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Survey Reveals Compliance Professionals Seek Quality, Efficiency, Trust & Partnership

Survey Reveals Compliance Professionals Seek Quality, Efficiency, Trust & Partnership

Jun 10, 2024
Compliance professionals today are dealing with numerous challenges. At the same time, their companies face increased scrutiny and cyberthreats, and compliance teams have fewer resources and reduced headcount. It's a lot for even the most sophisticated and experienced teams to manage. As a result, compliance professionals are seeking out ways to do more with less. Sometimes the solution is utilizing technology, such as automated software tools that streamline processes or leveraging AI for greater efficiency. In other circumstances, individuals responsible for compliance are choosing an easy path to simply check the box on compliance with a flimsy, budget audit. This may be enough to get the C-suite off their back, but it leaves the company open to significant risk. Each year, A-LIGN surveys hundreds of compliance leaders to learn more about the current state of compliance and better understand the factors that impact their decisions. What are the driving forces behind their complia
DORA – Guiding the Resilience of Digital Financial Services

DORA – Guiding the Resilience of Digital Financial Services

May 01, 2024
In today's digital age, financial institutions are tasked with the critical mission of upholding high standards of service, continuity, and resilience while combatting evolving cyber threats. The ability to innovate and enhance the security of digital financial services is essential for growth, differentiation, and for building trust with customers. To address these challenges, financial institutions must establish and maintain robust security processes and adapt their cyber defenses continuously. One key regulatory initiative designed to assist financial institutions in enhancing their operational resilience and cybersecurity posture is the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA). Understanding DORA The  Digital Operational Resilience Act  (Regulation (EU) 2022/2554) is a pivotal regulatory framework that focuses on digital operational resilience within financial services. Representing the EU's primary regulatory initiative on operational resilience and cybersecurity, DO
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