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1) Jawad Ehsan, nickname - Humza, still at large in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Jawad uses codename ZombiE_Ksa, and is the founder of PakBugs and probably the most famous of all the PakBugs hackers. An Article already posted on him at CBI was actually Hacked By Hamza (Zombie_KSA) !

2) Ahmad Hafeez uses codename vergil, and is a moderator on the boards Pakbugs and Pakhaxorz.

3) Hassan uses the codename x00mx00m, and is a co-founder of Pakbugs.

4) Farman Ullah Khan uses the codename Farman, and was a VIP-member of Pakbugs.

5) Malik Hammad Khalid, uses the codename inject0r, and was a "super moderator" at Pakbugs.

6) Taimoor Zafar Bhatti uses the codename h4v0c-, and was a "super moderator" at Pakbugs.

There are some more PakBugs Hackers , such as -

7) BiG^Smoke
8) Cyber-Criminal
9) spo0feR
10) [a]

These all hacker having expertise in following techniques:

1) Linux
2) SQL Injection
3) Trojan horses
4) Phishing
5) Rooting
6) Access to various servers
7) Botnets
8) PHP Scripts
9) Stealers
10) ASP scripts (self writing)
11) JSP scripts (self writing)
12) Key loggers
13) Credit Cards Jacking and usage of stolen Credit Cards

ZombiE_Ksa in the Zone-H archives, although his activities in 2009 included hacking numerous "" websites, temporarily taking over nameservers on the ".ug" registrar to allow defacements of the Ugandan websites for Microsoft, Toshiba, CNN, Citibank, and Google, and hacking the websites of the Saudi "Bank Al Bilad". More about him - CBI was actually Hacked By Hamza (Zombie_KSA) !

ZombiE_Ksa (KSA = Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) uses the hotmail addresses "" and "".

Email Addresses of PakBugs Members :
ZombiE_KsA =
x00mx00m =
Farman =
vergil =
Injector =
h4v0c- =
Cyb3r-Criminal =
BiG Smoke =
spo0fer =
[a] =

Website of PakBugs -

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