Sixth Lulzsec Hacker charged for loss of 60,000 credit card from Stratfor
The Hacker News

Jeremy Hammond, the former LulzSec member alleged to have been at the center of the hacking of private intelligence company Stratfor, Hammond is believed to have been the driving force behind the group's breach of intelligence firm Stratfor which lead to the loss of some 60,000 credit card numbers from company servers.

Stratfor is dubbed a "shadow CIA" because it gathers non-classified intelligence on international crises. Hammond's arrest was announced on March 6 along with charges against the four suspected "AntiSec" members, Donncha O'Cearrbhail and Darren Martyn of Ireland, and Jake Davis and Ryan Ackroyd of Britain.

Sabu and Hammond are the only Americans involved in the case, as the other four defendants live in the United Kingdom. The data included sensitive law enforcement documents, approximately 60,000 credit card numbers from Stratfor's servers, and the personal information of 860,000 Stratfor clients. Hammond and others are accused of making at least $700,000 in unauthorized charges on stolen credit card numbers as well.

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