
USA Today Twitter Account Hacked By Script Kiddie
[Hurry Up] Hacker Halted 2011 Special Offer For The Hacker News Readers
Facebook track your cookies even after logout !
Official websites of 7 major Syrian city hacked by Anonymous for #OpSyria
Ani-Shell v1.4 Released With Python - Bind Shell , Anti-Crawler Feature and MD5 Cracker
700,000 sites on Inmotion Hosting Server hacked by TiGER-M@TE in one shot !
Mac trojan poses as PDF to open botnet backdoor
Singapore will setup National Cyber Security Centre
Lulzsec Hacker tracked by Proxy logs, can face 15 years prison
HTTPS SSL encryption Vulnerable To Crypto Attack
Pscan 2.0 - multi threaded TCP Syn port scanner
Core Security Technologies victim of latest Hack
FBI Arrests two Suspected LulzSec and Anonymous Hackers
BruCON Agnitio workshop Slides and Video Demonstration - Download
Let’s Play a Game of Cyber Security at CSAW CTF 2011
Lilith: Perl script to audit web applications
Win Free Copies of BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Guide with The Hacker News
50000 WordPress Sites infected with spam
Kazakhstan calls for global cyber security treaty to deter hackers at United Nations
More Android vulnerabilities exposed [Video Demonstration]
Visual DuxDebugger Debugger - Disassembler for Windows 64-bit
Vulnerability in its Identity Services Engine of Cisco
Aldi Bot - Buy a Botnet just in 10 Euros
Bank of Melbourne Twitter Account Hacked
John the Ripper 1.7.8-jumbo-7 Released
Nmap 5.61TEST1 Released
Radware’s Attack Mitigation System Delivers the First Fully Integrated Solution to Fight Cyber Attacks in Real Time
iPhone Skype XSS Vulnerability Lets Hackers Steal Phonebook [Video]
Chris Hoff, Leads UNITED Security Summit Award Winners
Global CyberLympics - Middle East & India Championships 11-12 October at Gitex 2011 Dubai
FOX Sports website database hacked and leaked by Shad0w
Session Race Conditions and Session Puzzling – Now Simplified
#DEFCON Chennai September 2011 meet - Another Success !
The City Of Rennes (France) Hacked against Anti-Islamic government of France
BIOS based Virus discovered by Chinese Security Firm
Automated Skype calls spreading fake anti-virus warning
NeXpose 5.0 vulnerability management solution Released by Rapid7
Military Contractor Mitsubishi hacked
NetworkMiner 1.1 - Network Forensic Analysis Tool (NFAT) Released
Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) hacked
Comodohacker is 21 year old patriotic Iranian Hacker
United States Navy Military domain is vulnerable to hackers
Vulnerability Discovered in SpyEye Botnet, Exploit Available for Download
0-Day SCADA Exploits Publicly Exposed by Italian researchers
SSHtrix - Fastest Multithreaded SSHv1 and SSH1v2 login cracker
Droidsheep : Android Application for Session Hijacking
Its Fail 2011 - Year of Hacks !
Operation OpIndependencia : Anonymous Hit Mexican Government Official websites
ClickIndia Classifieds network hacked by Sec Indi down again due to Security Breach
SpyEye Trojan stole $3.2 million from US victims,Android users will be next target !
GoDaddy websites Compromised with Malware
oclHashcat-plus v0.06 - Worlds fastest md5crypt, phpass, mscash2 and WPA/WPA2 cracker
WAVSEP 1.0.3 – Web Application Vulnerability Scanner Evaluation Project
Balaji Plus Cloud Antivirus Released - Mix of 32 antivirus Engines for ultra Protection
THC-HYDRA v7.0 new version released for Download
uTorrent & BitTorrent Sites Hacked, Spread Security Shield Malware
Book : Backtrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing by Vivek Ramachandran
McAfee DeepSAFE - Anti-rootkit Security Solution
Presidential website president of Bolivia hacked
Top100 Arena Gaming Sites Network hacked By ACA [Albanian Cyber Army]
#Opiran new press release for 23 September by Anonymous Hackers
The Security Onion LiveDVD - Download
BruCON – Belgium’s First Security Conference
Hook Analyser Malware Tool Released
Panda Security (Pakistan domain) hacked by X-NerD
Suggested The Linux 3.1 Kernel logo
Truth Alliance Network and 20 Churches websites hacked by Muslim Liberation Army
Federal Nigerian Government Websites Hacked by Elemento_pcx & s4r4d0
Linux Foundation & multiple server compromised
Hundreds of domains hacked by X-NerD hacker
The George Washington Institue for Sustainability hacked by Cocain TeaM
Rootkit Hunter - Rootkit scanning tool
14 Years in Jail for mass credit card theft
NBC News Twitter account hacked & post fake news of 9/11
Google tells Iranians to Change their Gmail password
Norton Cybercrime Report 2011
FBPwn : A Cross-Platform Facebook Profile Dumper tool
Wireshark 1.4.9 & Wireshark 1.6.2 updated version released
Google Web History vulnerable to new Firesheep Addon
Hotmail, MSN, Office 365, sites down (now up)
URGE (Universal Rapid Gamma Emitter) Hijacking Twitter Trends Released by Anonymous
20000 patient records Breach at Stanford Hospital
Hacker Halted USA 2011 - 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend
winAUTOPWN v2.7 – Windows Autohacking Tool
Sony Hires Ex- Homeland Security Official after PlayStation Hack
12 Pakistan Government departments websites & Benazir Bhutto site Hacked by Mr52
Offline Windows Analysis and Data Extraction (OWADE) - Forensics tool to expose all your online activity
Court grants bail to Anonymous and LulzSec suspects
Cyberwar between Israel and Turkish Hacker
Malcon 2011 - Call for Papers
Ghana Red cross website defaced By Ahmdosa Hacker
100's of United Kingdom and USA websites hacked by Dinelson
Registry Decoder - Digital Forensics Tool

20 Famous websites vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attack XSS Vulnerability by Cyber4rt
ComodoHacker responsible for DigiNotar Attack
DDOs Tracer - 1.0 Released by MaxPainCode
Uronimo - Mobile platform website Hacked by Team Inj3ct0r
Department of Homeland Security warns Anonymous Hackers
United Nations Sub-Domain of Swaziland hacked by Cocain Team Hackers , Vodafone, Telegraph, Acer, National Geographic got hacked by Turkguvenligi
European Union hacked by Inj3ct0r Team
100's of Israel Websites Hacked By Cyber-Warrior / AKINCILAR Group
BackBox Linux 2 released
Mobile APP Network Forum Hacked, 15000 user accounts leaked
Pakistani Music site Database and Vulnerability Exposed by Maxt Breaker
HDFC Bank Database Hacked by zSecure team using SQL injection vulnerability
Anonymous Release Press Release for Operation Tarmageddon
Indian Government Computers are also Corrupted like Government
Vulnerability Master 1.0 Released By MaxPain
VBulletin Underground Website Hacked By 'Why So Serious'
Persistent XSS vulnerability in eBuddy Web Messenger
The Hacker News Magazine September Issue - NO ONE IS SECURE
Two Suspected Anonymous/LulzSec hackers arrested by British police
EA Game - Battlefield Heroes Accounts Hacked by 'Why So Serious?' Albanian Hacker
Texas law enforcement Hacked by #Antisec and #FreeAnons - 3GB of data leaked
Invitation for DEF-CON Chennai (DC602028) Meet Server Rooted and 448 users credentials compromised under Cyber Attack after releasing U.S. diplomatic cables
Bangladesh Police website hacked by RetnOHacK Anonymous Albanian Hacker
Google+ Hacker Florian Rohrweck Hired By Google for Security
Qubes OS : An Operating System Designed For Security
AnDOSid the DOS tool for Android
XCode SQLi/LFI/XSS and Webshell Scanning tool
Iranian Man-in-the-Middle Attack Against Google certificate
South Korean domain registrar Gabia hacked,100000 domains and 350000 users data exposed !
XSS Vulnerability in
DDoS Attack Using Google Plus Servers
Hacking a Facebook Account using Facebook
19 years old iPhone hacker Nicholas Allegra (comex) joins Apple
Morto Worm spreading via Remote Desktop Protocol
INSECT Pro 2.7 - Penetration testing tool download hacked, Database and site source code leaked
UK Police Charge another alleged Anonymous member in Hacking Cases 14800 Users logins, phone number & Emails Leaked by Division Crew
32 Israel websites defaced by SbZ-GHoST TeaM Tunisia Hackers
Killapache: DDOS tool - Half of the Internet is vulnerable now !
Apple Website Hacked by HodLuM
MTPuTTY 1.0 Beta - Multi-Tabbed PuTTY Released
Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI) Hacked by PrivateX
Rankmyhack got hacked by HaxOr
CSLSecurity Hacked by TeaMp0isoN
Steve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO
#Anonymous Leaks Nude Pics of #BART Spokesman
Cyber war against Israel have taken very dangerous turn
Egyptian Consulate in United Kingdom Defaced Cocain hackers
Knock v1.5 - Subdomain Scanner , allows to bypass wildcard
Thehacker12 Dumps Logins for 20,000 Customers and U.S. Employees
German Gema website hacked by Anonymous Hackers
XSS vulnerability in Maps by Juan Sacco (runlvl)
Android Trojan GingerMaster Uses Gingerbread Root Exploit
Automated HTTPS Vulnerability Testing by Qualys SSL Labs
F-Secure : Chinese Government Launching Online Attacks
Turkish government website Hacked by kurdish hacker for bombarding Kurdistan Regions
Kathmandu Metropolitan City website database hacked by T34mT!g3R
Uniscan 4.0 vulnerability scanner Released
Metropolitan UK Police hacked for #Antisec by CSL Security using SQL injection Vulnerability
Call for Papers from DefCon Chennai (DC602028)
Nokia developer forum Hacked by pr0tect0r AKA mrNRG
OWASP Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) v.1.3.2 Released
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Website Defaced by Egyptian Hacker
Phone Hacker Forced to Disclose name, Who Told Him to Hack !
JonDoFox 2.5.3 - Browser Optimized for anonymous and secure web surfing
DarkComet-RAT v4.0 Fix1 Released - Fully Cryptable
Danish Government database of 1,000,000 companies private info leaked by #Antisec
350,000 Epson Korea customers data breached
Nepal Telecommunications Authority Hacked by w3bd3f4c3r
Skype zero day HTML/(Javascript) code injection
Libya Registry & Telecom websites hacked by Electr0n
Israel Radio is hacked by Egyptian hacker
Idea Cellular Web Portal Hacked, Customers Info may be exposed !
