Peace deal between Indian Cyber Army and Pakistan Cyber Army
The Hacker News

C00lt04d [ ICA ] has given a Statement :

Hello all...
C00lt04d here

i think everyone know what's happening out there

we here were Defacing Pakistani sites..
and on that side Pakistanis were hacking ours...

This has gone too far that both the governments are involved in this
and they are taking down every black hat activity out here

I think every1 have heard how that Adil got arrested by FIA for hacking into their own Government site

we don't want this happen to every other hacker out here....

Lets keep the fight As Hackers vs anti-humanity ... and stop the fight between each least for few days

Also we know People like Amar Jeet singh are raging cyber war between Rival countries

so i suggest all the Hackers
Indian And Pakistani

to lets move to these guys First

and also move our attacks to Third World countries
So that the things will settle down here

also take every precautions while doing any black hat activity

My talks are going on with Pakhaxor members and they are ready to have this deal on

This deal is not on till now

Just my suggestion to Both the sides

Its All Upto You Now

Agree the deal or not

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