FBI seized entire database of TorMail Anonymous E-mail service back in August
Using Tormail Email service for being Anonymous online while conversations and mail exchange??

There is a very disappointing news for all current and past users, US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has a complete copy of Tormail server and they are using it to catch the Criminals & Hackers.

According to court documents that recently surfaced, the FBI have cloned the entire email database while investigating Freedom Hosting.

In August 2013, when the FBI seized the Tor network's top web host, Freedom Hosting, that gave the feds access to every record of every anonymous site hosted by Freedom Hosting, including TorMail, a service that allowed to send and receive email anonymously.

New evidence uncovered by Wired suggests those archives are now being used in completely unrelated investigations, but possibly now the FBI is mining the information from that database to track cyber criminals.

Remember the shutdown of the Silk Road black market?? A Florida man was busted for allegedly selling counterfeit credit cards under a new illegal online marketplace called Silk Road 2.0 in December 2013.

Administrator of the site was using "platpus@tormail.net" to take orders for the cards and the FBI obtained a warrant to search the TorMail databases and execute it using the cloned database the agency acquired; later two owners of the site were arrested based on information obtained.
Between July 22, 2013 and August 2, 2013, in connection with an unrelated criminal investigation, the FBI obtained a copy of a computer server located in France via a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty request to France, which contained data and information from the Tormail email server, including the content of Tormail email accounts," reads a portion of the criminal complaint against Roberson unsealed last week. "On or about September 24, 2013, law enforcement obtained a search warrant to search the contents of the Platplus Tormail Account, which resided on the seized Tormail server.
It's not exactly known how many users or how much data is in the TorMail network, but we do know that the FBI has it all.

As mentioned on the TorMail website, they always refused to hand over information to the feds, even when presented with a court order. But now it's really a huge blow for email users who relied on the onion network for anonymity.

There's still no indication that any data was ever accessed without a search warrant, but searching through email accounts becomes extraordinarily simple for the federal agency.

Note: Tormail was not affiliated with the Tor Project, a popular tor anonymity tool and browser, so Tor users should not be affected by the Tormail seizure.

We are developing the story, will update you shortly. Stay Tuned.

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