An all new anonymous online underground black market website, DarkLeaks, has been introduced on the Internet where Whistleblowers, blackmailers, hackers and any individual can trade/sell sensitive and valuable data/secrets anonymously in exchange for Bitcoin payments.

DarkLeaks is a decentralized underground blackmarket which is built on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain technology and is available on the Internet to download as a free software package together with its source code published openly on code-sharing site Github.

DarkLeaks underground black market website is masterminded by the members of crypto-anarchist collective System. "There is no identity, no central operator and no interaction between leaker and buyers," the developers' statement says.
"DarkLeaks is a decentralized black market where you can sell information," according to the blog post about the new site. "It has a mechanism for trust-less authentication of documents that are being sold through a novel cryptographic mechanism. The authentication is fair, provably fair."
Blockchain technology is developed for secure Bitcoin payments, where users can make transactions directly without need of any intermediary. Blockchain encrypts the files which are released when payment is claimed by the leaker.

The developers of DarkLeaks underground black market website said that it is the best tool to trade any kind of secret, illegal or confidential, but valuable data, including media, information, video, data and documents. The list of contents that can be shared is as follows:
  • Hollywood movies
  • Trade secrets
  • Government secrets
  • Proprietary source code
  • Industrial designs like medicine or defence
  • Zero day exploits
  • Stolen databases
  • Proof of tax evasion
  • Military intelligence
  • Celebrity sex pictures
  • Corruption
The files on sale are encrypted by DarkLeaks black market website, broken into smaller pieces, and then added to Bitcoin's block chain. However, the service allows the buyer to verify small preview piece of the file before payment is claimed.

After buyer purchase the rest of the file when satisfied with the contents, the seller claims their Bitcoins. A decryption key is provided to the buyer in order to unlocks the encrypted document for the buyer. "The mechanism involved makes the environment free from intervention."
The concept is different, but isn't new, as many existing portals, such as the infamous WikiLeaks, used for sharing secret information by whistleblowers and others, but has never been an opportunity to exchange those information for profit.

However, DarkLeaks is taking things to the next level, making the information sharing portal a direct purchase transaction.

The developers say that Darkleaks will help "stop corruption and challenge power", and at the same time encourage users by saying, "Don't be afraid. Come join the revolution and reclaim your freedom. The gloves are off. The revolt has begun."

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