25 Year old UK Student hacker penetrated Facebook‎
PDD - Packet Dump Decode Released
Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability at Google Appspot
Korean HSBC bank hacked TurkGuvenligi (TG)
Biggest ISP in Kuwait Qualitynet Side-Server Database Leaked
THC-ipv6 Toolkit – Attacking the IPV6 Protocol
BackTrack 5 R1 Released - Penetration Testing Distribution
78000 Indian Blogs Hacked by ZHC
#OpBart : BART Police database hacked by Anonymous
Vanguard Defense Industries (VDI) Hacked for #Antisec Operation
Samsung hires Android hacker Cyanogen
#OpSPCAwake : Operation SPCAwake leaks large number of users data of
Iframe Vulnerability in Google App Engine (Appspot) Gets Hacked pr0tect0r A.K.A. mrNRG
8 China Website Government Defaced By Bekasi0d0nk (Indonesian Hacker)
Get Ready for Hacker Halted 2011, Miami 21-27 October
Facebook : 'No more anonymous on Internet'
50 More Websites Hacked By PCA (BanneD™ And <=Shak=>)
SSDownloader : 50 Free Essential Security Tools
45 Indian Websites hacked By Shadow008
6542 websites mass defaced by The 077 (Hamdi Hacker)
Linux Kernel 3.1 RC2 Released
30 North Korean hackers steal millions of dollars from online gaming sites
Kuwait ISP FastTelco Defaced by Anonymous Hackers
Matriux Krypton security distribution Released
#OpBART and #Bart-Action : Anonymous hacks myBART, Leaks BART User Info
100's of Indian Government, Education and Corporate websites Hacked By ZCompany Hacking Crew
BlackBerry Enterprise Server vulnerable to malicious image file
Mibbit AJAX IRC client service Hacked
AOL Postmaster Website hacked by HODLUM
DerbyCon 2011 Security Conference - Louisville, Kentucky
Joomla Canada website defaced by Group Hp-Hack
zSecure - Web Security Consultancy Hacked by Mr52
Facebook Status Update With XFBML Injection
$30 Child Toy is enough to hack FBI Radios
German Hacker Cracks GSM Call Encryption Code
Emperor Hacking Team : iM4n account exposed
MySpace goes down because of Internal Errors, Not Hacked ! hacked - Credit Card info of 30264 users Compromised
Operation Satiagraha - Brazil Corruption Scandal exposed, #Antisec provide 5GB of evidence
Free Gary McKinnon Campaign websites Hacked by TG ( TurkGuvenligi ) Hacked and Defaced by Mr52
NERC - National Syrian energy research center Defaced by Cocain Team
SpyEye 1.3.45 Download - Loader source code
FireCAT 2.0 Released - Firefox Catalog of Auditing Extensions
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee hacked - 75,000 social security numbers exposed
UNITED Security Summit 2011, 19-20 September - San Francisco
JonDo 00.15.004 IP changer with Bitcoin, connection manipulation protection and higher efficiency
HKEx - Hong Kong stock exchange Hacked
Hungry Hackers website hacked by CyberMind
Hackers Get Hacked at #Defcon 19 Conference
#OpFacebook : Facebook will be down on November 5 by Anonymous Hackers Attack
Citigroup hacked again - 92,000 customers info exposed from Japan
Indian Govt wants monitoring access for Twitter, Facebook,Skype and Google
#DefCon 19 : Presentations from the Defcon Conference for Download
BlackBerry blog site hacked by TriCk – TeaMp0isoN against London riots
Tweaking Facebook Status with HTML button
Official Website of Will Smith's Daughter Willow Smith Hacked
Syrian Hackers Deface AnonPlus - Anonymous Social Network
EC-Council is launching "CyberLympics" - Olympic games for Cyber Security
TeaMp0isoN : NASA forum is Vulnerable SQL injection, Admin Hacked !
Mikko Hypponen : Fight cybercrime, but keep the net free
#DefCon 19 : Android Network Toolkit for Penetration Testing and Hacking
Call for DEFCON Chennai (DC602028) 2011 meet on 14th August
Oracle, other companies hacked by Social Engineering attack in #DefCon 19
Youth Peer Education Network (YPEER) Of Syria Defaced by Cocain TeaM Got hacked by Mr52
Syrian Ministry of Defense hacked by Anonymous Hackers
Moshi Moshi : VoIP bot written in Python
10 year old girl hacker CyFi reveal her first zero-day in Game at #DefCon 19
Official site of NDRRMC hacked by Cocain TeaM
LulzSec's Leader Sabu can be at DefCon Security conference
Lulzsec Brazil Leaks the Federal Police 8 GB of Data
Pakistani Matrimonial Website 'PakRishta' defaced by Cyb3r R3b3li@nZ
Italian Police website SAPPE defaced by #Antisec Hackers
10GB data of law enforcement agencies leaked by #AntiSec
Pentagon launches "Cyber Fast Track" program to fund hacker innovation
SIG Sauer - Security Intelligence Group Hacked by LulzaMac Vulnerable to XSS injection
BlackBuntu V0.3 Released
Customs Authority of Yemen hacked for Protest against Government
#Blackhat Conference : Square Mobile Gadget allows to Hack Credit Cards
c0c0n 2011 (Hacking and Security Conference) - Call for Papers
Get Ready for Microsoft 13 updates for August Patch Tuesday
BackBox - Linux distribution based website Hacked
Mini PHP Shell 27.9 V2 Released
The Social-Engineer Toolkit v2.0 Released
GFI SandBox - Powerful automated malware analysis
Timesofmoney Database Hacked using Sql Injection Vulnerability Vulnerable To SQLi - Found by Invectus
JD-GUI - Fast Java Decompiler Download
OllyDbg 2.01 alpha 4 released
Microsoft BlueHat Security contest - Mega Prize $250,000
British police issue warning to Anonymous, Lulzsec and other internet hacktivists
Cross Application Scripting vulnerability in Android browser
Operation Shady RAT - Biggest Cyber Attacks in history uncovered
PythonLOIC - Python Low Orbit Ion Cannon Ddos Tool Released
Operation Defense - Anonymous shut down Colombia's president website
Zero-day flaw in WordPress image utility allows to upload files and execute codes
CA security finds Android Trojan which records phone calls
Sun website 1000's users data stolen
Italian Intelligence agency CNAIPIC steals sensitive data from Indian Embassy
On 4th August SAP systems will be hacked on internet in BlackHat USA 2011
30 China Government Sites Hacked By Hitcher
Anonymous and Lulzsec stand for Jake Davis with #FreeTopiary Operation
Another Government contractor - PCS Consultants (USA) got Hacked by #Antisec
Accused LulzSec hacker Topiary released on bail
Vimeo (Brazil) Video Sharing site got hacked by Terminal_pk
7000 law enforcement officers details leaked by Anonymous Hackers
ZCompany Pakistani Hackers deface big Indian Websites
77 Law Enforcement websites hit in mass attack by #Antisec Anonymous
Italy's Police IT network Database Hacked and Leaked by #Antisec
#RefRef - Denial of Service ( DDoS ) Tool Developed by Anonymous
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Emails leaked by #Antisec Anonymous
Nicolas Sarkozy's official Elysee Palace website Hacked for 'Get Him Out' Game
South Korean social network hacked, 35 million users Data at risk
Anonymous hacks Defense contractor ManTech for #Antisec
SQueRT 0.9.0 - New version released
Window AutoPwn (WINAUTOPWN) - Auto Hacking/shell Gaining Tool
ICQ vulnerable to account theft using JavaScripts
Paypal gives FBI the list of IP Address of 1,000 Anomymous hackers
SPINN - Secure Personal Information Notification Network Hacked By Inj3ct0r
War Texting : Hackers Unlock Car Doors Via SMS
Iframe Injection Vulnerability on FileHippo - Popular software download site
Apache Log Extractor tool
THN Review : Ghost in the Wires - Kevin Mitnick
LulzSec Member Topiary arrested in the Shetland Islands
DOD Launches New Cyber Strategy Website
Smiasm - Reverse engineering framework
#OpPayPal - Anonymous calls for boycott of PayPal for blocking Wikileaks
Metasploit Pro 4.0 released - Enterprise Integration, Cloud Deployment & Automation
BSNL System Hacked by Pakistan Cyber Army - Users info at risk
Operation Intifada: Anonymous Prepares For DDOS Attack On Israel Parliament
OSForensics – Digital investigations faster
90000 web pages infected by mass iFrame attack
Change.Gov Donor List 2010 leaked by #Antisec
Anonymous ,LulzSec & Stuxnet nominated for Pwnie Awards 2011 for Epic 0wnage
300 Military and Government Accounts leaked by P0keu
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 Released
CNAIPIC - Italian government hacked by #Antisec , Various Confidential documents leaked
VirtualBox 4.1 Final for Linux Released
Ani Shell v1.3 Released -- Mail Bomber (with less spam detection) & PHP Decoder
Mallika Sherawat official website Defaced by KFMDD Teams Hackers
Philippines Congress hacked by BashCrew for #AntiSec
Colombian Anonymous Hackers reveal personal data of Colombian police officials
English Defence League Facebook Page Deleted & Members Mobile Numbers Leaked
Wireshark 1.6.1 and 1.4.8 Released
Android Passwords are stored in plain text on Disk
Apple MacBooks Can Be Hacked Through The Battery
Pakcyberarmy database hacked and Leaked by Indian Hacker - Lucky
Linux 3.0 Kernel Released - Download
8 Court Cases against Sarah Palin Leaked By TeaMp0isoN
Jouve Group hacked by Inj3ct0r Team Against The Nato
10 Peru government sites database Dump from #antisec Peru
15 Porn sites defaced by Amin Safi (Tunisian Hacker)
Critical Vulnerabilities in Facebook and Picasa discovered by Microsoft
Harvard researcher arrested on hacking charges
India - US sign Cyber Shield deal
WLAN Security Megaprimer DVD Released - 10+ hours of Wi-Fi Hacking and Pwnage ! hacked with SQL Injection Vulnerability
2011 Linux Auto Rooter Beta 1.0 Coded by CrosS
WD TV Live Hub Compromised - Multiple Vulnerabilities Found By Dr. Alberto Fontanella
Association Of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) Hacked by ZHC (Anonymous Social Networking Site) Hacked by AKINCILAR
FBI Raids Homes of Suspected Anonymous Hackers at New York
LulzSec will release Murdoch email archive
FBI arrests AT&T employee for leaking information to Anonymous
BackTrack 5 Release 1 will be available on 10th of August,2011
Microsoft offers $250,000 reward for information of Rustock Botnet
NetSecL Linux 3.2 released with new XFCE
Auth3ntiQ & shika01 found Local file include on &
Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab - Pakistan (TDCP) Hacked by Code Injector
Linux kernel 3.0 - 343 changes made by Microsoft developer K. Y. Srinivasan
Damn Small SQLi Scanner (DSSS) v0.1b - 100 Lines Python Code
Israel Web Hosting Server Hacked For Palestine By Dr T
Lady Gaga website hacked and fans details stolen by Hackers
THE CRAZIES Hackers Leaks Server Certificates of Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)
4000 Websites hacked by The 077 ( HamDi HaCker )
AntiSecShell v.0.5 Shell Released by underground hackers of Antisec
Parliament Of Botswana hacked by V0iD
Jawahar Knowledge Center website Hacked & Databse leaked by PCA
EC-Council Academy Hacked by GaySec (Malaysian hackers) hacked by Indishell Against Mumbai blasts
Yellowstone County website hacked - Tax Payers Information at Risk
Armitage 07.12.11 - Updated Version
Pentagon Admits to biggest ever data breach
UK Vodafone Phone Hacking method exposed
PuTTY v.0.61 New Version released After 4 years
RootRepeal – Rootkit Detector v1.3.5 Download Now
Toshiba Database hacked and User accounts leaked by V0iD
National Assembly of Pakistan database hacked by V0iD
Project Tarmeggedon by Anonymous Hackers Operation Green Rights
Microsoft Vulnerability in Bluetooth Stack Could Allow Remote Code Execution
421 FTP hacked and logins leaked by PiraX hackers
International Organization For Migration database hacked by Inj3ct0r Team for GREEN LIBYA - Exploit & Vulnerability Search Engine
WPSCAN - WordPress Security & vulnerability Scanner
265 Brazilian websites hacked by tota-x
GMER - Automating Rootkit Analyzer Released
90,000 Military Email Accounts Leaked in Latest #AntiSec Attack
David beckham official website hacked
viaExtract - Forensic tool for Android devices released
ISI Chief - Ahmed Shuja Pasha Email ID hacked by Indian Hacker
Stevens Institute of Technology database leaked by p0keu for #Antisec
XerXes - Most powerful dos tool
808 Indian Websites Hacked By ZHC MongOse & ZHC Toshiro
Anonymous Hacks FBI Contractors IRC Federal
Switzerland & Italian police arrest 15 suspected Anonymous members
German Federal Police servers Hacked by NN-Crew
Hellenic Parliament ( Greek ) Websites hacked, Database Leaked !
