Confidential files of the website WikiLeaks have been stored into a nuclear bunker in Stockholm, Sweden early this week. In particular, WikiLeaks servers are moved to the "Pionen" White Mountains data center, 30 meters below the ground after being dumped by Amazon. According to the Norwegian news site VG Nett, the "Pionen" White Mountains data center is owned by Bahnhof - a Swedish broadband provider. This is the home to WikiLeaks\' sever and confidential national data called "James Bond" styled bunker, or Cold-War-era nuclear bunker. Let\'s take a tour around the nuclear bunker of WikiLeaks in the "Pionen" White Mountains data center in Stockholm, Sweden.
There are two WikiLeaks' servers at least hosted by Bahnhof, a Swedish broadband provider under the granite-housed World-War-II era bunker

WikiLeaks moved into Bahnhof's "Pionen" White Mountains data center for the fist time in August 2010 utilizing servers owned by the Swedish Pirate Party. However, WikiLeaks has currently had a direct contract with Bahnhof in order to have servers hosted

he nuclear bunker in Bahnhof's "Pionen" White Mountains data center featuring with the "floating" conference room and backup generators remind the scenes from "James Bond" film

The Cold-War-era nuclear bunker is equipped with half-meter thick metal doors, backup generators and some powerful military forces with a view to protecting from danger

The move of Wikileads to Bahnhof's "Pionen" White Mountains data center in Stockholm, Sweden is the result of debate last month of the launch of thousands of confidential documents about the Afghanistan war

About 15,000 secret documents related to the Afghanistan war will be released soon

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