President of Guyana's Website defaced by Hackers
The Hacker News
The Official Website of President of Guyana's Website defaced by some hackers belongs to Group called "The Hackers Army" ."To the ignorant observer Israel may appear modern, vigorous and democratic largely thanks to the outrageous bias in Western media and the $$$ whom have become our wake up!!!" The Pakistani hacker also blames the UN for creating out of Israel a country comparable to Nazi Germany. Also earlier The Hackers Army has hacked lots of high profile websites inlcuding ESET antivirus site and many more.

The Disaster named hacker from the group is responsible for the Defacements . This is not the first time when Tha Disastar manages to breach the security of a site. Just yesterday he took down one of the websites used by Anonymous to spread their activist messages.

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