"S-E Ninja is a Social Engineering tool, with 20-25 popular sites fake pages and anonymous mailer via mail() function in PHP. It is a Phishing Web Application Written in PHP,XHTML,CSS,JS."
The Hacker News

This is the official change log:
  • Edited tables names
  • Added XSS stealer module
  • Now you got control of ip_capture module auto re-direction. Check out config.php.
  • New module_lib functions
  • Fixed install.php bug
  • New logo banner
  • Added new phishing page facebook.login.php
  • Added search module to search in the database
  • More security stuff
  • Added php.ini
  • Edited install.php file
  • Fixed some securityholes in database_connect.php
  • Fixed xp_sp3_all.php bug
  • New style for exploit module
  • Added new public browsers exploits
  • More iframes
  • New phishing pages hotfile, xboxlive
  • Added country table for ip_capture_module and phishing_module
So you see that this version has added support for HotFile and XBOXLive web sites and the new XSS stealer module! Enjoy phishing!
Download Social-Engineering Ninja V0.4 here
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