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Hacker exposes 40,000 Credit Cards from Digital Playground

Hacker exposes 40,000 Credit Cards from Digital Playground

A new hacking group called The Consortium has hit the scene and their first take down is the porn site Digital Playground deface it and Mirror is available here. Everything, including credit card information, was stored in plain text. "The Consortium" claim to have broken into the servers of last weekend and stolen 72,000 usernames and passwords and 40,000 credit-card numbers.

In addition to the theft of credit card numbers, the hackers also claim that they made off with the personal information of 72,000 other users. This the second large hacking attack on a porn website in the last several months. Previously a site called YouPorn was attacked.

The Consortium, which claims affiliation to hacktivist group Anonymous, claims the Digital playground site was so riddled with security holes that it acted as a irresistable target. "We did not set out to destroy them but they made it too enticing to resist," the group said in a statement posted online. "So now our humble crew leave lulz and mayhem in our path."

All of the 100 user passwords given as examples were in plaintext, not encrypted as security best practices demand. Even worse, the hackers claim that all credit-card numbers and card security codes were as well, though large parts of the two numbers used as examples were blacked out.

Last month, a teenage hacker broke into Brazzers, the hardcore porn portal, before making off with hundreds of thousands of user login details. Brazzers admitted the breach but stressed that no credit card data had been exposed.

A message posted by the hackers read in part:
We are The Consortium, and we have something special for our first release.

You see for a while now we have had access to, one of the five biggest porn sites in the world.
But it doesn't need any introduction from us.

This company has security, that if we didn't know it was a real business, we would have thought to be a joke - a joke that we found much more amusing than they will.

These credit cards are all plaintext but we will not be releasing or using as we do this for the love of the game not for profit and these peoples only crime was wanting some porn. We cannot justify releasing these peoples credit card info, but remember it is DP that allowed this to happen, this could have been a different group. And perhaps they may have done far worse when given this information.

Hacker also list NAVY Military Emails accounts also, who are member of this Porn site: vegeta24 qazwsx shang1911 mc0095 lester5720 sesoliz1013 Budgens.1 101512hd Bohica69 harley botigerbag3 jose5673 fatboy47 Patton scouts ranger275 AManda1201 armyretire1 vivitron 12211990 darkn1ght 201171 karledso romad24 dork6173 LIANALA 9323
M_GREEN@SAR.MED.NAVY.MIL 817571 10 22 98 andrss chitown allen kai 98avalon indycolts soccer #1sTUNNA luis26 jones2447 92104200 a!s@d$123 2229 dante025 KASK1999Chris 05golf05 superfly 696969 forever1 Grumpy666 zaq12wsx yonugscrappy iloveyou kate0522 92984 raider lemmers WillG85 @Toy0101 903821 21972474 bog9027 burton13 dylan1 Father45 redrum welch fuckyou saints 798106 HELLSTAR Pepper08 qazwsx shang1911 vivitron AManda1201 tayron teagan escorpin lalo farside solomon Jungle56

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