Florida election center website hacked
Durandal - Distributed CPU/GPU Hash Cracker v 0.5 released
Turkish Takedown Thursday - 74 Turkish websites defaced by #Antisec Database Leaked
Anonymous & Lulzsec Personal Information leaked by TeaMp0isoN
BPM Database leaked by p0keu for #AntiSec
Dukascopy: Forex Swiss Bank Vulnerable to SQL Injection
Italian Universities dump database Leaked by LulzStorm
Roger Ebert Email ID got hacked by Rapt0r - Anonymous Operation #AntiSec
Hackers posts fake celebrity stories on Sony site
Lulzsec Releases Final Message to the friends around the globe
Anonymous leaks Nimbuzz data for collusion with pro-censorship governments
PayPal UK Twitter account hijacked by angry customer
Video Demonstration : Vsftpd backdoor discovered by Mathias Kresin
NATO Server Hacked by 1337day Inj3ct0r and Backup Leaked !
RedHack deface 1000 sites for Turkey #AntiSec
FOX News Twitter Account Hacked by 5CR1PT K1DD3S (Brasil) hacked by TG hacker
Oracle website vulnerable to SQL injection
Iframe Injection & Blind SQL Injection vulnerability on exposed by Idahc(lebanese hacker)
Stuxnet Source Code Released Online - Download Now
Apple database hacked with SQL injection by Anonymous
4 big business sites database backup leaked by Serious BLack !
WebSurgery v0.5 - Web app testing tool Released
Pepper (Dating site) hacked by Anonymous #Antisec
TriNity (Indian Girl Hacker) Strikes again to server with 690 websites
UP Rajarshi Tandon Open University Allahabad Website Hacked
Nmap 5.59 BETA1 - 40 new NSE scripts & improved IPv6
Official Website of Amy Winehouse - Songer/Songwriter Defaced
Meggit - US Military and Law Enforcement equipment supplier hacked for #Antisec
Mesa Arizona Fraternal Order of Police website hacked, Data exposed !
SQL Injection Vulnerability in Google Lab Database System
MasterCard downed by ISP, not Anonymous hackers
Indonesian and Australian police launched Cyber Crime Investigation Center
OpenSSH 3.5p1 Remote Root Exploit for FreeBSD
Mobius Forensic Toolkit v0.5.8 Released
TDSS rootkit infects 1.5 million US computers
FBI searches LulzSec suspect home in Hamilton, Ohio
Hackers target Al-Qaida Internet communications systems
President Obama release National Strategy for Counter terrorism
Anonymous Antisec leaks Zimbabwe, Australia and Brazil governments data dumps
Sony Hiring Information Security Engineers & Facebook Hire George Hotz
Indian shopping website Groupon leaks Email/Passwords of 300,000 Users
Anonymous Hackers target Orlando websites & #OpOrlando Press Release
WWF's Philippine website hacked
13 Years Jail for Phishing Attack
MasterCard again down by Ddos attack in support of Wikileaks & Anonymous
774 Websites hacked by ZCOMPANY HACKING CREW (ZHC)
Double nibble URI decoding XSS Vulnerability on EC Council website
2000 Websites defaced by The 077 ( Hamdi HAcKer ) Tunisian HaCker
Operations AntiSec : Anonymous takes down Tunisian government site
ThePiratebay removes 50 Days Of Lulz [ forum & blog ] hacked by CYB-IMP [ Cyber Impossibilities ]
Lulzsec Exposed, Long Live Anonymous !
50 Days of Lulz - LulzSec Says Goodbye & Operation AntiSec will Continue
Wikileaks - We help you safely Get the Truth !
NATO Reports Data Breach to One of Its Websites
TeaMp0isoN leak Former British PM Tony Blair Data
PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) & Writerspace Hacked Again by Warv0x (AKA Kaihoe)
Black and Berg Cybersecurity Consulting Hacked in support of Operation Antisec
Th3J35t3r (The Jester) claim to expose identities of LulzSec Leader "Sabu"
150 United Kingdom ( Domains Defaced by Bl@ckZero
JustHost Hosting Server Compromised, More than 1000's of websites at Risk !
LulzSec shuts down Brazilian government Websites
The Social-Engineer Toolkit v1.5 Released
101 Sites hacked By Swats the Toxified Crew
Ani-Shell v1.2 - Email-Alerts , Mass Code injector
DOLE website vulnerable to hackers !
New XSS Vulnerability found on Sony PlayStation by c7-elixir - The C7 Crew
Lulzsec member blog hacked by TeaMp0isoN
Firefox Version 5 release with fix of 5 remote code vulnerabilities
LulzSec exposed details of alleged snitches
UK police arrest Suspected LulzSec 19 years old Mastermind
LulzSec steal millions of records from the UK 2011 Census
Metasploit Framework 3.7.2 Released - Download
UK Serious Organised Crime agency website down after LulzSec Ddos attack
Blizzard's Mobile Server Database Exposed by Warv0x (AKA Kaihoe)
BrainNET ISP/TV Provider hacked by ProDom Security
LulzSec & Anonymous initiates 'Operation Anti-Security' together
Sony Pictures France hacked by idahc_hacker
Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities on CNN website Exposed
Air India unit - Centaur Hotels website insecure - Passports, ID's, credit cards data at Risk
Libyan Satellite TV Website Hacked by Ktkoti and Most of Libyan media sites down ! forum Hacked by Pakistan hackers
ADAG Group Chairman Anil Ambani's email under phishing attack hacked by Indishell and database dumped
Interview with Anonymous ( Anony_ops OR Anon_Central )
Sega Pass customer datails hacked, LulzSec wants to Help Sega !
THC-HYDRA v6.4 - Fast network logon cracker
SAMHAIN v2.8.5 - intrusion detection system
HP computers FTP hacked by HexCoder
ClubHack: CHMag Issue 17th, June 2011 Download
XSS attack on CIA (Central Itelligence Agency) Website by lionaneesh
LulzSec Leaks 62,000 Email/Passwords of
Anonymous Hackers hit 50 Malaysian government websites
PayPal vulnerability : Hack any Paypal account within 30 seconds
WSO Web Shell 2.5.1 Download
LulzSec take down CIA Website
Interview with Team Inj3ct0r ( 1337day )
Lulzsec Hackers Break Into U.S. Senate Computers
60 websites defaced by SbZ-GHoST TeaM against Denmark ,USA & Israel
Video Presentation on Stuxnet by Hungry Beast
Turkey police arrests 32 Anonymous hackers for DDOS attack
26,000 Porn websites passwords exposed by LulzSec
Samurai Web Testing Framework LiveCD
3 suspected Sony PlayStation Network hackers arrested in Spain
Ani-Shell v1.1 - Back-Connect and Bind-Shell Features by lionaneesh
Motorola (Croatia) Website hacked
CitiBank hacked & large number of customer data stolen
Epic Games Database Hacked by Contra
MIT (ILP) hacked by Cyber_Owner
United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Hacked by ZCompany Hacking Crew
Anonymous Operation India Press Release after Ramdev fiasco to fight with against corruption
Lulzsec Leaks Source Code of Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Network !
Total Exposure - The Hacker News [THN] Magazine - June 2011 | Issue 03
National Informatics Centre (NIC INDIA) got hacked by Anonymous !
Sony Music Brazil Gets defaced !
John The Ripper 1.7.7 Jumbo 5 - Latest Release Download
THN Report : ACER hacked because of their own stupidity !
F-Secure Releases Anti-Virus For Mac
Ani-Shell v1.0 - PHP shell with features like Mass-Mailer , Fuzzer , DDoser by lionaneesh
Operation Cupcake : MI6 hacks al-Qaeda website !
Lulzsec hack Infragard Atlanta Members Alliance & challenge FBI !
Sony 12th time Hacked : Database of Application Store at Sony Europe Leaked !
ACER Hacked : 40,000 Users Data, Source Codes & Server Compromised
Hackers stole classified information from two Canadian ministries
Anonymous Leaks 10,000 E-mails of Iranian Government
Chinese hackers having aim to Spying on U.S. Govt
Sony Pictures hacked and Database Leaked by LulzSec
Facebook Password Extractor - Get passwords stored in Web browsers
NATO Vs Anonymous
Chinese Hacker Cracks Hundreds of Gmail Accounts of U.S. & Asia
National Democratic Party (NPD) of Germany hacked by n0-N4m3 Cr3w
Dating Funda Hacked over 1 lakh 45,000 user data hacked !
Wireshark 1.4.7 & Wireshark 1.2.17 Released was hacked with 0day exploit for MoveableType !
Server with 335 websites got hacked by PakH3X0r
Delhi University's Control Panel & Fashion TV India's Data Hacked by Moofster
md5deep and hashdeep - Latest version 3.9.1 Released
Exploit Database site - Exploit-ID was under DDOS attack !
Shahrukh Khan's upcoming Movie - Ra One Official Website hacked
3 websites hacked by Indian Girl Hacker - TriNitY !
Pakistani hackers site got hacked by Indishell
T-Series Media Company & Other Domains of T-Series Hacked By ZHC XtreMist
Sniffjoke 0.4.1 - Anti-sniffing Framework & Tool For Session Scrambling
SQLi vulnerability in United Nation's (UN) Website !
GMA-7 television networks website, twitter & Facebook hacked by D4RKB1T
Sonu Nigam's email hacked !
Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Hacked by Lulzsec, Users data & Database Leaked ! (ISP) hacked by Sec Indi
4 Indian Govt. Websites Hacked By MaDnI [ ZHC ]
Freelancing Website hacked by lionaneesh
QuickRecon v0.3.1 - Latest Version Download
Pesca 0.75 Local Stealer - Download !
Supply Network Collaboration of Uniliver Hacked by CrosS | R00TW0RM
Cyber Law India Website Hacked By MaDnI [ ZHC ]
Dating Website FindFriendz Hacked by lionaneesh, over 45,000 user data compromised. ( Survey Company ) Emails/Passwords Exposed
XSS Vulnerability on Real Player Website by THEc7cREW
50 Cpanels Hacked By Ahmdosa Hacker
110 more Indian Websites Hacked by ZHC XtReMiSt
14 Year Old Hacker Hired by Microsoft after doing phishing via Call of Duty Server !
Sony Reply to Congress : We Still Don't Know Who Hacked Us !
Robert X. Cringley (Security Expert) Credit Card Hacked !
Security Alert : cPanel 11.25 CSRF vulnerability to upload any php Script !
XSS Vulnerability found on Sony PlayStation Store Website
R00TW0RM Linux Auto rooter for 2010 kernel Coded by CrosS
Anonymous Takes Down U.S. Chamber Of Commerce for PROTECT IP Act
Honda hacked - 283,000 car owners personal data Leaked !
Hackers broke into Lockheed Martin networks & U.S. defense contractors !
ICC Twenty20 World Cup 2012 website Hacked !
Israeli Server with 96 websites Hacked by J|nX
Origami 1.0 released - Pdf manipulation framework !
R00TW0RM Linux Auto rooter for 2009 kernel Coded by CrosS
NIIT Technologies GIS subsidiary’s server hacked by Tigers of Indian Cyber (TIC)
Internet Explorer vulnerable to Cookie-jacking
Fimap v.0.9 released - Local and Remote file inclusion auditing Tool
Security Alert : vBulletin 4.X Security SQL Injection & CSRF/XSRF Exploits available !
