how to grow business during coronavirus pandemic
The Coronavirus quarantine introduces an extreme challenge for IT and Security teams to maintain secure environments during the mass transition of employees working remotely and the surge in cyberattacks targeting its inherent security weaknesses.

In a webinar for security service providers taking place on April 22nd (register here), a leading MSSP will share how they conquer and overcome the coronavirus quarantine challenges to grow their customer base.

The webinar sheds light on the opportunities and challenges this new reality introduces to MSSPs from the perspective of a leading Canadian MSSP.

While it might sound strange to discuss the opportunities Coronavirus brings, especially with the changes it imposes on the IT environment, but it does bring a shift in priorities.

It turns out that cyber threats that were normally considered a reasonable risk to contain, suddenly become regarded as a critical need to address. Thus, organizations that did not have advanced threat protection in place are now seeking to rapidly fill this gap.

The problem is that these organizations typically don't have the in-house expertise to evaluate, deploy, and manage these solutions, making turning to 3rd party service providers the natural choice.

Pair that with management's sense of urgency, the crisis paves the way for significantly more rapid cycles than usual, creates an immense amount of opportunities for MSSPs.

Of course, the quarantine also introduces unique challenges. The most prominent of which is how to conduct a full sales and operational cycle remotely without meeting the customer face to face and more importantly, without physical access to the customer's site.

This, in turn, compels MSSPs to reevaluate the security technology they are using based on its ability to deploy, manage, investigate, and remediate in a manner that is unrelated to whether it's done on-site or remotely.

The webinar hosts the COO of a leading Canadian MSSP and Incident Response provider, who shares his first-hand experience on delivering security services in the Coronavirus times, he will share:

  • The opportunity Coronavirus quarantine introduces to incident response services
  • How remote, rapid, and seamless deployment is a key success enabler
  • Why threat protection and remediation capabilities for the endpoint, network, and user attacks are essential to ensure customers are well defended
  • Various case studies featuring different customer engagement and value scenarios.

Register to the webinar here.

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