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The Hacker News | Biggest Information Security Channel

Fake 'Walk and Text' App steals Android user data !

IEEE members database hacked !

Indian Institute Bansal IIT-JEE Hacked, Student Database Leaked by Cyb3R_Shubh4M

Hacker group defies U.S. law, defends exposing McAfee vulnerabilities !

Farmville Compromises Facebook - Facebook Fixes Flaw !

Bcwars.com & Pokerrpg.com hacked 200k Email and Plain text passwords !

Keyloggers in Samsung Laptops, Officials says - Samsung laptops are in fact secure !

18 Websites Hacked

40 websites Defaced by SBZ-GHoST [Team Tunisian Hacker]

Hotmail will allow emails to run Javascript !

University of Regina's website up and running after apparent hacking !

ANC Youth League's website hacked !

Two more Comodo registration authority accounts compromised !

National Security Agency (NSA) to Investigate Nasdaq Hack

Facebook Web Search Box May Be Dangerous

Anonymous Hackers Shut Down Music Industry Website Over $75 Trillion Lawsuit

NASA Computer Networks Have Potentially Catastrophic Security Holes !

20 pakistan sites defaced by APH

University of Regina's web server hacked by SecurityBus

Facebook Vulnerability - Beware of A New XSS on Facebook !

Multiple Vulnerability in McAfee Website , XSS and Other Attacks !

European Union Parliament Under Cyber Attack !

8 Websites Hacked By Albanian Hackers Team (Teo DownTurn & Unknown Hacker)

Zero-day Flash vulnerability fixed in Chrome, still unpatched elsewhere

#OperationPayback Next Traget : Warnerbrosrecords.com !

20 Hosting website hacked by The 077 ( Hamdi HaCker ) Tunisian HaCker

RIAA Targeted by Anonymous Operation Payback !

Chinese hackers suspected in compromise of Australian PM’s computer

Jordan Islamist opposition website hacked !

New Zealand Government’s sites bringing down by Anonymous !

Comodo Hacker - "Comodogate" Iranian hacker claims all internet is insecure !

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