Smsgwadapter Server Admin Credentials Revealed !
Comodo Hacked - Reseller private data exposed !
Hashbot - Forensic web tool to acquire and validate the web pages !
Microsoft Patches Hotmail Security Vulnerability !
9 Pakistani websites hacked By D-f33t Cr3\v/
Sony Ericsson Got Hacked by Idahc - Lebanese hacker
Fedora 15 "Lovelock" released - Download Now !
Impassioned Framework Download - Another Crimeware Available for Free !
LulzSec Leak Sony's Japanese websites Database ! Getting Problem with SSL Certificate Hacked & Database Leaked By Shadow008 (PakCyberArmy)
Hackers attack on Norwegian military Computers
Arachni v.0.2.3 - Open Source Web Application Security Scanner Framework
Infographic - The Sony PlayStation Hack
BlackHole Exploit Kit 1.0.2 - Download !
Democrat website hacked by ALLAH`U EKBER-Team !
State highway police website hacked !
6 sites Defaced by Cyb3r.pr3dat0r ( Team DNA Stuxnet)
Sony BMG Greece Hack, Complete Details Out !
Facebook Says - I am vulnerable, Please Hack Me !
200+ Important & Some Govt. Websites of India Hacked by XtReMiSt
Israeliens Websites Hacked By Ahmdosa !
Sony Music Indonesia Defaced By k4L0ng666
What is Zeus - Technical paper Zeus by SophosLabs !
Unknown Exploit Kit (Crimeware) leaked, Available for Download !
Underground Security Forums : & Hacked by 0p3nH4x !
Indian Congress Party & Ebay Nepal Websites are vulnerable to Hackers !
CodeMasters - Gaming Community Compromised, Back-End Users Data Leaked !
Anonymous leaks PSN SSH Logs, Sony is responsible for Data Theft ?
Indian Premier League | IPLT20 Website Defaced by Tyson_08 and Inferno !
OpenDNSSEC 1.3.0rc2 new Version released !
Facebook Prepares to Launch Bug Bounty Program !
RKAnalyzer - kernel level rootkit analyzer !

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1 Released !
Role of Hacking in Stealing and Selling Credit Cards !
Linux kernel 2.6.39 released - Update Now !
Government Directorate Pakistan hacked by lionaneesh
The Social-Engineer Toolkit v1.4 latest Version !
Sony PlayStation Network hacked again, user passwords compromised !
Dropbox potential security flaw revealed, could be exploited by hackers !
Hackmeout.Net Hacked By Shadow008 (PakCyberArmy)
Wi-Fi Security Challenge 3 By Security Tube, Prize: $50 !
Android phones vulnerable to hackers !
SQLi vulnerability in (IPL) Indian Premier League Found by MaDnI - PCA
Net pirate monitoring firm hacked !
Govt militry Engineering services database hacked by MaDnI (PCA)
TinKode Hack FTP of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center !
Metasploit Framework 3.7.1 Released !
Microsoft's Bing And Facebook's Like Button Team Up Against Google !
Vulnerability in Google ClientLogin Protocol !
Pakistan Cyber Army (PCA) owner SHAK Exposed By Indishell (Indian Hackers)
#OpEverest : Anonymous make Central website of the Nepal Government Down
Fake antivirus campaign on India’s DNA e-newspaper website !
QuickRecon v0.3 version released !
New Facebook Scam : WTF I can’t believe you’re in this video !
Ronaldinho website hacked by Osama bin Laden supporter !
ISI (Pakistan) hack email account of Indian Army Major ! Hacked, Infects Visitors with Malware !
Appin Hacked - Ethical Hacking Training institute hacked again
LulzSec Hack & Leak pointless ATM information !
Indian server HaCkeD By The 077 ( Hamdi HaCker )
53 Websites defaced by Andre Corleone (Indonesian hacker)
Rumor or True ? FBI & hackers exposed : LulzSec Participants Identified !
Exclusive Report : Is Department of Defense (DoD), Pentagon, NASA, NSA is Secure ?
Wi-Fi Challenge by Security Tube !
PlayStation 3 update 3.61 available Now, PSN begins today !
Hackers Got Hacked, Hacked By Shadow008 !
417 U.K websites Got hacked , Server compromised !
Crimepack 3.1.3 Exploit kit Leaked, available for Download !
Qualys and Malware Analyser - Online malware scanning engine !
Anonymous announce #OpIran on 15th May 2011
Super Saturday : The Hacker News Featured Articles, If you miss Something !
26 Underground Hacking Exploit Kits available for Download !
CHMag Issue 16th, May 2011 Download !
Understanding The Concept of Bypassing Antivirus,by Internet Security Team
Devil shell v1.2 - Php shell with DDoS feature !
PlayStation Network hack launched from Amazon EC2 !
China plugging holes in its Great Firewall by disrupting VPN traffic !
LUMS University Database Hacked By Hitcher
Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTCL) Hacked by lionaneesh, users data compromised
13th Friday, Everything Down : Twitter ,You tube & Blogger !
Critical Flash Player Update to fix 11 Security Holes
Finally, is back !
Hacker getting WordPress Database Dump with Google Query !
Final Fantasy maker Square Enix hacked, 25,000 email addresses Stolen !
Pakistan Cyber Army got hacked by Indian Cyber Army (Indishell)
Microsoft Release Security Intelligence Report !
Facebook Security Update, Protection from Untrustworthy Websites With Web Of Trust (WOT)
White House Unveils Cybersecurity Legislative Agenda
Script that gives hackers access to user accounts floods Facebook !
Fingerprinting the author of the ZeuS Botnet !
The Anonymous : Need of 21st century !
New Facebook worm propagating : VERIFY MY ACCOUNT , Video Explanation of code !
Preview : Web App Hacker's Handbook 2nd Edition !
275 Sites Hacked by jumbo (Umer Rock)
Finally Source code of ZeuS Botnet Version: available for Download !
Wikileaks Founder, Assange gets Sydney Peace Prize !
Hacked PlayStation Network to be fully restored by end of May !
ICSE Guess compromised, over 1 lakh 10 thousand users hacked by lionaneesh !
NCASC & 3 More Nepal Government Sites Hacked By cool_sh4v1k
Microsoft Releases Patch Tuesday Fixes for Windows Server and PowerPoint !
White House Cyber-Security Strategy Could Guard Health Care Payments !
BackTrack 5 Released - Direct FTP Download Now !
Anonymous IRC hacker, Ryan Cleary Exposed !
Complete ZeuS source code has been leaked !
Channel [V] INDIA website HacKeD By MaDnI ( Pak Cyber Army )
You got owned, Exposure about privacy on facebook !
Linux kernel ( stable) has been released !
Rajasthan State marketing site infected with malicious code
Sony 3rd massive leak - 100 million users personal info hacked in Japan !, Underground-Hacking.Net & Hacked by Shadow008 (PakCyberArmy) 4243 users data compromised !
Samsung Data Management Server with Sql Injection Login Bypass vulnerability
French security firm VUPEN Say New Bugs Can Bypass Google Chrome Sandbox !
Patch for Metasploit that will enhance db_autopwn such that you will be able to Hack almost ANYTHING !
Ethical Hacking Services - Appin Security hacked By 133t Indian h4x0rs !
NASA, Stanford sites hit by search engine scammers !
Hackers release usernames, passwords of several affiliate employees !
0p3nH4x #1 2011 has began - Ezine Out !
50 sites Hacked by Error boy !
Chambers of Milton Commerce Canada, Nribahrain online forum & YQWORLD Education Portal hacked by lionaneesh
SWFRETools 1.1.0 - Adobe Flash SWF file reverse engineering !
Lahore High court to Consider Permanent Ban on Facebook !
Remote DoS Flaw in BIND Fixed in New Version !
Anonymous IRC networks - & Hacked !
OpenID Warns of Serious Bugs in Some Implementations
India's leading IT companies TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) & Tech Mahindra is also not Secure !
[THN] The Hacker News Exclusive Report on Sony 3rd Attack Issue !
EgY SpIdEr ShElL : Shell strongest in the history the hacker !
Bahrain calling Freedom and Democracy !
Various sites hacked by Fr0664/FCA and users data compromised !
116 Indian sites hacked by MaDnI ( Pak Cyber Army )
UME.IR (Micro Designers Blog Portal) hacked !
The Hacker News decrypted the warm-up by 0p3nH4x !
Israel Forum Hacked by Hawk - MongoOse - TriCk - vulnerable to SQL injection attack
Website of rightist Bulgarian party hacked !
Fiddler v2.3.3.3 New version released !
Dar Al Salam Hajj and Umrah Services hacked by Atul (Indishell)
Jaypee Hotels Website Hacked By Mohit Pande Aka Toshu !
Israel Hackers make Gaza Hacker Team's Sites down !
Gene Simmons v. Anonymous : FBI raids Gig Harbor home in search of hacker who targeted Kiss frontman
X Factor Leaked Contestants Database, Available for Download !
The PSN Security Breach Timeline !
Security Alert : Skype for Mac Has Unpatched Security Flaw
cPanel Tutorials website ( Defaced by Ahmdosa HaCker compromised, 800+ emails/passwords Exposed ! Hacked By Shadow008 (PakCyberArmy)
Sony Apologizes, Offers $1 Million Insurance After Hacking !
DragonBall Browser v1.0.0 ~ Browser For Hackers !
A Syrian Man-In-The-Middle Attack against Facebook
Microsoft prepares critical Windows patch for Next Tuesday !
Upload Vulnerability in Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (ISRO) Website
XSS attack on by Hitcher
200 sites including three gov sites have been hacked by $(-)@(-)94 $h3rrY $!D {PCH}
BackTrack 5 Release in 5 days, on 10th May !
CCAvenue payment gateway hacked !
'The Hacker News' Magazine - Social Engineering Edition - Issue 02 - May,2011 Released !
Updated : 3rd Plan to Hit Sony, Another Sony Information Leak !
A press release from Anonymous regarding PSN !
Hackers steal 250,000 X Factor Details !
Anonymous Response to Sony : We didn't do it as we will never hurt the innocents !
LastPass Forces Users to Change Master Passwords Following Suspicious Activity
BackTrack 4: Assuring Security by Penetration Testing database hacked by DrGr4vity, 1000 users data compromised Hacked By EvilSoul - Free Dating Site Pwnd by Fr0664/FCA
Metasploit Framework 3.7.0 Released !
SportGFX.COM - World's Largest Sport GFX Community Hacked by PirateAL Hacked, found to be serving malware !
PlayStation Network Security Update !
One more Hacker Website Ub3rHakerz.NET Hacked By Shadow008 (PakCyberArmy)
Source Code of Osama FaceBook worm Leaked !
Network access control system PacketFence 2.2 released !
Bhutan Government's hacked with Blind Sqli Injection - City of Bryan Hacked and 175 emails/passwords Exposed By Fr0664/FCA
Tor released - To Toggle, or not to Toggle & The End of Torbutton!
Assange says Facebook is spying tool for US intelligence !
0day Exploit Released : Adobe, HP, Sun, Microsoft Interix & many more Vendors FTP hackable !
Netherlands-based Rabobank down under DDoS attack !
Google Hack Database Tool v1.1
Hack your Sony PSP : ISO Tool v1.975 Released !
USB Immunizer : Anti-Malware Tool Against Autorun Viruses
( #SOE ) Sony hit with second attack, loses 12,700 credit card numbers !
Hackers exploit Bin Laden death on Facebook !
Cyber Detective & Cyber Force Hacked By Shadow008 (PakCyberArmy)
300 Sites HAcked by JUMBO !
Source Code is the New Hacker Currency !
Hacker posts screenshot of sex video on SPAD website !
