Acess Your Desktop from Anywhere using Chrome Remote Desktop for Android
Have you ever been somewhere and urgently you need a file stored in your home computer ? This is very common situation that most of us deal with, but now rather returning home and get it, Google has offered a better solution for this problem.

Google – one of the most innovative tech companies on the planet, famous for providing new technologies to make every job easy for its users, has released Google's Chrome Remote Desktop service today for your Android Smartphones to remotely control your PC anytime, from anywhere.

Google's Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android provides an easier and secure interaction of your computer with your Android Smartphones. So, using this app you can control your desktop system or PC remotely from anywhere using your Android Smartphone, provided your Mac, Windows or Linux system has Chrome Remote Desktop app installed and running.

Google first introduced this service in 2011, which allowed users of Chrome OS or Chrome browser to remotely access their personal computers back home in a free, easy and secure way and now they have released this feature for Android devices to make the same thing possible for Android users.

1. Install the Chrome Remote Desktop to your Chrome browser through the Chrome Web Store.
2. Open the app and Enable the remote connection service.
Acess Your Desktop from Anywhere using Chrome Remote Desktop for Android
3. Set a minimum 6 digit pin code, as password.
4. Now Install 'Chrome Remote Desktop' Android app from Google Play Store.
5. Then you will see a list of PC's that you can access. Just enter the respective PIN number to access it.

The new app even provides you to register multiple computers to your Android devices, so that you can control multiple systems on your single Smartphone or tablet AND a number of companies offer this ability like PhoneMyPC or TeamViewer.

For now, if you are using Android Smartphone or Tablet, you can download the free Remote Desktop Android App from the Google play store but for an iOS version it will be coming later this year.

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