Anonymous Hackers shut down website of Colombia Justice Ministry
The Hacker News

Anonymous hackers shut down the websites of Colombia's Justice Ministry website on Friday evening. The website was back online Saturday morning.

Also, The website of Cambio Radical, the political party of Interior Minister German Vargas Lleras, was hacked later Friday evening and was still showing a message saying "You have been hacked".

Anonymous said on its facebook page the Ministry's website was shut down to protest "impunity" granted to corrupt politicians by a justice reform that had been approved by Congress but was sent back to the legislative branch by President Juan Manuel Santos on Thursday because of its unconstitutionality and inconsistencies that "do not favor justice and transparency."

Last Year, Anonymous and Colombian Hackers were behind the shut down of the websites of Colombia's president, the interior and justice ministry, the intelligence service DAS and the governing U party.

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