Bahrain says Iranian hackers hit government website
#Anonymous attacks Iranian state websites
ArpON 2.2 released - ARP handler inspection !
President of Pakistan – Database Hacked By Mohit Pande Aka Toshu
12 American Websites Hacked
Escuela Universitaria Diseno - Spain hacked by Fr0664/FCA, 26740 emails/passwords Dumped !
Trinity Campus college's website hacked by RdH0X
The PSN hackers logs fresh from EFNET IRC Server !
Anonymous Vs Sony : Word By Word Q/A b/w Reporters and Sony during Conference !
Holes in FBI cyber security !!
Mallika sherawat's Official Website, SSM College hacked by Hackethis29
Hydra v6.3 Released with oracle & snmp-enum modules !
Department of Homeland Security Out to Get PSN Hackers !
Law enforcement organization hit by hackers !
imm0rt4l5 Hackers Hit 3 Pakistani websites !
Pangolin 3.2.3 - Automatic SQL injection penetration testing tool New Release !
151 websites Got hacked By Albania hacker Force [AHF CREW] Hacked By Anonymous Hackers #OpIran
Trinity College Dublin Reports Data breach !
6 denmark websites hacked by ahmdosa !
ICANN Hires Def Con Founder Jeff Moss as Security Chief !
Cross site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Found By Zero Cool
PacketManipulator 0.3 released - including Windows Installer ! hacked, Over 9000 accounts compromised !
US Congress wants answers from Sony on PlayStation hack !
'The Hackers Paradise' hacked by KhantastiC !
Hindustan College Of Science And Technology - Database Hacked By Mohit Pande Aka Toshu
Aviation Website hacked By Lionaneesh
Facebook is not Exclusion, XML Vulnerability ! database Exploited by Lionaneesh
Lady Gaga's Twitter Account Hacked !
Famous Israeli company websites Hacked by OldChildz (Turkish Hackers)
Live Hacking DVD v1.3 Beta - Download !
Ubuntu 11.04 Released ! (Social Networking) Hacked by Fr0664/FCA, 15809 Users emails/passwords exposed !
Ncrack 0.4 Alpha - New Version download !
Google's Chrome 11 fixes $16,500 worth of bugs !!
Election commission & Society of aircraft engineers of pakistan Hacked By Imm0rt4l5
Nikon Image Authentication System Compromised !
John the Ripper 1.7.7 new version Released !
Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - Download !
FBI vs Coreflood botnet
Complete IRC chat of PlayStation Network hacker !
Yenepoya University Hacked by The INFERNAL DANTE
Cambridge Networks hacked by Shak [PCA]
WordPress 3.1.2 released – Security fixes !
Mageia 1 Beta 2 released [ Testing Edition ]
253 website defaced by imm0rt4l ( Indian hacking crew )
100's Beijing Government networks are vulnerable to cyber-attack !
Hacker Got PlayStation 77 million PSN customers Network Users info !
The Film and Publication Board’s (FPB) website Hacked by Dr.KroOoZ - By.NeShTeR / TTG !
Indian Institute of Management (IIM-B) Bangalore website hacked database and user details hacked by angel 4k4 4d0r4b13 !
3 university websites database exploited by FR0664/FCA
Yahoo! PH Purple Hunt 2.0 Ad Compromised !
India's Railway Email System hacked by Pakistan Cyber Army !
Pangolin v3.2.3 Released, Download Now !
Albanian Ministry of Justice Exploited by ATH-Cr3w
The Social-Engineer Toolkit v1.3.5 Released !
Infondlinux - Security tools install script for Ubuntu !
Mandriva 2011 Beta 2 is Available for Testing !
CMR Collage Bangalore Website Hacked by lionaneesh
PlayStation Network Hacked, Information leaked !
10 Site Hacked by Mr.D4NG3R
Facebook hacker posts stolen pics on porn site ! - Hacked by GriAdamlar (Turkish Hackers Group)
Hacker pleads after busted with 675K stolen cards
U.S. federal lab linked to Stuxnet breached !
Pakistan Air Force Server Hacked by Code Breaker/Lucky (Indishell)
FBI cracks International Bot Network !
Cyber jihadists could use Stuxnet worm to attack the west !
McAfee study - India is fourth lowest in security adoption !
50 new Scada threats discovered, Another stuxnet in making ?
Universal Fuzzer by Codenomicon !
OWASP Hackademic Challenges Project
The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Hacked !
Former Cisco Engineer Arrested for Hacking !
Microsoft discloses vulnerabilities in Chrome and Opera
German software developer Ashampoo Hit by Data Breach !
Siemens Assisted with Stuxnet's Development, claimed by Iran !
DDOS attack on from China !
Verizon 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report Released !
BodgeIt Store : Vulnerable Web Application For Penetration Testing !
fileinfo-gui - Forensic tool for file information !
Lancaster 25,000 students and 2,500-plus employees personal info hacked !
Two Hyundai Capital Services hackers arrested !
Belnet Security Conference, 5 May 2011 in Brussels !
5 Sites hacked by 133t Indian h4x0rs !
Atul Dwivedi (Indishell) hack into Kaizen Enterprises (Pak)
Anonymous hacker broke into wind turbine systems !
China's Cyber Hackers Target Western Firms !
European Space Agency (ESA.INT) Hacked by TinKode !
France official football websites,forums & Zapak Gaming Portals hacked by ZHC
Truth About Facebook - CIA, U.S. government - Everything Related !
DirectoryScanner - Free Directory Server fingerprinting tool !
20 china government websites hacked by The 077 ( HamDi HaCker )
Calling All Hackers - Grand Prize in Sunshine State “Hacktacular” Challenge !
Hackito Ergo Sum 2011 slides available for Download !
Manila Water's website hacked by Blackrain !
Monash University website hacked by yaser007
Lahore University, Shail Vac Engineers, Strengthening Democracy - SQLi Vulnerable found by Lionaneesh
326 Websites Hacked
OpenStack 'floating Linux kernel' rides VMware hypervisor !
Emergency Adobe Flash Player patch coming today !
Attackers taking advantage of Epsilon !
Oracle to release 73 security vulnerabilities security patch update !
THC-Amap v5.3 - application protocol detection Released , Download Now !
Phoenix exploit kit 2.5 leaked, Download Now !
Pakistan president's website hacking case adjourned !
WordPress.Com Hacked, Hacker root the Server ! is vulnerable to SQL injection !
Supreme Court of Canada vulnerable to non prsistance xss attack !
Main Advertising vulnerable to SQLI by lionaneesh !
ESET NOD32 releases Antivirus for Linux 4 !
Malaysiakini - Malaysia's Most Popular News Website Shutdown's after cyber attack !
French Hacker Arrested After Bragging on TV !
BackTrack 5 will also be for Motorola Xoom !
DUCAT Punjab Best Ethical Hacker Competition Website hacked by lionaneesh !
Tell us how you did it, Pakistan court to hackers !
Wireshark 1.5.1 Development Release !
CEH Trainer (Centennial Media Training) Got Hacked !
50 government website hacked by Tn-V!Rus and The 077
71 websites hacked by T0$h!R0 AM!N
1000 website hacked by bad boy !
Barracuda Networks Hacking via SQL Injection !
DUCAT Punjab Best Ethical Hacker Competition
OllyDbg 2.01 alpha 3 Released !
Sqlmap v.0.9 - automatic SQL injection and database takeover tool !
RawCap sniffer for Windows released !
WiFite The WEP/WPA Cracker version r68 released !
Anonymous Plans Sony Boycott on April 16
PenTBox 1.4 – Penetration Testing Security Suite Download
Pakistan Air Force Vulnerable to SQLi By Lionaneesh
70 Indian Websites Hacked By Shadow008 (PakCyberArmy)
The Underground Cyber Hacking Challenge !
Gta-SanAndreas &1342 New WebSites HAckeD By The 077 ( Hamdi HAcker )
DerbyCon Security Conference 2011
Indian Revolution : Lets know about Anna Hazare !
116 Websites Hacked
Amul's site is vulnerable to sql Injection !
DRIL: Domain Reverse IP Lookup Tool Download
The Social-Engineer Toolkit v1.3.2 , New version Download !
Cain & Abel 4.9.40 released , Download now !
IE9 exploit puts Windows 7 SP1 at risk !
Google Fixing the little things !
PIZZA HUT Sql vulnerability by Srinivas Kj down with Social Engineering by Saken & Josh of TeamDX !
GNOME 3.0 Released , Available for Download !
Hydra v6.2 with a password bruteforcing mode, xmpp and irc modules, MD5/SHA1/ Support !
Hackers steal Dell 1000's customer information !
Vatican magazine says hackers do God’s work !
Windows Servers Hacked at The Hartford Insurance Company !
Stolen data may be sold on cyber black market !
Microsoft warns against hacked Windows Phone 7 updates !
Distribution Release : SystemRescueCd 2.1.0 Download
One More Xbox Live director hacked !
ZeuS Source Code Leaked, Available for Sale !
Toyota 4x4 - Toyota Land Cruiser Hacked by The 077
DHCP client allows shell command injection !
Govt of Orissa website Owned by ZHC XtreMist [ZHC]
India's CBI plans to send teams to US, Europe to trace hackers !
New Chinese MBR Rootkit Identified
MumbaiITPro User Group Hacked by TriCk [TeaMp0isoN]
Hosting company got Compromised !
Multiple vulnerabilities in IBM Tivoli Directory Server !
Hackers Changes Millions of Passwords to "password" !
HBA Crew (german carder forum) get hacked !
The Hindi Times Hacked by TriCk & RoCk - ZHC & TeaMp0isoN
Bh-News Has Been Hacked By Dinelson US cross-site-scripting (XSS) vulnerability by Edgard Chammas defaced by participants in #Anonymous
Anonymous takes down Sony Pictures US and UK sites !
QNet confirmed that e-commerce portal was down due to DDoS attack
Kroger Customer Database Hacked !
Epsilon's (Marketing services firm) Customer Lists of Major Brands Compromised !
Comodo hacker claim no relation to Iranian Cyber Army !
Operation #Payback Next target #OpSony by #Anonymous
Inside Story : How RSA was got hacked !
Pradesh Today Hacked (Indian news website) Hacked By ZHC & TeaMp0isoN
Vulnerability in Facebook Email feature Exposed !
315 more Website Has Been Hacked By Dinelson US
50 Wesbsites Hacked By ahmdosa Hacker
April Fool Hack : Innobuzz (Ethical Hacking Training Institute) hacked
'The Hacker News' Magazine - Anonymous Edition - Issue 01 - April,2011 Download now !
Fake 'Walk and Text' App steals Android user data !
IEEE members database hacked !
Indian Institute Bansal IIT-JEE Hacked, Student Database Leaked by Cyb3R_Shubh4M
Hacker group defies U.S. law, defends exposing McAfee vulnerabilities !
Farmville Compromises Facebook - Facebook Fixes Flaw ! & hacked 200k Email and Plain text passwords !
Keyloggers in Samsung Laptops, Officials says - Samsung laptops are in fact secure !
18 Websites Hacked
40 websites Defaced by SBZ-GHoST [Team Tunisian Hacker]
Hotmail will allow emails to run Javascript !
University of Regina's website up and running after apparent hacking !
ANC Youth League's website hacked !
Two more Comodo registration authority accounts compromised !
National Security Agency (NSA) to Investigate Nasdaq Hack
Facebook Web Search Box May Be Dangerous
Anonymous Hackers Shut Down Music Industry Website Over $75 Trillion Lawsuit
NASA Computer Networks Have Potentially Catastrophic Security Holes !
20 pakistan sites defaced by APH
University of Regina's web server hacked by SecurityBus
Facebook Vulnerability - Beware of A New XSS on Facebook !
