Now, the author has made an updated version available for us – Social Engineering Ninja version 0.3.

The Hacker News

"S-E Ninja is a Social Engineering tool, with 20-25 popular sites fake pages and anonymous mailer via mail() function in PHP. It is a Phishing Web Application Written in PHP,XHTML,CSS,JS."
This is the official change log:
  • This version is coded from the zero.
  • Fixed broken Phishing pages
  • Added more modules
  • Fixed Login Bug
  • New interface
  • Now you can upload your files
  • New POST.php design
  • Added tabnabbing module
  • Added one IE exploit
  • Added Cpanel Phishing Page
  • Added The Phishing Date
  • New Mailer you can send to alot of mail in same time
  • Added JavaScript packer to bypass AV
  • 3 tricks for tabnabbing
  • A lot of bugs and issues fixed
  • Fixed a lot of interface issues
  • You can upload attachments
  • New logo image
  • Added date to victims
So, this version is coded from the ground up and with a lot of bug fixes.
Download Social-Engineering Ninja V0.3 (SEN-V0.3.rar)here
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