The Hacker News"Dradis is a tool for sharing information during security testing. While plenty of tools exist to help in the different stages of the test, not so many exist to share interesting information captured. When a team of testers is working on the same set of targets, having a common repository of information is essential to avoid duplication of efforts."

This is the official change log:
  • Improved performance across the board
  • Upgraded libraries: Rails 3 and ExtJS 3.3
  • New First Time User Content showing how to use the interface
  • You still get all the old features
    • HTML and Word reporting plugin.
    • Burp Upload plugin so you can use Burp Scanner output.
    • Nikto Upload plugin to use your Nikto scan results.
    • OSVDB Import plugin straight from the OSVDB.
  • Bugs fixed: #3021312, #3030629, #3076709.
Download Dradis v2.6 here
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