Multiple Vulnerability in McAfee Website , XSS and Other Attacks !
European Union Parliament Under Cyber Attack !
8 Websites Hacked By Albanian Hackers Team (Teo DownTurn & Unknown Hacker)
Zero-day Flash vulnerability fixed in Chrome, still unpatched elsewhere
#OperationPayback Next Traget : !
20 Hosting website hacked by The 077 ( Hamdi HaCker ) Tunisian HaCker
RIAA Targeted by Anonymous Operation Payback !
Chinese hackers suspected in compromise of Australian PM’s computer
Jordan Islamist opposition website hacked !
New Zealand Government’s sites bringing down by Anonymous !
Comodo Hacker - "Comodogate" Iranian hacker claims all internet is insecure ! (Oracle Sun Microsystems) vulnerable to SQL Injection
694 Israel Mails Hacked By Dinelson Us !
MySql.Com Hacked with Blind SQL Injection by Jackh4xor !
Powerful message from former C.I.A. Agent to every blogger,hacker and Americans !
CAT – Web Application Security Test & Assessment Tool & Hacked by The 077 ( Hamdi HaCker )
Thousands of Bank of America Accounts Hacked !
XSS Vulnerability in Zapak(gaming portal) by Milan Milo [ZHC]
Security Onion LiveDVD - Intrusion Detection for your Network !
Virus Attacks on Canadian Computer System
10 pakistan sites defaced by Hell Hax0r !
The Open Pentest Bookmark Collection v1.4
Google patches 6 serious Chrome bugs
Nasa HaCkeD By The 077 & DinelSon Tunisian HaCker
Delhi university's and site is vuln to XSS !
Anonymous Open Letter to Citizens of United States of America !
Hackers hack into TripAdvisor's members Database !
XSS vulnerable on !
Iran Hackers targets Gmail and Skype with fake SSL hack !
Internal Affairs may be next target for #Anonymous !
EC-Council News : Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) First Look Training !
Email & Bank Account of DIRECTOR,Indian Ministry of Communications & IT Hacked by Zcompany Hacking Crew !
1389 Indian websites defaced By ZCompany Hacking Crew & TeaMp0isoN
(C.I.F) Owned By Shadow008 (PakCyberArmy)
Pirate Bay's database gets hacked !
FBI busts $465,000 credit card scam !
Google Announces HITB2011AMS Conference Grant for Women Hackers !
JavaScript hole in Facebook ! hacked Atul and Neo (Indishell)
Republic of Ecuador two Govt sites Hacked by AL3X 0WN5 !
EC-Council News : Advanced Security Training First Look !
Event : Bloggers meet at Microsoft TechEd India 2011 ! compromised and security breach Admitted !
Milw0rm/Inj3ct0r 1337 Day Team clarify about their Team Membership !
Bangladeshi young man jailed for cyber crime !
25 Website Hacked By Xen0n (Bangladeshi Hacker)
Jesse William McGraw , Clinic Hacker Gets 9 Year Sentence !
70 Wordpress blogs HaCkeD By The 077 ( Hamdi HaCker ) Tunisian HaCker !
10 Websites hacked by Cyberhunterxx !
10 Argentina WebSite HaCkeD By The 077 ( Hamdi HaCker ) Tunisian HaCker
30 more Website Has Been Hacked By Dinelson Us
THN Poll : WikiLeaks will win Nobel Peace Prize ?
DB Audit v4.2.29 all-in-one database security and auditing solution !
ESET Nod32 Romania Hacked !
Wufeng County Procuratorat (China Government) website Hacked !
Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Google Search Engine !
Stuxnet Worm Revealed – Installation, Injection and Mitigation !
Bsnl India Helpdesk Admin panel Hacked !
Indonesian Soccer Association (PSSI) website hijacked by hackers !
Zynga hacker,Ashley Mitchell jailed for two years !
1337hax & Windowsforums hacked by Team - Indishell !
Tumblr security flaw, Clarification by Tumblr official staff !
The PHP Group has confirmed the compromise of their server !
3 websites hacked By Rao Assasin Hacker !
Paki UrduHack Security Team Is No More !
40 websites defaced by A42 & skywalk3r (Team Greyhat)
Exposure : How does the Tunisian government steal passwords on Facebook !
Tumblr security flaw : server IPS, API keys, passwords, etc were leaked !
Mc.Graw Hill – Hacking Exposed 3rd Edition 2011
Facebook bypass of the cache servers ,Check who visits your profile !
3 Brazilian Government sites hacked by "kinG oF coNTroL" KSA Hacker
Website collecting donations for Japan hacked !
How Did 50 Female Celebrities Get Hacked ?
WiFi Hacking Is Now Legal in Dutch ! hacked by Hackers Security Team – 2011
England cricket board XSS vunrebility found by Rishabh Das !
Wophcrack – Web Based Interface For Ophcrack Password Cracking Tool
OpenDNSSEC 1.2.1 latest version Released ! was compromised, and php source backdoored !
After hack, RSA Release Open Letter to RSA Customers !
Roboo : Most Advanced open-source HTTP Robot mitigator !
Security Event : Hack In Paris (16-17 June, 2011)
Immunity Debugger v1.82 latest version download !
Microsoft brings down world’s biggest spam network !
FBI tracking hackers who targeting Vanessa Hudgens &other celebs !
Top security firm RSA Security revealed by extremely sophisticated hack !
PHP 5.3.6 closes five security holes !
Index Twitter HaCkeD By The 077 ( Hamdi HaCker ) Tunisian HaCker
Hackers Exploit BlackBerry Browser Bug !
2 Bangladesh Government Hacked By Mr-ADeL !
Twitter offers encryption to beat hackers !
Chinese Site Hacked by Cyber king (TEAM NUTS)
3 websites hacked by Team-Greyhat !
Yahoo India R&D to Host ‘HACK U’ for IIT Kharagpur Students !
Kevin Mitnick's latest Book : Ghost in the Wires - My Adventures As The World's Most Wanted Hacker !
Iran to recruit hacker warriors for its Cyber Army !
Web hosting administration company InterWorx Hacked !
New Adobe Under Zero-Day Attack !
Times Square screens hacked using iPhone !
BackTrack 5 “revolution” will Release on May 10th, 2011
40th anniversary of the computer virus !
Seccubus 2.0.alpha1 released, Download Now !
Google users targeted by hackers ! Defaced By HEX786 !
China Government Site Hacked By Team Grey Hat !
17 websites Hacked by Angel 4k4 4d0r4b13
#OperationLeakS by Anonymous Hacker leaks Bank of America Emails ! vulnerability, Gaining Administrative Privileges on any Account !
Website critical of Myanmar regime hacked by unknown Hackers !
10 Websites hacked by Xen0n (Bangladesh Cyber Army)
Host-Extract - Host/IP Pattern Extractor Tool ! Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability !
Pentagon tightens computer security in wake of WikiLeaks breach !
Former employee held for hacking server of BPO unit in Hyderabad !
3 websites Defaced by Team DNA StuXnet !
PakBugs Defaced by GOD and Whole database available for Download ! Hacked by Angel aka 4d0r4b13 !
2 websites Hacked by kaMtiEz (INDONESIANCODER TEAM)
"TeaM DNA StuXnet Shell v1.0" is ripped copy of "Predator Shell" !
MHTML vulnerability under active exploitation ! Hacked by Anarchy Cr3w (Kurdish Hackers) !
Town Council of OGEMBO & MARAGUA Hacked by HEXBOOT3R (Turkish Hacker) !
In search of the Twitter Hacker !
Anonymous Hackers will Expose Something Awful About Bank Of America On Monday !
102 Websites Hacked By DinelsonUs for Political reasons !
HackAll.Net got hacked by Pakizhackers !
Free THA Webinar – Penetration Testing Reporting !
70 WebSites RooteD By The 077 ( Hamdi HaCker ) Tunisian HaCker
UK Uncut hack Vodafone website !
SourceForge open sources its own source !
Blazing Star (Pakistani website) Defaced by Crash Viperr & CyberDog !
Europe's Cybersecurity Agency Gears Up for War on Botnets !
35,000 Chinese websites hacked in 2010 !
Facebook shuts down dissident Chinese blogger Michael Anti's account
BlackBerry Hacked via Drive-By Download at Pwn2Own !
Microsoft Windows Picture and Fax Viewer Library Vulnerability !
Google's security tool infected with trojan !
Stephen Fewer won Pwn2Own !
Reverse Engineering of Proprietary Protocols, Tools and Techniques !

Anonymous Hacker Group Helps Take Down Insupportable Websites !
EC-Council Launches Center of Advanced Security Training (CAST) !
Jitendra Chohan College of Law website hacked !
Uzbek Embassy in Singapore Owned By SimMz K
Internet Explorer and Safari first to fall at Pwn2Own 2011, Chrome and Firefox still standing !
Europe prepares for war with botnets !
XSS Vulnerabilities in Russian Social Networking Site ‘VKontakte’
'EC-Council Academy' server compromised !
#Anonymous : An Open Letter To Broadcast Music, Inc.
XSS Vulnerability in Facebook Translations !
ClubHack : CHMag Issue 14th, March 2011 Download !
Google Chrome Gets Updates: New Interfaces, Faster Browsing !
New Metasploit 3.6 Targets Security Compliance !
#OperationPayback , Next Target by Anonymous Hackers !
Women's day website hacked !
Warner Bros. to deliver movies on Facebook !
Make Your Own Real Android Robot !
Most Websites Vulnerable To Attack !
Hacker sends teen's half-naked photo to Facebook, e-mail contacts !
More than 150 French Government systems hacked !
North Korea Trains Up Hacker Squad !
How to join Anonymous Hacker - Identity less Cyber Heroes ?
Iran Welcomes Hackers Who Work For Islamic Republic ! Defaced by Fedora (Pak Hacker)
Linux distributor security list destroyed after hacker compromise !
Hacker kills his own Pwn2Own bug for Android phones !
Metasploit Framework 3.6.0 Released !
Tor is released , Download Now !
WordPress DDoS Attacks Primarily From China !
43 Indian sites hacked by KiLLerMiNd !
Security Event : Recon 2011 Conference !
Cyber attack on Finance Ministry to access France’s presidency of the G20 !
Is Anonnews (Anonymous News Portal) run with support of United States Govt. ?
Geohot Will Try His Hacking Skills On Windows Phone 7 !
China Hackers hacked into secret South Korean military files !
Microsoft Releases Zero IE8 Security Updates Before "Pwn2Own" !
Cyber terrorism among greatest challenges of today for India !
Facebook new Vulnerability, Lots of Accounts misused for spamming !
Shia Community Forums hacked by ALM3R3FH
10 Indian Websites Hacked By Shak (Pak Cyber Army)
#OpGoogle - Operation Google started by Anonymous Hackers !
Virus Alert : Tweet Viewer Worm Crawling Around Twitter !
3thical Noob (Indishell) Deface 25 Pakistan websites !
Ashton Kutcher's Twitter account hacked !
CATANIA Airport website hacked, MOROCCAN Suspected !
8 websites hacked by CyB3r HuNt3rXx !
Trojan & Botnet Activities Increased in February-March !
Indra Gandhi Dental College Website & 40 other Indian Sites Hacked by TeaMp0isoN & ZHC ! Defaced by Underground Devil (HACKNUTS) (ShadowNET aka Envy) Hacked by TinKode !
Anonymous : We have Revolution in mind, we can change the World !
Cyber Attacks Hit Nearly 40 South Korean websites !
Mozilla introduces the "Web Apps" project just before release of release of Firefox 4 final !
Cyber Ethics, Safety and Security Education is essential for Indian users ?
Inj3ct0r , Milw0rm moved to new domain !
