Lenovo Website has been Hacked
Lenovo.com, the official website of world's largest PC maker has been hacked.

At the time of writing, users visiting Lenovo.com website saw a teenager's slideshow and hacker also added song "Breaking Free" from High School Musical movie to the page background.

It appears that Lizard Squad hacking group is responsible for the cyber attack against Lenovo and it could be in retaliation to the Superfish malware incident.

It was revealed earlier this week that Lenovo had been pre-installing controversial 'Superfish' adware to its laptops which compromised the computer's encryption certificates to quietly include more ads on Google search.
In the Source code of the hacked webpage, description says,"The new and improved rebranded Lenovo website featuring Ryan King and Rory Andrew Godfrey"
Rory Andrew Godfrey and Ryan King have been previously identified as members of Lizard Squad Hacking Group. It is not clear whether anyone of them is involved in the hack or it is quite possible that attacker is trying to expose the real identity of the hacking crew.

The Superfish Malware raised serious security concerns about the company's move for breaking fundamental web security protocols, because anyone with the password that unlocks that single password-protected certificate authority would be able to completely bypass the computer's web encryption.

After that Facebook security team also discovered at least 12 more apps using the same "SSL hijacking" technology that gave the Superfish malware capability to evade rogue certificate.

Although Lenovo has admitted their mistake and distributing a Superfish removal tool for cleaning computer.

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