Canonical releases Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 3 !
Anonymous Hackers open letter to Google against a Blogger !
iTunes 10.2 fixes multiple security vulnerabilities !
Students arrested in Nye County Computer Hacking Case !
Teenagers jailed for running £16m internet crime forum !
Microsoft will Patch 4 Vulnerabilities on 8 March, 2011 !
Cyber Alert in South Korea After Government Websites Hacked !
GnackTrackR6 Released , available for Download !
Google & Mozilla Patches Browsers Before Pwn2Own Hacker Contest !
DHS Needs to Change Rules to Recruit Hackers into U.S. Security Agencies !
Ethical hacker (CEH) training now in syllabus of Riphah International University,Pakistan !
WordPress under massive DDoS attack !
Mobius Forensic Toolkit v0.5.7 released !
Low Orbit Ion Cannon - An open source network stress tool (Ddos) !
Cain & Abel v4.9.39 updated version Download !
BMW Auto (Romania) & Sex Education Satan Has been Hacked By Dinelson Us [Tunisian Hacker ]
26 Australian Beer/Wine shop websites Hacked By 'Pak Cyber Combat Squad' ! got attacked !
New banking trojan capable of hijacking the SSL connections !
Indian Embassy Of Sweden Hacked by Root@localhost - ZCompany Hacking Crew !
Operation Payback is Back with Target 'Copywrong (TBA)' !
Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter Account Hacked By Geek Activist !
Operation Icarus : Will Anonymous shut down the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) ?
#OpLibya : Google launches 'Speak to Tweet' service in Libya !
Wireshark 1.4.4 Latest Version Released !
Google buy Reverse Engineering Company Zynamics (German security firm) !
A letter to all Anonymous from Anonymous Hackers : Operation shutdown !
Nessus 4.4.1 Latest Version Download !
Beware : Php Shell By Trick (TeaMp0isoN) was a Back-doored Shell !
Google Chrome browser version 9.0.597.107 Released and fixes 19 security vulnerabilities !
London Stock Exchange website gets hacked with Malware Ads !
Albanian Cyber Army Hack into & !
Libyan opposition websites hacked, activists blame Gaddafi !
Vulnerability in and Hrithik's Website
6 Indian websites Hacked By Shak (Pak Cyber Army)
Chandan Roy's Facebook account hacked !
HBGary Federal’s Aaron Barr Resigns After being Exposed by Anonymous Hackers !
Anonymous Press Release for Journalists !
Several Israeli websites Hacked By ‘TeaM KuWaiT HaCkErS – HaCkErS eV!L' !
48 sites Defaced By Th0ght Breaker , NaPsTeRaKoS , Theoc_No !
ABIL Corporate Cricket Champions, Voice of Sikkim & Tikona Digital Networks Hacked By TriCk - TeaMp0isoN
Pakistan Cricket Board site vulnerable to XSS Found, By Angel !
Nintendo 3DS also got Hacked Within 24 Hours after Release !
German Police & Sony Raids on Hacker's Home !
Team Nuts Admin's official site Defaced By Lucky (Indishell)
TeaMp0isoN Shell - Private Build [BETA] - v0.1 Download !
Press Release : #OpWisconsin (Operation Wisconsin) by Anonymous Hackers !
Press Release - Who are Anonymous & What Anonymous represents ! - Technology Magazine website Hacked by TriCk & Assasin (ZHC & TeaMp0isoN)
BlackHole RAT : Mac OS X backdoor Trojan !
Motorola Xoom Gets Hacked In Under An Hour after Release !
Indian United Nations & Football Association website's XSS Vulnerabilities found by TriCk (TeaMp0isoN)
Hackers Could Exploit Federal Government Shutdown !
Xss venerability in 'The Times of India' website Found by Rahul Roshan !
Extreme Exploits : Advanced Defenses Against Hardcore Hacks Ebook Download !
An Open Letter to PayPal from Anonymous Hackers !
Cyber crime Complaints in US Fell by 10% in 2010 !
Google tweaks Search algorithm to reduce the search spam !
Anonymous Hackers send a video message to Westboro Baptist Church !
St George's University of London medical school's Database Hacked !
Lush website is back online after hacking !
Angel (4d0r4b13) help Admin to fix vulnerabilities of Website !
Ankit Fadia (Ethical Hacker and Cyber Security Expert) is also Not Secure !
Texas Man admits hacking into e-commerce servers of NASA !
Hacker claims credit for shutdown of WBC church's Website !
Libyan authorities restrict internet access !
More than 199 Indian govt websites defaced in last 6 months !
#anonsec : Anonymous Hackers guide how to Mesh Network !
Indishell (Indian Hacking Group) Got Hacked By N3t.Crack3R using XSS attack (Pakistani Hacker) !
Insecure Magazine : Issue 28 available for Download !
Watcher v1.5.1 Web security testing tool and passive vulnerability scanner download !
Dorset HealthCare University NHS Foundation Trust website Hacked !
Kaspersky Lab forecast for the IT threat landscape 2011 – 2020 !
World's Largest Touchscreen Hacked !
Kim Kardashian Twitter account Hacked !
Anonymous Hackers Call United Nation (UN) for their Responsibilities Regarding Libya !
BackTrack 5 ( BT5 ) Coming Soon !
OllyDbg 2.01 Alpha 2 Tool New Version Download !
Ubertooth - An Open Source Bluetooth Test Tool download !
Operation Libya (#OPLIBYA) - Anonymous Press Release for Free citizens of the world !
Anonymous Hackers message to LunarPages for removing personal page of Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar al-Gadaffi !
Database of banking recruitment website hacked !
Voice of America (VOA) website hacked by Iranian Cyber Army !
Lohchab Network Private Limited (India) Hacked by TriCk (TeaMp0isoN - ZHC)
Richard Kirk hacked into more than 300 eBay users' e-mail & PayPal accounts !
Anonymous Apologize for their Kindness & Effort, Anonymous Press Release 20 Feb,2011 (Must Read) !
Devil Shell v1.1 [new Release] Download !
Six ways your phone can be illegally tapped !
Anonymous Hackers warn Westboro Church - Stop now or else !
Atrix 4G Hacked Before You Can Even Buy It !
Microsoft confirms Windows BROWSER protocol zero-day !
How easy it is to hack AMC’s sites !
HTC HD Mini Gets Hacked, Now Runs Android !
Joe Jonas's Twitter Got Hacked !!
Manchu Manoj Email ID Hacked !
Online security losing cyber battle !
Operation Freedom ( OpFreedom ) - Press Release By Anonymous Hackers !
Yemen, Bahrain, Iran could be next Egypt ,Anonymous Stand With Justice & Truth !
Anonymous Hackers Help Iranian Activists Fight The Regime ! Launches New Email Hacking Investigation service !
Indian Hacker shared his video of hacking Microsoft Kinect Xbox to control Tata Sky !
Chinese hackers targeted House of Commons !
Nokia under scanner of Indian Intelligence Agency for its Push Email service and SMS !
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper promises action on cyber attacks !
Social networks to be monitored by Mumbai police to keep a check on hate pages !
Operation Bahrain ( #opbahrain ) - Anonymous Press Release !
China hackers attack Canadian Government Computer Systems !
BBC music websites get hacked !
E-Mails Hacked By Anonymous Hackers Raise Concerns !
3G technology will increase cyber crime !
Anonymous hackers planning real-world attacks !
Hacked security firm backs out of security conference !
Lush takes down two regional sites following another hack !
Anonymous Surpasses Wikileaks !
Lessons to learn from the HBGary Federal hack !
Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) Website Hacked !
U.S. Government Shuts Down 84,000 Websites By Mistake !
Operacion Tequila ( OPTEQUILA ) announced By Anonymous Hackers !
Winamp Forums Hacked, Message from Winamp Management Team Released !
300 WebSite Rooted by The 077 ( Hamdi HaCker ) Tunisian HaCker
The inside story of the HBGary hack by Anonymous Hackers !
Anonymous Hackers Release Stuxnet Worm Online !
CBI seeking Pakistan government's help in identifying members of a hacker group 'VERGIL'
'Esperanza Spalding' Wiki Page Hacked (Photo) By 'Justin Bieber' Fans !
Hackers Are Targeting Facebook via spreading malware !
Facebook, Youtube & Twitter Officials Keep Quiet on Its Role in Revolts that toppled governments in Tunisia and Egypt !
Finally U.S. Policy to Address Internet Freedom !
Brandon Township's website Receive Warning From Hackers !
Spanish Police Arrest Alleged Nintendo Hacker !
Plextor Site Hacked by ViciOuS Hacker After Product Launch !
Lush Cosmetics Australian website hacked !
Anonymous Hackers announces next DDoS Target at 5am GMT !
Operation OpGoya Live now by Anonymous Hackers !
Hackers use Chinese firm’s servers !
Spammers steal 400k user identities from Irish recruiter !
OpIran Press Release - Anonymous to The Noble People of Iran !
Anonleaks - HBGary Email Viewer Portal ,71,800 Emails Exposed !
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Messages Released From Anonymous to Iran People & Leaders !
Microsoft accuses former manager of stealing 600 MB of confidential docs !
Exposed : HBGary wanted to suppress Stuxnet research !
Chinese man flip-flops on hacking claims in McAfee Report !
Online dating sites targeted by hackers during Valentine !
Anonymous launches to expose HBGary 27,000 Emails, Data available soon !
Algeria Internet and Facebook Not Shut Down !
Anonymous hackers Expose HBGary plan to destroy WikiLeaks !
Anonymous Hackers said : We can Delete the Censorship from The World !
Anonymous Hackers announce Operation Italy ( #OPITALY ) on 13.02.2011 at 9am GMT (10.00 italian time)
Message Released from Anonymous Hackers to Royal Dutch Shell !
Ahmedabad Police register FIR in email hacking case !
Operation Iran ( #OPIRAN ) - Anonymous announce next Target: & !
Ruling in Assange Extradition Case Expected Feb. 24,2011 !
Stuxnet Hit 5 Gateway Targets on Its Way to Iranian Plant !
Two Firms That Plotted Against WikiLeaks Finally Apologize !
Nmap 5.51 Latest Version Out Now !
Anti-computer hacking bill coming in U.S. Congress !
Operation Algeria, Part 2 by Anonymous Hackers Released !
Operation Tequila - Anonymous Hackers New target for Saturday, !
Mubarak Resigns, Congratulations Egypt : Anonymous Press Release !
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Anonymous Response to Egyptian President Mubarak's Second Speech !
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School site hacked and replaced with porn webpages !
The Iphone can be hacked in 6 minutes !
Operation Iran - Press release by Anonymous Hackers !
Secret plan to kill Wikileaks with FUD leaked !
Hacked Irish Website Exposes The User Names, Addresses !
Maruti CEO’s email hacked, two Nigerians detained for hacking !
Facebook accounts of four Missouri state legislators hacked !
More than 3,000 may accept been victims of phone hacking !
Yahoo! Announces Hack U™ Spring 2011 Series !
Egyptian censor-busting website hacked !
All India Architects Website hacked by XrosFerZ (XrosFerZ Hacking Unit)
Infiltrate 2011 - Information security Event !
Nullcon 2011 - Information security Event !
OpenDNS 2010 Report : Web Content Filtering and Phishing !
Hackers Insert Rogue Content on Al Jazeera Arabic Website !
Malware Exploding, Especially On Mobile Devices !
English Defence League Hacked By TriCk - TeaMp0isoN
Bihar Cricket Council website hacked by ZCompany Hacking Crew !
Indian Airforce : Placement Cell and Wives Welfare Association websites Hacked by TriCk ( TeaMp0isoN -ZHC )
Jordan denies security services hacked website ! Hacked By Angel aka 4d0r4bl3 !
Lots of Biggest Facebook Pages Hacked By Omega Chg (Albania Hacker) !
Anonymous Hackers Attacks its Own Investigating Group !
Students will analysis cyber security skills vs. peers !
Russian hacker steals $10 million from a former Royal Bank of Scotland !
Microsoft going to patch 22 bugs, 3 zero-days ! hacked by Indonesian hackers !
HBGary Federal hacked and exposed by Anonymous !
Nasdaq confirms its network was hacked !
Anonymous attacks US security company !
Anonymous Hackers Pay Back FBI Snitch with 50,000 Leaked Emails !
Albania Security Group Hack more than 1000 Facebook Pages In One day !
UK foreign secretary : "We are under Cyber attack" !
Sikkim Govt website ( Hacked By ZComapany Hacking Crew - [ZHC] !
Italian government site ( Hacked ! Hacked By Pak Cyber Combat Squad !
TheHackerNews and CyberArmy(India) Facebook Pages Hacked By Albania Security Group !
President Ali Abdullah Saleh website hacked !
British govt computers under cyber attacks from hostile states !
Gang stole credit card details of US Citizens !
The End of the Internet in this week !
3 Months Journey of 'The Hacker News' !
Is WikiLeaks Really Hacking for Secrets !
Nasdaq systems were hacked last year ! Dating site takes 250,000 pictures and names of Facebook users !
THC-HYDRA v6.1 brute force tool Released !
Google Hacking Diggity Project, Advance Search Engine Hacking Tool !
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"The Daily" Hacked, Unauthorized Web Index Created !
Flickr accidentally deletes photos of 3,400 user’s permanently !
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Local Training Center, Hacker University, 8 in the USA Participate in Global Launch of Certified Ethical Hacker version 7
Social gaming Website Zynga Hacked, $12 million worth Poker chips Stolen !
Google bets $20000 that Chrome browser can not be hacked !
Uttar Pradesh ATS To Investigate The Hacking of Gramin Bank Website !
WikiLeaks nominated for Nobel Peace Prize,Truth is the most powerful weapon against Injustice ! !
Hackers Shut Down Egyptian Government Sites !
Bing caught copying search results from Google !
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Indian Army blames Facebook for Violence in Kashmir !
Breaking News : Google offers "speak-to-tweet" Account to Egyptians !
Anonymous Hackers Providing Communication Tools For Egyptian People ! hacked by BoxHead (Belegit Network)
DHS Investing $40 Million for Cybersecurity Research !
US recruiting young cyber warriors !
British antic Matt Lucas Twitter Hacked !
FBI raids on 40 Anonymous hackers !
Poll Results : Prefer way b/w Whitehats & Blackhats ?
AVG and Netlog Partner to Help More Than 24 Million Social Networking Users Stay Safe !
SourceForge Detects Targeted Attack, Resets Millions of Passwords !
New PlayStation 3 Firmware Hacked Within 24 Hours of its Release !
B.C. dating website hacked !
WikiLeaks 'hacktivists' acknowledge war on the UK !
Union leader Crow claims phone was hacked !
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Nmap 5.50 latest Version out !
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Smart Systems restore over hacked 295 websites !
Hobbit helmsman Jackson trap in $190K credit card scam !
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Facebook Awarded More Than $ 360 Million In Damages Against Spammer
IPS officer's Facebook profile hacked !
Certified Ethical Hacker Version 7 (CEHv7) has arrived !!
Two Arrested For Hacking Accounts, Card Cloning !
Former British Labour cabinet minister says her phone was hacked !
FBI Conducts Search Warrants At 40 "anonymous" Supporters Wikileaks !
All India Football Federation (AIFF) Site Hacked By Hackers Pakistan !
Anonymous hackers launch DDoS attack on Egypt !
Search Google Censorship Gently Piracy !
Facebook Enhances Security With HTTPS, Remote Disconnect !
Hackers Turn Back Time , Attack Telnet !
London Police Arrest Five Anonymous Hacker !
An Open Letter From ANONYMOUS HACKERS to the UK Government
A Day After CEO Is Hacked, Launches New Facebook Security Features ! & servers hacked by TeaMp0isoN !!
13 Websites Hacked by The ACE aka Mr.Gamble ( DNA STUXNET ) Forum hacked by PakCyberHaxors !
10 sites hacked by GoLg3 , bL00dMaSTeR , FaTaLKiNg & IronSpy !!
Amazon Web Hosting Company Is now Hosting DNS Service !
"Devil shell" coded by Underground Devil, member "Team Nuts" !
Twitter Worm Redirects Users !!
Pak Cyber Army Site Hacked by TriCk ( TeaMp0isoN )
Fedora Web Site Hacked, But the Servers Undamaged !
Site of AT&T-iPad hackers is hacked !!
Hacker held for blackmailing girl !
Government Sites, Military And Educational For Sale By Hackers !!
Mail & Guardian website down after hack attack !!
Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Fan Page Hacked !
OpenDNS : Facebook Was The Most Blocked Site In 2010 !
Hackers get access to N.J. school data system !
NATO networks vulnerable to cyber threat !
Google And Mozilla To Make "Do Not Track" Stages !
Spam Search Engine Booming : Google
First Cyber police unit launched in Iran !!
Wikileaks said - No, We Do Not Hack The Icelandic Parliament !
PINK's Twitter account Hacked By Husband Carey Hart !
Will Hill Says Twitter Account Has Been Hacked !
Nicolas Sarkozy's Facebook hacked !
Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) Website Hacked !!
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Lush’s UK Website Hacked, Credit Card Numbers Used !
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Beware Of Phishing Scams, Vishing, And Other Smishing !
Worm Virus Twitter Scam Push Rogue !
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Sri Lanka Army Tender Management System's site Hacked By Pakistan Cyber Warrior !!
2 Indian websites Hacked By Team Flawless (Pakistan Hackers) !
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Where To Buy Your Tools From Hackers ?
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CIO said - London Olympics Will Be 'ready' For Cyber-attacks !!
The World Now, "Third Age" Cyber Crime !
Z-Company Crew Deface Cochin Port Trust Site !! Hacked By Mack (Team Nuts)
PCA hack CBI Through The Creation Of Proxy Server from Other Three Countries !!
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Israel Tested For The Virus Linked To Iran's Nuclear Boredom !
Two men charged for Hacking into AT&T Website !
Malware and phishing increasing via social networks !
The unofficial guide to Facebook privacy !
Report : A global shift in cybercrime !!
University of Sydney failed to secure vulnerable web data !!
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Tips for Make Mobile Banking Safe And Secure ! database hacked , SQL vulnerabilities Found By Sec Indi !
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Tech2spider found SQLi Vulnerability in University of Michigan - Department of Human Genetics Website !
Julian Assange's hacking offences revealed in Australian court documents !!
Economic offences, cyber crime set to rise !!
OECD said Cyber attacks could create 'perfect strom' !!
FBI to press criminal charges over AT&T iPad user data hack !
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Four years on, phone-hacking scandal is still growing !
Car thieves can easily hack remote keyless systems !
Kinect hackers take control of the action !
UK premier supplier of iPhone and iPod touch accessories website Got Hacked by KillerMind HaXor !
Amitabh Bacchan's fan website hacked by 'Cyber Stonepelters Force' !
Lolz ! I've won three million Euros from Bill Gates !
Be aware : Korean DDoS arrests !
Accidental Leak Reveals Chinese Hackers Have IE Zero Day !
Angel Found Venerability in !
Sarah Palin's E-Mail Hacker Begins Prison Term !
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Amazon Cloud Can Be Used to Hack Into Networks !
US Enhancing Online Security !
Anthony Scott Harrison suspended jail for capturing baking details from 2000 computers !
Exclusive Interview with TiGER-M@TE (Bangladesh Google website Hacker)
UConn Co-op website hacked !
Bharat desi - Indian Community Hacked By Unix Shell Codrr !
North Korea YouTube and Twitter Accounts Hacked !
Cyber Gang War: Korean Crime Duo Nabbed for Web Attacks !
GTVHacker dev team wins cash bounty for first Google TV hack !
German researcher exposes WiFi vulnerability !
Microsoft botnet take down will not stop spam !
Hackers learning new ways to hijack smartphones !
1000s of users data stolen in Fine Gael site hack !
Is The Tunisian Government Hacking Facebook Accounts?
Cloud Computing Used to Hack Wireless Passwords ?
Fine Gael website Hacked by Anonymous hackers !
December Top 10 Malware List !
70% offences in UAE are cyber crimes !
Samyak Tejawat found vulnerability in this Italian government site !
IBM Developer Works Defaced by Hmei7 !
Krunal Goswami ( tech2spider ) found new XSS in Stanford University Website !
1700 Websites Hacked By The 077 ( HamDi HaCKer )
Creating a community of hackers in Las Vegas !
Thurston sees largest identity theft case in the county's history !!
Massive data leakage in Vodafone Australia !
Facebook virus spreads via photo album chat messages !
Rumors of Facebook shutting down !
U.S. investigators demand details about WikiLeaks' Twitter account from court !
PandaLabs Releases : Annual Report 2010 (Must Read) !
Google Bangladesh website ( Hacked by TiGER-M@TE
Protests and Website Hackings in Tunisia !
Police warns - Beware Facebook scams !
Woman arrested in stolen of credit card !
North Korean government's official Twitter account hacked !
Experts said - Loopholes in law let cyber criminals get away !
Cyber harassment : Girl's morphed photo and phone number put on web !
PayPal phishing - has your account been temporarily limited?
SQL Injection Vulnerability in Italian Government's website !
Fake antivirus pop-ups hacking into computers !
'Spear phishing' latest ploy to steal data !
Attackers Broke Malware Records In 2010 !
Windows 8 to run on smartphone chips !
New Zealand websites hacked for child porn links !
DeKalb website hacked !
Venerability in MTV website found by Nivosb ( Israel Hackers ) !
Chinese website database owned by Team Jmc H4x0rs !
Facebook Instant Search : Browse the Facebook Instantly like never before !!
Undetectable fake ATM keyboard steals PINs in real time !
Fuzzing tool discovers over 100 vulnerabilities in popular browsers !
Estonia institutes volunteer cyber army !
One-third of malware was created in 2010 !
Beware : Google illegally collected private info !
Pwnshell : A Better JSP Shell download !
JNTUH College site Hacked by Indonesian BlackHat Team !
Miley Cyrus email Hacker arrested by FBI !
Website of the Baseball Writers' Association of America hacked !
Microsoft in Windows hacking warning !
Dell buys data security company !
Kerala Computer Emergency Response Team launches operations !
Report : Attacks on social media to rise in 2011 !
Kerala cyber police closing in on software theft culprits !
Hacker Bid : Domain for Sale !
Police probe hacker attack on Brazil president's site !
Four arrested in 1st cyber fraud in J&K !
Irfan Shakeel has found xss vulnerability in EESL and Harvard University's Website !
Unkn0wnV1rus said - Indian Reserve Bank is Venerable and easy to hack !
Common Admission Test (CAT) Site Hacked and this buzz makes IIMs website go offline !
'Anonymous' Hacktivists Attack African Government Sites !
Cyber criminals to be more aggressive in 2011 !
Cybersecurity Experts Create Program That Steals Text Messages !
Kenya police site hacked, hacker thought about Mark Zuckerberg !
White hat hack breaks Windows Phone Marketplace security !
Nook Color Bluetooth Chip Hacked !
Millions of Honda/Acura owners affected by hacked Honda database !
White House E-Card Scam Part of Larger Zeus-Related Attack !
ID-theft suspects arrested by Detectives !
Fake Microsoft security update spreads Autorun worm !